Land of Karchan

New Players
Published Date 2020-07-25T04:18:58

New Players!
Welcome to Karchan!
There are a few things you should know as you proceed.

First and foremost, to make a new character, hit 'New Character' on the top menu. This will take you to a page where you can choose what your character looks like.
There are three options for race: human, elf, and dwarf. You are not restricted to those races once you play though. If you contact a deputy, you can ask to have your race changed to a variety of options. Have a look at our wiki for inspiration!

Once you have chosen how your character looks, scroll down to where it says 'Submit'. This will log you into the game if you chose a name that hasn't been taken already. If the name has been taken already, you'll receive a message saying the name already exists.

Things you should do once you're logged in:

1. Hit submit often!
Hitting submit refreshes your screen without executing a command. People may be trying to reach out to you and you won't see their messages unless you hit submit to refresh your screen.

2. Type newbie guide for a general shakedown of commands.
Doing so explains how you can post, how you can talk to people, and how you can see who is logged on at any given time.

3. Type newbie geography to learn about the different areas in game.
That will help you maybe decide where you want to focus some of your rp in or where you want your character to be from.

4. Join our Discord (link on main page) for instant access to admins and players! The community wants to help you!
We're always ready to help as new players arrive. Drop in and introduce yourself. While you're at it, get some questions answered!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! The above commands can be used anywhere for easy reference.

Have fun!

By Victoria.