Land of Karchan

The Sky-Realm of Esmeraulde
Published Date 2020-06-19T01:18:29

Hello everyone!

This is an OOC note about my newest area, Esmeraulde.

Esmeraulde is a sky-realm, meaning it is suspended magically in the sky above Karchan somewhere. It has been "hidden" for quite some time. I've built a lot of lore around the space, from false gods, to an actual wrathful god, to a new race associated with it. I'd like for everyone to please take a moment to explore it. Find your way there, explore, learn the lore, and if you have a character that likes the place, consider moving there. There's plenty of space and I can always grow it as needed for ideas.

To find it, look for books in various libraries across Karchan and see if one piques your interest. There's a specific book that can get you up there if you read the instructions just right, so hunt a bit.

Remember that all commands are lowercase without punctuation!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a MUDmail or message me on Discord. I will happily answer whatever I can without spoiling things you can find up there.

Happy Hunting!

By Victoria.