Land of Karchan

Libraries and Grimoires
Published Date 2023-04-11T19:02:05


I thought I would take a moment to explain what I've been up to recently as far as programming content for Karchan. I'm really proud of what I've done so far, and I hope some of you will get excited. It's mostly for potion masters or witchy sorts, so if you have a character that dabbles in that, this might be exciting for you!

First up is the Grimoire, an item where you can collect various magical books, tomes, and compendiums by visiting the libraries in Karchan. When you collect spells, you can use them at a later date for things you need. A grimoire can either be purchased at a book shop like The Book Nook in Khneo, or you can nab one from the library in Castle Alauda in Elusen.

You can collect potion recipes in the libraries in Karchan, and if you have all of the spell reagents in your inventory, you can brew different potions that do different things. So far, I have five potion recipes available to be found:

  1. A Cloaking Potion
  2. A Death Draught
  3. A Love Potion
  4. Cure for Lycanthropy
  5. Cure for Vampirism
All do specific things, and there are plans for more potion recipes in the future. Speaking of spell reagents...

The Compendiums can also be found in libraries, and they contain (5) spell reagents per compendium. They list what they are, and where you can find them, as well as the hoops you'll have to jump through in order to get some of the more complicated reagents. So far, there are six compendiums to be found.

Aside from potion making things, you can also use the grimoires to collect psychic books, and if you collect them all, you can become psychic and be able to use the items specifically made for clairvoyant types in Karchan. There's also spells that take you special places like allowing you to go to Esmeraulde or The Pumpkin Patch (the latter any time of the year) or spells that give you permanent access to special commands.

Existing potion makers will be given a grimoire without any hassle if they speak to me.

And finally...

By going into any large library now, you can receive a library card for no cost to you. It allows you to randomly teleport to a library at any given time. It's useful for collecting things in the grimoire, or just something fun for your nerdy/book loving characters.

If you have any questions, just ask!

Thank you to Greta and Ike for all of your help testing these commands for me!

By Victoria.