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Using Let's Encrypt for SSL.

The new website is live!
Published Date Jan 21, 2019 12:58:47 AM

The new website is totally live.

I am sure there are things that do not work as I would like to, and I hope you can let me know as soon as possible.

One of the main issues I am having myself, is that I cannot log on, unless I use PRIVATE BROWSING.

So, if anyone is unable to log on, try starting a private browsing session.

High regards,

By Karn.
New Website Release
Published Date Jan 17, 2019 10:55:37 PM

I have been given to understand that the deputies have retrieved all essential information from the Liferay CMS (as have I).

I am currently putting the last touches on the new website.

If I put in a bit of effort, I should be able to replace the current website with the new website on Sunday evening.

Bear in mind that, though the main functionality works, it's going to require some work still. Most of you might not notice anything shockingly different, but kudos if you do.


By Karn.
Updated SSL Certificate
Published Date Jan 8, 2019 10:33:30 PM

The SSL Certificate of Let's Encrypt has been renewed for another three months.

It's scheduled to expire on 8th of april 2019. You can check with the little "lock" icon in your browser address bar.

Hence also the little period the server was down, had to install it.


By Karn.
Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear!
Published Date Dec 25, 2018 9:49:28 AM

Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyears to all of you.

I am currently working on the architecture of the backend of the game, not directly on the game. Once that is finished I can give the game some love.

So there will be some changes.

All the love,

By Karn.
Upgrade postponed indefinitely.
Published Date Dec 22, 2018 11:50:41 PM

Sorry guys. The upgrade has been postponed until further notice, perhaps indefinitely, while I look into other options.

It means that you can change the Wiki as much as you want again.

High regards,

By Karn.