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Release notes - version 2.0.10
Published Date 2021-11-02T21:46:22

Mudmail should work again. SSL Certificate extended, so that's good.

This is a boring release. I'll put something more here when I have the time.


Mudmail seems to work again. Incidentally it is once again possible to create an item based on one of your mudmails. I thought I'd have some fun with it, and define additional items you can create.
a number of webpages have been changed from javascript/rest/ajax crap, over to the Freemarker templates. This means I and the deputies can also change the look/feel of webpages that show dynamic data. Currently these are: persons, guilds, fortunes and status.

Release Notes

  • Fixed #150. Mudmail showed an internal server error
  • Removed a dynamic config property from the alternative docroots. I am hoping this fixes the problem the website develops displaying webpages after running some time. We'll see.
  • Mudmails can once again be items in your inventory.
  • Added items to create mudmails from.
  • adjectives field increased to 200 chars
  • changed running events, now they only run when somebody is online.
  • added a script to automatically extend LetsEncrypt certificates.
  • fixed some unit tests

See? Told you it was a boring release.

By Karn.
SSL Certificate extended again
Published Date 2021-08-12T06:28:59

The certificate has been extended for another three months (by me by hand). I need to automate this.

The certificate is now valid until November 10, 2021.

High Regards,

By Karn.
Introducing Chatlines and the return of other features!
Published Date 2021-05-20T22:22:01

Hello everyone!

Recently there have been a few new interesting updates to game, courtesy of Karn, that I would like to explain to you.

The biggest change is the introduction of CHATLINES.


In the past, groups that didn't have guild status had no chats available to them. There were also instances, for example, where someone wanted to be in a guild AND in another group, but couldn't join two guilds. This new functionality allows the deputies to program chatlines by attributes, which anyone can have.

I will be using the attribute/family family Barker for the examples below.

Say you have a family group that isn't a guild, called the Barker family. Deputies could create a chatline for anyone with the attribute 'barker' where those with the attribute have access to a private chatline just like a guild. Being part of a chatline will not interfere with your character later joining a guild, as they will still have access to the chatline due to the attribute.

Using it would look like this:

chat barker message.

[barker]Victoria: Hi.

You can also leave and join the chatline as needed for IC or OOC reasons by typing leavechat barker and rejoining by typing joinchat barker. If you want to be permanently removed from a chatline, just as a deputy to remove the attribute that gives you access.

No one can join a chatline without having the appropriate attribute, so if someone tries to joinchat barker, it will say 'Chatline not allowed.'

Chatlines can also have their colors customized within reasons. For a full list of available colors, reach out to me and I will compile one.

Other news:

Guild Colors and OOC Color

For a short time, guild colors and the ooc channel were the default color. Karn has fixed this feature, but with a list of preset colors to select from in the guild tab. The feature is accessible to guildmasters only. From a dropdown menu, you can select a color for your guild chat command. The colors there should look fine in both light and dark mode, but you can always change the color again as necessary/desired.

UNFORTUNATELY, that means that all guildmasters must now reset their guild colors to one from the dropdown menu, as they have defaulted to green, that's a small price to pay for having this functionality back. :)

New Races

When making a new character, you can now select from a wider variety of races. The ones on the list were the races that the Deputy Team thought were the most common in Karchan. If your character is not one on the list, a deputy can still be contacted to changes the stats (look) of your character, including whichever race is appropriate for it. Only ask.

New Races Available:


A final reminder that race can be changed to anything if you make a reasonable request to a deputy.
A list the deputies with active status can be found here:

Finally, a huge thank you to KARN for all of these new features and all of the recent work he's been putting into the game. If you see him around, be sure to thank him!

Questions about this blog post? I can be reached on Discord on the Karchan Server. My name should be listed as Victoria - Deputy of Karn. Even if you don't see me, I might be there, so feel free to tag me with any questions or concerns you have about this post!

