Land of Karchan

Release notes - version 2.0.12
Published Date 2023-10-05T12:02:46

It's been a while since I've put up a new version. Let me know of any breakage.

I'll but some Release Notes here when I have a moment.... which is now.


replaced big talk editor
I replaced the CKEditor 5 I use for Big Talk with @kolkov/angular-editor. The main reason being that CKEditor is a javascript editor that requires some changes to make it fit for Angular, while the new one is created for Angular specifically and the integration is soo much better.
fixed up chatlog

There've been issues for a long time with chatmessages, so it needed a more thorough change. I refactored it to its own component and moved most of the functionality related to it into its own service, which checks if websockets is on or off.

I make no guarantees that things work dandy now, but at least it makes it easier for me to make changes.

chatline ownership

Chatlines now have an owner. There're two new commands 'editchat' and 'deletechat'. Also, the existing chatlines are owned by nobody. Ask a dep to fix this.

Type "help chatlines" to find out how it all works.

user interface

You might have noticed some small changes to the user interface, let's break it down!

  • chatlog area is now bordered above and below
  • clear and reset are now "part" of the chatlog "area" and no longer clutter up all the buttons below your input field
  • autocorrect and autocapitalize are turned off in the command input field.
  • in your settings you find a new item called 'Debug logging'. Don't bother with it.

    Unless you are a developer and can open up the javascript console of your browser to see logmessages. If you are interested, you can change this value to the one you like, "DEBUG" for all logging, "SEVERE" only for the serious bits that break.

Release Notes

  • Fixed #226. Admins can now add several attributes in one script.
  • Fixed #221. Admins can now create several items in one script.
  • Fixed #229. Changing your own passwords in settings doesn't work. It does now.
  • Fixed #217. Checking the who in-game cleared your chatlog. Fixed.
  • Fixed #214. Chatlines now have ownership. Added two commands editchatline and deletechatline.
  • Fixed #60. Admins can now turn on (playing) or turn off (not playing) bots and shopkeepers.
  • Fixed #212. Issues with chatlog fixed. Hopefully.
  • turned off autocapitalize and autocorrect on the command input field. It was a personal source of irritation for me that on my phone my commands were capitalized, and then the server says "I don't understand that.".
  • replaced CKEditor 5 with @kolkov/angular-editor
  • did something interesting with debug logging (for developers)
  • updated karchanpersonal to the new angular 16.2.8
  • updated karchanadmin to the new angular 16.2.8

High regards,

By Karn.