Land of Karchan

Release notes - version 2.0.8
Published Date 2021-02-22T07:32:41

Well, the server move did not go as planned. I hit a few problems, and decided enough is enough.

I will try and test more.

I did manage to put up a new release, but it's a boring one (from your perspective).

I'll add release notes when I have the time.


alternate docroots
alternate docroots allow me to put up static files and map them to urls. It means I no longer have to deploy wars containing images and things. Also helps the Let's Encrypt challenge

"strict" mode
enabled "strict" mode for karchanadmin and karchanpersonal which was a huge pain in the ass. It means the compiler will check much much more, and though it helps to catch errors, it also meant for me to rigorously change a lot of code. So let me know if I broke something.

idle users
created an IdleUsersService. This means I won't have to store and change the timestamp when a person last issued a command in the database anymore. However, this information is volatile and lost when the server is rebooted.

Updated the adminpages: retrieval of all thingies for the admin pages can be a lot (for instance, all rooms), so decided to use a scrollable cursors.

Release Notes

  • added Java Version 11
  • switched over from Full JEE Profile to the Web JEE Profile
  • started using alternate docroots
  • removed a lot of stuff, no longer necessary because of the alternate docroots
  • karchanpersonal upgraded to latest Angular (11.1.3), enabled "strict" mode
  • karchanadmin upgraded to latest Angular (11.1.3), enabled "strict" mode
  • title in karchanadmin for worldattributes fixed (said Event)
  • fixes transferring of ownership in the admin pages
  • upgraded maven-compiler-plugin and maven-war-plugin
  • Fixes #142. Shows in the admin pages information about the currently logged in administrator
  • Fixes #109. Check on guildmaster change fixed. Now the check is if the person becoming guildmaster is not already a guildmaster of ANOTHER guild. (emphasis mine)
  • changed event handling
  • updated google guava because of security advisory
  • suppport for http acme challenge of the Let's Encrypt certificates (alternate docroots for the win!)
  • created an IdleUsersService
  • retrieval of information in the admin pages changed to a scrollable cursor and a streaming Reponse
  • changed the property for https to an optional (for ease of development)

By Karn.