Land of Karchan

Coldridge 2022 - The Din of Chaos - Bonus 1

OOC: In some instances, when a player is unable to attend the event for a day, they were abducted and a "make up" roleplay was conducted. All bonus content are occasions where a player was making up for the time they were out. In this instance, it was Jaymes.

A Villager lunges out of the treeline at Jaymes, grappling with her and dragging her toward the south east. "Nice and healthy," she says as she fights to maintain a hold on what will surely be a good sacrifice. "Struggle and I'll take out both of your eyes," she adds, clutching at Jaymes. Eventually, some mud on the path causes the villager to slip, and the hold she has on Jaymes is broken completely. She shoves herself back to a standing position, her fingers moving as they cast an eerie sort of red light. "You're coming with me, girl!" She yells. "You're new! Not beaten down! You'll be a worthy sacrifice..." Her voice trails off as her gaze hardens. "Then my master will notice me!" The woman steps forward, streaks of crimson aiming for Jaymes' knee in an endeavor to immobilize her.

Jaymes had been so focused on fighting the oversized wolves the sneaky villager was easily able to sneak up up on her snag her from behind. However, Jaymes was not only a younger sibling, but she was the younger **triplet**, with two older brothers. Grappling and skirmishes were practically how they were raised. So even under the threat of her eyes being gouged out, Jaymes continued to thrash about, using her full body weight to try and break the grip of the woman who held her. Thankfully, ground wasn't steady, the mud granted her reprieve in that the villager lost her footing and thus the grip broken. Jaymes didn't waste any time scrambling away, climbing to her feet and turning to face the villager, her lip curved in a snarl. "I hate to break it to you, Sweetheart, but I'll be no one's sacrifice." Spying the streaks of crimson, Jaymes easily sidesteps them but stumbles slightly in the mud herself. She doesn't quite get the push off she was hoping for, but the werewolf launches herself at the villages, claws extended and and aimed for her face.

Villager flounders at Jaymes' words, taking a more defensive stance. When the werewolf lunges, she casts a shield at her, hoping to knock her down where she can take hold of her again. Despite her best efforts, the shield is not summoned forth quickly enough, and though she attempts to dodge, Jaymes' claws manage to slice skin at her neck and chest in thick curling swaths of weeping flesh. The villager shrieks and scowls, diving for Jaymes' feet, propelled with added momentum by the magic she's finally harnessed. "You have no choice!" The cultist snarls. "Dying for Lord Cohas is an honor you'll soon cherish!"

Jaymes curls her fingers into the villager's flesh, digging as deeply as she can, adrenaline pumping through her veins as the woman shrieks whether in pain or anger or some combination of the two, the werewolf isn't sure. She tries to keep her hold, but the village is soon moving, harnessing her inner magic and diving at her feet. She manages to knock Jaymes to the ground, the breath knocked out of her lungs with one loud **whoosh**. She doesn't bother to try and get up and instead aims a kick at the woman's stomach.

Villager feels victorious, and it is during her elation that she is surprisingly blindsided by that kick. She releases a cry of rage as she temporarily writhes, but soon she is diving onto the werewolf again, unsheathing a dagger from her hip. "I'll do it here if I have to!" She hisses, trying to pin Jaymes down with one hand while the hand gripping the dagger is raised high. "Lord Cohas! I offer this sacrifice to you so that the wells of your power may deepen! I offer her to fulfill my oath to you!" The dagger she wields takes on a crimson and gold glow, cycling between stable magic and chaotic magic. Once it feels ready, she aims it toward Jaymes' heart in a downswing.

Jaymes had hoped to do more damage with that kick but she supposed the lack of oxygen meant that the strength behind it wasn't quite there. The village soon regains the upper hand, brandishing a blade drawn from gods-know-where, as she chants her declaration of sacrifice to whatever so-called Lord she believes in. Jaymes absolutely is not going to stand for this. Not only would she be mortified, even in the after life, by the knowledge, that she was taken out by a crazed cultist, but she couldn't leave her brothers like that. Jayvren and Jaydon's faces swim into her mind's eye and just as as the dagger glows with magic, Jaymes begins to transform, limbs stretch, dark hair sprouts from her skin, a snout bursts from her face, and sharp, pointy teeth elongate from a wide maw. With a loud--was it a roar or a growl or something in between?--she leaned up and snapped her jaws around the arm that held the dagger.

Villager is shocked at Jaymes' transformation, and before she can pull away, the wolf has its mouth clamped down tight around the offending arm. The pressure is enough that the villagers bone snaps and she drops the dagger in the face of new agony. She slaps and smacks at Jaymes' face in an attempt to get the wolf to free her, but her efforts seem to be in vain. Finally, she uses all of her strength to roll both of them to the side, wanting to reclaim her dagger. The villager manages to dislodge her arm from the powerful maw of the beast that Jaymes has become, but it isn't without pain burning itself into her memory. The dagger is clutched firmly after a brief scuffle, and the villager rises to her feet. She swipes her glowing blade at the werewolf's face, aiming for her skull to hopefully follow through on her oath to her would-be god?

Jaymes doesn't let up the pressure in her jaw as she continues to clamp down on the villager's arm until the dagger is dropped. She's not usually the violent sort, even being what she is, but she's also not about to be sacrificed to some wannabe lord. The villager manages to roll them, the smacks and slaps to Jaymes's face having little to no effect on the werewolf, and the momentum is enough that she is able to pull her bloodied and broken arm of her mouth and swoops to regain the cursed dagger. Regaining her footing she aims the blade once more at Jaymes's skull, but the werewolf is already anticipating the attack and easily dodges to the side. She lunges at the villager once more, bloodied fangs bore once more intent on piercing the woman's neck and hopefully putting and end to their grapple.

Villager screams in pain and frustration when she misses the mark, but that winds up being the least of her concerns. It is during her outcry of anger that Jaymes lands the bite to the villager's throat, and as her windpipe is crushed in her opponent's powerful jaws, she begins choking on the blood that follows. The dagger is released, no longer of any help to her, and the last thought she has before she dies is how she failed her master, and the cold reality sets in that she may suffer for it in the afterlife as the light leaves her eyes.

In the distance, the group can be seen traveling south, all soaked, some scared, but seemingly victorious for the time being.

Jaymes doesn't initially let go of the villager's throat, even as she can feel life leave her body. Only once her body went limp did Jaymes release her and take several steps back. Slowly, she begins to transform back into her human form, still clad in her clothes that she wore previously. She was covered in blood which unnerved her, but Jaymes didn't wish to loiter. Looking around, she catches sight of the group traveling south and runs off in their direction, pausing only to scoop up the dagger.

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