Land of Karchan

Release notes - version 2.0.2
Published Date 2019-08-29T11:12:23

Howdie, people of Karchan

Well, I finally gotten around to releasing a new version. I'm quite pleased with what I came up with, let me know if anything is amiss.

Also, it would be nice if you guys test all the stuff, in weird ways, to see if there's no breakage.

For those who do not wish to read the entire release notes below, here's the highlights:

wikipages can be edited again by all players
pictures can be uploaded by all players
authentication and authorization
this is now done using JSON Web Tokens
it's now possible for people with sensitive eyes to set the website to darkmode, to prevent glare at night.

Release Notes

[This here is a placeholder for me to put the release notes, but as I have a cold and am rather tired, I will amend this blog at a later date.]
  • added links to the menu when you are logged on, under "Personal".
  • added a Toast, showing you have new mudmail.
  • upgraded to the latest libraries
  • added logging to the templates, blogs, pictures and wikipages, so we can track when someone has changed something.
  • Systemlog table has been dropped. Is no longer useful.
  • added caching header to the images
  • made it possible for players to upload pictures
  • made it possible for players to edit wikipages
  • wikipages now show their childrens pages, if they have these. This can be turned off.
  • wikipage edits can be previewed
  • recently edited wikipages visible on the main wikipage
  • deputies can create special administration wikipages only visible to deputies
  • Fixed #79. added darkmode
  • replaced localStorage with cookies
  • removed old html files and an AngularJS app
  • added the microprofile api to the dependency so we can use the ConfigProperty annotation
  • made the Karchan icon in the karchanpersonal and karchanadmin clickable. It redirects to the Karchan main page.
  • started using JSON Web Tokens for user authentication and authorization
  • facilitate deep linking by redirecting sub-urls to the main index.html and letting Angular deal with it.

    For example: http://www.karchan.org/karchanpersonal-2.0.2/mail will immediately show your mail.

  • made layout of our two apps karchanpersonal and karchanadmin same as the website itself
  • Fixes #84 and fixes #82. Turns out I had to remove the @Notnull from the auto-ident pk I added.

By Karn.