Land of Karchan

Chaos Inducer

DATE: October 16th, 2018.
PLACE: Obsidian's Castle

Khryse is admiring the mural.

Calzier hasn't seen this mural before, so he takes time to absorb it, putting his sketchbook into his satchel. He noticed Khryse and makes a note to stand nearby so the moment she finishes staring at the engravings he could smile or start conversation. The mote has it mostly planned out in his head.

Khryse flicks her gaze to Calzier when he sidles up closer to her, appearing curious. When she steps away from the mural, she turns to face the mote with her usual smile curving her plump lips. "Calzier, right? Can I help you with something?" Her dress is so form-fitting that it leaves little to the imagination, and the slits are clear up to her hips on both sides. "The mural is really fascinating, isn't it?"

Calzier smiles lightly back, moreso pleased that she said his name correctly. He opens his mouth to ask what she thought of the painting, but the woman asks her question first. He shuts his mouth quickly briefly surprised, but nods after a couple breaths. "It is. Both armies frozen in their charge. The clash for their way of life to remain, suspended without progress. Many of them will die all the same and the cycle will continue. Constantly suspended in a war that has taken place for most of this world's existence.." Calzier grins, "It's amusing to think about it." His imp tail sneaks out from its resting place behind him to wrap around on of his wrists. "I have an idea to help my God, but I need help with it. Someone good with making potions and poisons, preferrably, and isn't against chaos."

Khryse smiles more genuinely as Calzier speaks his assessment of the mural, a glimmer in her soft brown eyes. "The back and forth dance between good and evil. I am a firm believer that one cannot exist without the other, but that's a discussion for another day." She pauses, looking thoughtful. "You are a dedicate of the General, right?" Another pause. "Er, Tyvarliek. He's no longer a general, but once was. He does enjoy chaos of all sorts. Did someone mention me to you? Potions and poisons are my expertise, after all. What can I help you with specifically?"

Calzier pauses for another moment, wondering if it was possible Tyvarliek had a hand in this meeting, "I serve Tyvarliek, yes." The name brings a greater smile to his face, ".. but I didn't know you made potions and poisons. I only answered your question." The mote digs into his bag for a very small sketchbook--practically pocket sized--and flips through it. "I need something potent enough for a whole village with specific effects that last as long as possible. An antidote for it is preferred."
Calzier lifts his eyes from the paper after he finishes reading part of it.

Khryse hmms to herself, mulling over the possibilities. "What are the specific effects? I can likely help you, but I need to know exactly what you are looking for to properly whip something up for you." She holds out her hand for the sketchbook, waiting to see if Calizer will hand it over for her perusal.

Calzier nods looking to his booklet again, "The first is to cause heavy hallucinations of being a torturer or being tortured. I don't know if it's possible to make it so the people exposed see their loved ones in either position.. but that's important." His expression remains content and unchanged, "I want them to be stuck in it as long as possible, but when it wears off, they suffer from explosive diarhea.." The mote sniggers.

Khryse lets her hand fall when she realizes that Calzier isn't going to hand over the book, listening to him intently. The toxin considers his request and nods. "I can do that, but it won't be instant like most of my concoctions. I'll have to tinker some with magic outside of my expertise, but it shouldn't be too difficult. I can get it to you in a day or so if you like?" Khryse tilts her head to the side and studies Calzier, awaiting reply.

Calzier hadn't noticed her hand until she lowered it. He belatedly offers the booklet, "That is fine. If its not too much to request, the antidote could be without side-effect. I want to keep my lover and my allies safe."

Khryse had forgotten the bit about an antidote, and loathe as she is to agree, she nods her head. "I'll meet you back here in a day's time and bring what you need. What I will be bringing is less of an antidote and more of an immunization. It will have to be injected via needle. I will see you in a day." Khryse walks off then, making calculations in her head.


Khryse walks up the to mural and waits for Calzier to arrive, and when he does, she hands him a neat little bag in pale blue - the color of his chosen deity. "The big bottle is the chaos inducer, as I like to call it. The smaller bottle is for immunizations. Vaccinate anyone you want to be immune before you unleash the chaos inducer. A cup in a local water supply like a well would be great, but a bath house is also a terrible place to just...drop a bit into the water. It's contagious, so there should be some widespread and far reaching chaos. Any questions?" For clarification, Khryse has tweaked Calzier's request just a bit. She has upgraded diarrhea to full blown dysentery, and the delirium that comes along with dysentery is supplemented with carefully crafted magical hallucinations or delusions of torture. It is contagious, could be deadly, and if treated, may only last about ten days. Untreated, well...it's going to be ugly.

Calzier meets with Khryse expecting a bucket of terrible magic. Instead, the toxin provides a smallish blue bag. He handles it carefully so the large bottle doesn't explode and contaminate the vaccination. ..Speaking of vaccinations, Calzier tilts his head. "It would be nice to know how it spreads and what signs to be aware of." He did not need to ask to know his request was slightly altered in some way. He never asked for a contagious magical malady.
Calzier says : And also how much the vaccine can be diluted and remain useful."

Khryse 's eyes gleam despite their soft doe-eyed look. "Oh, it will vary from person to person but be at least uniform enough to pin that it had to have come from somewhere specific. I suggest staying away from Pastel Patisserie in Lliwgar, Frosthaven in general because Tyvarliek seems to be fond of Xenith de Lourdes for some reason, and risky places like the Village, because I don't know if you are aware, but Tyvarliek prefers what he considers silent chaos or evil doing. He's more of do evil or be chaotic, but don't get caught." She pauses, sounding chipper still. "Anything else I can help you with?"

Khryse says [to Calzier] : The vaccine cannot be diluted, but it should be a good enough supply to get about seven full uses out of it.

Calzier nods, quickly taking out his booklet again to take down those important notes. "I'll be careful. Xenith likes to challenge bears, so he will probably come into contact with someone infected anyway. I need to find a way to vaccinate him without it being obvious what it's for. Everyone else should be fine as long as Tyvarliek knows..." Calzier pauses, suddenly hit with a thought, "Does it affect animals?"

Khryse shakes her head. "Not animals, but it will affect shifters or any humanoids basically. Definitely get in touch with Tyvarliek before you do things though so he knows what is going on. Better safe than sorry. Catch you around, Cal," the toxin says, swaying her way out of the room.