Land of Karchan

Isle of Coldridge 2023 - Phantasmagoria
Published Date 2023-09-15T19:03:29

Greetings everyone, and Happy Spooky Season!

It is that time of the year where the annual ISLE OF COLDRIDGE event kicks off, usually starting in October until it's completion!

This is our third year holding this event, which changes in theme every year while centering around a mysterious island.

This year, the theme is THE ISLE OF COLDRIDGE 2023 - PHANTASMAGORIA!

All manner of ghosts and ghouls may be in your way should you choose to attend a very specific event.

Interested in joining this year's fun? The sign up sheet will be posted on the "coldridge-event" channel on Karchan's Discord server, so have a look at that, read the info, and if you want to be involved on the definite, sign your character's name at the bottom so I can gauge interest. I'll only hold the event if we have at least (4) participants other than myself and Zaria.

As usual, our wonderful Dice Maiden, Zaria, will be acting as DM for the rolling we'll be doing. Be sure to thank her for all of her help. These events would have never been possible without her.

If you're curious what past events looked like, they are on the wiki, and the link to that is here. The rolls and ooc things have been removed so it's just the plot for length purposes.

If you have any questions, simply pose them on the discord. Once you've signed up, I will assign you the role necessary to participate in the coldridge-event channel.

Good luck and have fun! I'm excited to see you there.

By Victoria.