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Release notes - version 2.0.6
Published Date 2020-06-07T23:05:54

Howdie, people of Karchan

This is the 2.0.6 release of Karchan, codename Corona (oh, yeah, that's original)

I'll put releasenotes here when I have time, but it's late.

I didn't have time to test *everything*, so you can expect a lot of breakage.


mud mail
it's possible to see your sent mail, and mail to many people is no longer split up into individual mails. You can send mail to your guild, somebody elses guild. But you need the guildname.

a lot of admin pages
there is a large amount of admin pages now. They are not extensively tested, let me know what doesn't work.

websockets allow the chat to be visible in real time, awesome!

chat log
the chat log will never be cleared, unless the command "clear" is issued by the player. There are two new buttons "Clear" and "Reset". Clear only clears your screen, the chat log is still available. Therefore, "Reset" enables you to get your entire chat log back again.

Release Notes

  • changed the chatlog, it is now using the websockets
  • added websockets!
  • Fixes #109. Added an admin page for guilds. (also fixed some small bugs in BoardsBean.
  • Fixes #92. Removal of messages due to offensive content, as well as the creation of new boards.
  • fix for the menu button on mobile, for karchanadmin as well as karchanpersonal. The problem was introduced when I moved over from jquery/popper to ng-bootstrap. My bad.
  • also added a mock http listener to test stuff
  • added a logon message rest service, that can be loaded by the karchanpersonal app.
  • Also: as the log file is no longer cleared, only on user demand, it is convenient to see when you entered and exited the game, in order to keep clear when the old conversation was. I added an "has entered the game" and "has left the game" with a timestamp, to make this clear.
  • moved the logon message over to a bootstrap modal, that can be dismissed.
  • Upgraded from Java EE to Jakarta EE (8.0)
  • upgraded karchanadmin to Angular 9
  • upgraded karchanpersonal to Angular 9
  • removed all things Vaadin, this means the old admin pages are now GONE.
  • Fixes issues #103 #97 #96 #23
    In short: the game will *never* clear your chat log anymore. The only exception to this is issueing the command "clear". That's right, your chatlog will be preserved...
  • Fixes #61. There's now a top secret invisible "sent" tab, to view the mudmails you have sent.
  • Also, if you send a mudmail to several people (using name1, name2, name3, syntax) there will still be only ONE mudmail send, containing all the names in it.
  • Fixes #62. added a reply-all to the mudmail in karchanpersonal.
  • added limitation to the "send mail to everybody". Only deputies are allowed to do that.
  • Fixes #64. made it possible to send a mudmail to "guild" (everyone in your guild).
    To "guild: guildname" (everyone in a guild with name)
    To "everybody" (basically everybody who was logged on at least once in the last three months.
  • upgraded ckeditor, ng-bootstrap, jquery, popper.js, ngx-cookie-service amongst other things
  • redesign of the mail component in the karchanpersonal app - split up into several components now
  • fixed christmas errors in the apps
  • upgraded bootstrap and bootswatch to version 4.4.0
  • added toast service, it means it is now immediately visible if something is properly saved/updated
  • started using ng-bootstrap
  • updated all software on the server
  • upgraded to the new version of the Payara application server. (5.201)

By Karn.