Land of Karchan

Release notes - version 2.0.9
Published Date 2021-05-15T07:20:45

Well, the server move worked a lot better this time. You shouldn't notice anything.

I'll put some more details on how the new things work in an addendum later on.


You can define your own chats
the who list in-game now shows again the idle times of a person
guild colours
guild colours are back!

Release Notes

  • switched to GraalVM instead of Openjdk. This is going to help with running Javascript, as Nashorn will be phased out.
  • switched from Full Payara Application Server over to Payara Microprofile
  • created a proper Docker image of Karchan
  • Fixed #38. Show/create/edit/delete attributes of characters in admin pages. If attributes are required for other objects, let me know.
  • Fixed the direct linking to characters in admin pages
  • Could not create new blogposts in the admin pages, fixed!
  • Fixes #110. Guild and ooc colours were broken.
  • Fixes #143. The who list in-game now shows idle times properly again.
  • Fixes #126. Pull Chain/Jump in Lake no longer worked.
  • Fixes #45. Chat functionality added.
  • The compass picture looks really ugly in Darkmode. There are now two images of the compass, one in white-on-black and one in black-on-white. It looks great.
  • Fixes #67. There are no longer a maximum of three adjectives. It's now a free string. No HTML though.
  • Fixes #49. Wieldable and wearable are now editable in the admin page of items.
  • Fixes #80. Apostrophes should work now in commands. Any special chars that do not work still, let me know.
  • Fixes #135. Increased the possible race options when creating a new character
  • Removed #43. SQL Statements are not supported, ticket closed.
  • Removed #2. Things in the ticket already implemented some time ago, ticket closed.
  • Removed #87. Should be fixed, haven't heard from it in a long time, ticket closed.
  • Removed #96. Should be fixed, haven't heard from it in a long time, ticket closed.

By Karn.