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The Official Land of Karchan Discord Server
Published Date 2020-05-06T17:03:07

There is a new official Land of Karchan Discord Server.

If you need any help, or just want to chat, or would like to be appraised of the latest news you can choose to join.

On the main page in the "Contact us" box, you can find the Invite link.

By Karn.
Karchans SSL certificate is fine.
Published Date 2020-03-06T09:58:56

The certificate currently available on Karchan.org is OK. It is not one of the certificates affected by the Let's Encrypt CAA rechecking problem.

See Let's Encrypts CAA rechecking bug.

By Karn.
Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear!
Published Date 2019-12-24T07:20:12

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Thank you all for joining me in seeing what Karchan has become this year.

And boy, has it been a busy year for Karchan. The new website went live at the beginning of 2019 and so far I am really pleased with how it is working out.

We went from version 2.0.0 to version 2.0.5, so that makes it about five releases of new stuff.

I am hoping to keep this up next year as well. As usual there are lots of things I wish to make, and not enough time to do it in. But I'll persevere and am having fun doing it.

I hope you guys will too.

As always, anything you want or anything that's wrong, report it in the issue tracker.

By Karn.
Release notes - version 2.0.5
Published Date 2019-12-16T17:54:26

Howdie, people of Karchan

This is more what you'd call a deputy release. It is for the admin pages, to be precise.


server metrics
there's a server metrics option under Help now. You can see how the server is doing.

rooms, methods and commands admin pages

there is a large amount of rooms, methods and commands. I tried to make a view into this, but it didn't work very well. Now, when you wish to edit rooms, for instance, ALL rooms are downloaded to the client. Yes, this takes a while (10 seconds?), but the download for rooms for example is less than 1 megabyte. Once it is downloaded, it will not be downloaded again, unless you hit "Refresh".

I hope this improves on the user experience for deputies.

Release Notes

  • added server metrics option to the help menu
  • added help function to the karchan admin pages.
  • Fixed #95. Forgot that the rooms now have a Long as id, and for a new character room 1 is looked up in the database using an Integer.
  • Fixed #39. You can now search on room title, owner, area and description. The description requires a refresh, as that is processed on the server side (to prevent having to fetch all the descriptions client side.)
  • Fixed #71. The command admin page can now sort by id, command and methodname And you can search for methodname.
  • Fixes #83. replaced the windowing thingy with just getting EVERYTHING and caching explicitly, until the administrator says otherwise (hits Refresh). Also fixed the href, replaced them with routerLinks.
  • added proper buttons -> split up into Update and Create (no longer a Save button)
  • Fixes #94. fix rooms in karchan admin
  • added a little animated santa clause to the karchanpersonal bar
  • tried to use the JSON functions in the MARIADB. Happily, this works like a charm. Decided to use Native Queries, and not to put them in the entities, as they are basically something completely unrelated to entities, when you think about it.
  • fixed layouting of karchanpersonal/play

By Karn.
Release notes - version 2.0.4
Published Date 2019-12-03T22:22:08

Howdie, people of Karchan

Do not get your hopes up! This is what I call a housekeeping release. Some things have changed, but you might not notice.

For those of you with no wish to read the release notes, here's some highlights:

game moved to karchanpersonal app
the gameui is now also available straight up in the karchanpersonal app, which might work a little better (or not). Let me know, because I will remove the old gameui.
Christmas implemented
Christmas now starts at 7th of December and runs until 6th of January
added admin pages
new adminpages for the rooms, commands and methods

Release Notes

  • moved all entities into a separate module, this way the entities can be used by the website as well as the game.
  • started using CDK from Angular Materials, to be more specific the Virtual Scrolling component. It is only used in the admin pages, and can be a bit of a pain.
  • added a library to support the new LocalDate and LocalDateTime of Java in the Wiki.
  • angular upgraded, of course.
  • added a parent pom
  • Fixes #93. Also increased the list of recently updated wikipages to 8 up from 5.
  • started moving the actual game into the karchanpersonal app
  • card-block replaced with card-text, card-block was only available in the bootstrap alpha
  • implemented Christmas
  • needed to add a property to tell EclipseLink that its database is MySQL4 compatible
  • added adminpage for Rooms
  • added adminpage for Command
  • added adminpage for Methods

By Karn.