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Things to Do While You're Lurking
Published Date 2023-06-16T14:39:01

So we all have moments where we'd like to log into Karchan, but no one is around. The best way to lure people on is to log in, but what if you don't want to lurk or need something to do? This list will outline different things you can do in game that may not be obvious, from meeting certain goals to acquiring fun skills, this is a list that can give you something to do while you're waiting for the rest of us to login and play! Presence on the who list helps. :)

First up on the list is:

There is a list (here) that shows a list of the 100 richest characters in Karchan. Given the right tasks, one could easily amass a fortune and find themselves on this list!
This list used to build more status, but with gold becoming useful again, now is the perfect time to strike out on your own and obtain riches!

Second, we have:

Jobs involved interacting with bots for coins you can sell at Moneychanging spaces like the ones in Pendulis and Khneo.
Some are hilarious, while others are more straightforward.
The command job information shows what bots have jobs and what that particular job entails. Some pay more than others. You can even keep the coins for other purposes in game like...

There are mines for gems all over Kuri, and some gems are worth more than others, and ALWAYS worth more cut.
You can easily cut the gems at Roades & Morrow Gems in Howlswealde by having the gem in your inventory and a large, mythril coin worth 500g, which you can get from the aforementioned jobs!
The command gem information shows a list of what areas have gems, how much they are worth, and what the gems are.
Even if you just want to collect them or hoard them, it still gives you something to do instead of just sitting around.
Getting some gems are more involved, so be sure you have all the right tools.

These are mentioned in my last blog post, but they give more to do than expected.
Not only do you have to hit up various libraries all over, but you also have to obtain a grimoire in the first place. Rumor has it, that you can get a grimoire for free by taking one from a deity's library...
Once you have the grimoire, you collect, potions recipes, spells, and compendiums, the latter of which tells you where certain spell reagents can be located and searched. It also means that you can use these things to brew up real magic in game.

Check out guilds (here) and see if any of them interest you.
Clicking on the icon beside the name should open up the guild information and if the guildmaster has filled out the description for their guild, you can find out what each guild is about as well as the guildmaster if you want to join.

With the creation of the glass ring (courtesy of Ephinie and myself), getting around is much easier. In addition to the ring taking you almost anywhere, there is now an atlas that has tons of macros and maps for getting around. Just type study atlas to get one in your inventory where you can read it. Most maps have a mobile version too, that isn't so big.

Character sheets have information about your character, some that people can assume or some that you want to be found out in RP. Some are elaborate, while others are simple.
Character sheets can be made and filled out by logging in and clicking 'Settings', then where it says 'Storyline', you can plug in your story!
Images and HTML are allowed, so feel free to go all out!
You can see other character sheets here.

Use of the vicnews command shows my current projects as well as places to own/available job positions in my areas. It also has a list of commands I've programmed that may not be common knowledge. Looking it over doesn't hurt anything. It may be a little outdated at times, but I try to update it as things get claimed. :)
Similarly, there is also the in search of command, used for long-term needs that are removed too fast from the RP board.


Some of us have more projects than others, and would love some help. I've been known to pay 1000g per room description or let people save the money up for the gem equivalent.
It's also a good way to get a property in an area before anyone else, as people who help me often get first dibs.

So there is a list of things you can do while waiting for someone to log in! As usual, if anyone has any questions about anything, simply poke me on Discord!


By Victoria.