Land of Karchan

Release notes - version 2.0.1
Published Date 2019-04-01T06:14:35

Current release notes of the new version.

  • created new karchanadmin angular app for administration purposes
  • Fixed #37. Added CKEditor to the BigTalk. BigTalk works again.
  • added error handling back into the karchan app
  • display meaningful error messages to the user, when logging in or creating a new character. /
  • fixed a bug that causes logins to take 20 seconds instead of one second, due to a bad dns lookup in the code.
  • Fixes #51. Automatically logs a new player in.
  • converted from the old Date java classes over to LocalDate(Time). /
  • added a version number to the bag exported to the freemarker templates, called "version".
  • make it possible to delete a character created by a user.
  • Fixes #72. Added special gender "other".
  • Fixes #78. Guilddetails works again.
  • Attribute tables have been changed, no more messy multi-column primary keys. Attrid = primary key, and there's a unique index on the fields I want.
  • Queries changed.
  • added proper logging.
  • Fixes #77. Added proper styling, so the dropdown button in mobile is visible.

By Karn.