By Victoria.
Release notes - version 2.0.9
Published Date 2021-05-15T07:20:45

Well, the server move worked a lot better this time. You shouldn't notice anything.

I'll put some more details on how the new things work in an addendum later on.


You can define your own chats
the who list in-game now shows again the idle times of a person
guild colours
guild colours are back!

Release Notes

  • switched to GraalVM instead of Openjdk. This is going to help with running Javascript, as Nashorn will be phased out.
  • switched from Full Payara Application Server over to Payara Microprofile
  • created a proper Docker image of Karchan
  • Fixed #38. Show/create/edit/delete attributes of characters in admin pages. If attributes are required for other objects, let me know.
  • Fixed the direct linking to characters in admin pages
  • Could not create new blogposts in the admin pages, fixed!
  • Fixes #110. Guild and ooc colours were broken.
  • Fixes #143. The who list in-game now shows idle times properly again.
  • Fixes #126. Pull Chain/Jump in Lake no longer worked.
  • Fixes #45. Chat functionality added.
  • The compass picture looks really ugly in Darkmode. There are now two images of the compass, one in white-on-black and one in black-on-white. It looks great.
  • Fixes #67. There are no longer a maximum of three adjectives. It's now a free string. No HTML though.
  • Fixes #49. Wieldable and wearable are now editable in the admin page of items.
  • Fixes #80. Apostrophes should work now in commands. Any special chars that do not work still, let me know.
  • Fixes #135. Increased the possible race options when creating a new character
  • Removed #43. SQL Statements are not supported, ticket closed.
  • Removed #2. Things in the ticket already implemented some time ago, ticket closed.
  • Removed #87. Should be fixed, haven't heard from it in a long time, ticket closed.
  • Removed #96. Should be fixed, haven't heard from it in a long time, ticket closed.

By Karn.
Release notes - version 2.0.8
Published Date 2021-02-22T07:32:41

Well, the server move did not go as planned. I hit a few problems, and decided enough is enough.

I will try and test more.

I did manage to put up a new release, but it's a boring one (from your perspective).

I'll add release notes when I have the time.


alternate docroots
alternate docroots allow me to put up static files and map them to urls. It means I no longer have to deploy wars containing images and things. Also helps the Let's Encrypt challenge

"strict" mode
enabled "strict" mode for karchanadmin and karchanpersonal which was a huge pain in the ass. It means the compiler will check much much more, and though it helps to catch errors, it also meant for me to rigorously change a lot of code. So let me know if I broke something.

idle users
created an IdleUsersService. This means I won't have to store and change the timestamp when a person last issued a command in the database anymore. However, this information is volatile and lost when the server is rebooted.

Updated the adminpages: retrieval of all thingies for the admin pages can be a lot (for instance, all rooms), so decided to use a scrollable cursors.

Release Notes

  • added Java Version 11
  • switched over from Full JEE Profile to the Web JEE Profile
  • started using alternate docroots
  • removed a lot of stuff, no longer necessary because of the alternate docroots
  • karchanpersonal upgraded to latest Angular (11.1.3), enabled "strict" mode
  • karchanadmin upgraded to latest Angular (11.1.3), enabled "strict" mode
  • title in karchanadmin for worldattributes fixed (said Event)
  • fixes transferring of ownership in the admin pages
  • upgraded maven-compiler-plugin and maven-war-plugin
  • Fixes #142. Shows in the admin pages information about the currently logged in administrator
  • Fixes #109. Check on guildmaster change fixed. Now the check is if the person becoming guildmaster is not already a guildmaster of ANOTHER guild. (emphasis mine)
  • changed event handling
  • updated google guava because of security advisory
  • suppport for http acme challenge of the Let's Encrypt certificates (alternate docroots for the win!)
  • created an IdleUsersService
  • retrieval of information in the admin pages changed to a scrollable cursor and a streaming Reponse
  • changed the property for https to an optional (for ease of development)

By Karn.