Land of Karchan

New Method of Contact!
Published Date 2017-02-27T19:36:11

Hello everyone!

I will be short and to the point. The deputy team now have a way where you can contact all of us with one email. You may have noticed on the main page, there is now a 'Contact Us' section listing the email. Whatever you send to that address will be forwarded to each deputy.

We encourage those of you with problems, questions, or even ideas or suggestions to contact us this way so that we can discuss your email and get back to you.

We only ask that you give us at least three days to respond so that we can all discuss whatever you send and get back with you as a team. :)

Also, if you are having trouble logging into the game, please send us an email about it, as we would like to look into the matter. Thanks. :)

The address is deputiesofkarchan@outlook.com. And again, it can be located on the main page under the login section.

Thanks for reading

By Victoria.