Land of Karchan

Release notes - version 2.0.7
Published Date 2020-12-03T22:29:44

Howdie, people of Karchan

This is the 2.0.7 release of Karchan. Sorry to disappoint you, but it's just a bugfix release..

I'll put releasenotes here when I have time, but it's late.


when you start to play the game, the chatlog is empty. "Reset" button will retrieve your entire chatlog from the server. Typing "clear" will delete (hopefully) your chatlog on the server. "Clear" button will clear your chatlog on the client.

websockets should work fine now, but for those who are having trouble, there are two new buttons. "Ping" will send a ping to the server. If the connection is live, the server will send back a "Pong" (Visible on the right upper corner). When there's not a connection, simple press the button "Reconnect".

big talk
should work more according peoples expectations. It means it doesn't matter a lot where you type what.


it is now possible to delete your images, should you choose.

Bear in mind the following: images are aggressively cached, which means even though the image has been removed from the database, your browser (and other browsers) will still have a copy (for some time).

Also means that you should NOT "reuse" image names!

Release Notes

  • removed some stray Vaadin stuff.
  • Fixes #137. chatlog is now empty when entering the game, but can be retrieved from the server if you want to.
  • Fixes #125. Logging off readout fixed, when someone in the same room logs out.
  • Fixes #123. Having a deputy mail "everbody" was broken. Works now.
  • Fixes #138. Upon creation of a character, the OOC channel is now on by default.
  • karchandocs now also uses the version number, so all documentation of different releases is available.
  • added a type to the websocket logmessages. It allows for Reconnects and Ping/Pong.
  • removed jmockit from karchanentities, it's not necessary
  • removed WebsiteServletTest, it's broken.
  • changed mocking framework from JMockit to Mockito (had to change all tests) but now works in Java 11.
  • Fixes #128 and #127. Big talk issues.
  • Fixes #121. Admin can search for characters by owner, ip and roomnr.
  • Fixes #124. Page no longer refreshed when clicking Hopefuls/Ranks or members in the guild tab.
  • Fixes #120. Admin can't alter characters. Fixed.
  • Fixes #117. Searching by name possible in the character admin page.
  • Fixes #115. Searching by methodname possible in the methods admin page. For example "vic" will show all methods with "vic" in the methodname.
  • Fixes #116. Deleting images is possible.
  • Fixes #114. Searching and sorting among items in admin pages.
  • The website is now accessible via non-SSL, but will automatically redirect to the https version.

By Karn.