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New Settings Page
Published Date 2017-06-22T18:34:26

Most of you should by now be familiar with the fact that there is a new settings page. I have a good feeling about the current way I have set it up, in that for me it seems easy to add functionality quickly.

Today I released a new version. Bear in mind that your browser will aggressively cache a lot of the old settings page. You might need to jump through a few hoops to get the new version displayed.

The new version contains the following items.


That's right, people, mud mail is back!!

A lot of the functionality here speaks for itself, but some things are not "obvious".

The app will show only the first page of most recent mud mails. This is convenient, as it is usually the page that is of most interest. If you wish to see older mud mails, you can use the "Next" button. When you are at the last page, and you press "Next", the app will retrieve the next 20 mudmails.

You can send a mudmail to multiple people, just by using a comma-separated list in the "To" field.

You can also fill out "deputies" in the "To" field. I think it is fairly obvious what that does.

Send me a mudmail (to Karn) to show that it works! I cannot guarantee a reply, but I will try. I can add more information to this here Blog Post, if required.


There are three states that this tab can be in:

  • you are not a member of a guild, and a message will mention this.
  • you are a guild member, and can therefore view all information about the guild
  • you are a guildmaster, and can therefore view and edit almost all information about the guild

Bugs and Errors

I have been implementing all the functionality rather quickly, and I opted for getting it out there for you to try out as soon as possible. I have not tested everything and I have not written automated tests yet. There are some bugs that I know of, and probably plenty of bugs that are completely new to me. But it seems to be working fairly well, which is why I decided to release the current version.

If for some reason the page shows outdated/wrong information, you could try switching tab. Reopening the tab will retrieve all information from the server again.

If there is a problem communicating with the server, it will display a red error message at the bottom of the page.

If you do find bugs, please report them by raising a GitHub Issue with as much information as you can (preferably with examples).

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the new stuff.

By Karn.