Land of Karchan

Coldridge 2022 - The Din of Chaos - Bonus 2

OOC: Some players didn't get to finish the quest immediately, and had to have an rp conducted where Xaria returned to rescue them. In this instance, it was Jaymes.

Xaria follows her nose, trying to find Jaymes in the midst of the chaos. The villagers are rioting, some happy to free, others angry that their would-be deity has been quelled. From the looks of things, Xaria led the others to safety before coming back to hopefully find the others that fell behind. She catches the scent, but she looks like hell. She did happen to get her hands on a crossbow though, so as she creeps and stays low, her luminous blue eyes flicker, finger eager to pull the trigger. "Jaymes?" She whispers, then more urgently. "Jaymes!"

Jaymes ran as fast as she could, her left hand pressed against her ribs to try and fend off the sharp pain that radiated from there. The gash above her eyebrow bled obscuring her eyesight. Hopefully the chaos would be enough cover for her to find the others. She didn?t know how she got separated from them, but unfortunately one of the townsfolk had snatched her up?Jaymes supposed she should be thankful that they preferred to torture her first thus allowing her to escape. She continued to move as quickly and quietly through the woods as she could. But a particularly sharp pain left her breathless and she fell against a tree.

Xaria sees Jaymes slump against the tree and puts a hand over her mouth and drags her behind it. "Shh, it's me, Haunt Zoe." She hands Jaymes a jug of crystalline water, and it is ice cold. "Most of the others got out, but I came back for you, the immwolkn, and the...metal man. You don't want to go into the village. They're at war. We managed to defeat their wannabe god, but now it's like his essence is everywhere, infecting people with violent tendencies." She motions to the jug. "I got that in the spirit realm while I was taking everyone out. It should heal you up really well, but-" She's cut off by someone springing behind the tree and yanking her back harshly by her hair. She kicks and thrashes, elbowing the guy in the crotch. This earns her a few precious seconds, to try and get Jaymes moving. "They are coming out of the village. Drink the water." Before she can get Jaymes to cover again, a group comes circling like sharks. "When Cohas died, my powers came back. Looks like we're going to have to fight..."

Jaymes?s golden eyes widened in fear when she felt someone?s hand clamped over her mouth and dragged her behind the try. The werewolf was able to clamp down when she heard the familiar voice and she twisted her body (with a wince) to face her. ?You came back?? Jaymes asked in disbelief. ?Thank you,? she said, lifting her hand to swipe at the cut on her face. It does nothing to stem the flow of blood and only smears it, before lifting the jug of water to her lips. The indulgence was interrupted by Zoe?s attack, but Jaymes?s reflexes are a bit off given her injuries. The Haunt is adept though, and easily staves off her attacker. With her encouragement, the werewolf goes to drink again only to pause halfway to her mouth when they are suddenly being circled like chum in the water. ?Are you fucking joking,? she mumbled exasperatedly. ?Good thing you got that,? she said, inclining her chin towards the crossbow.

Xaria smiles. "Damn good thing," she says before opening fire on the biggest guy, boom, right in the eye. She knocks another arrow into the crossbow and narrowly avoids another guy trying to swing on her. Putting space between her and the guy, she pulls that trigger, sending the bolt sailing into his midsection. He screams and falls over, unsure of how to proceed. Xaria tries to put another bolt in her crossbow, but she's grabbed from behind, causing her to drop it. The squeezing gets tighter and tighter until she's literally wheezing for breath. The fight in her seems to be leaving, but she kicks the crossbow toward Jaymes, fully loaded as her vision becomes hazy.

Jaymes is weaponless, but she has something else fueling her?anger. As one of the men advanced on her she used all her rage and adrenaline to attack, her nails growing into claws as she grabbed him by the chest and dragged her hands down, tearing his flesh. The scream and sounds of weaponry cause a cacophony of noise combined with her dizziness cause her to go off kilter and it?s only when she hears Xaria struggling does she whip around, freezing when she finds her grappling with the village. A well placed kick sends the crossbow in her direction and Jaymes doesn?t waste time picking it up and aiming it at the Haunt Zoe?s assailant. It takes her a second to focus on her sight, but soon the bolt finds itself lodged in the side of the attacker?s neck.

Xaria is released, and she darts forward, taking Jaymes' hand and continuing to run northward. Her lungs are burning, her nose is snotty, and her eyes are teary from her struggle, but she continues. "I'm going to take you into the spirit realm. It's how I got everyone else out, so please trust me." She lets spiritual energy coil around her in a vivid display of misty blue tendrils that wind around her. With her hand still on Jaymes', she summons forth an opening to the spirit realm, inhaling deeply. Then something sparks where she is holding Jaymes' hand. Jaymes' would likely get a black pawprint on her hand or arm somewhere, and even though Xaria wants to explain everything now, protecting her new bonded is more important. "Trust me!" She calls over the roar of the portal, as she walks that way still clasping tightly to Jaymes' hand. The portal has an audible whoosh of dissipation behind them, leaving them in Xaria's spirit link chamber. She sits down immediately, the cold air welcoming. "I...bonded with you just now. It's a lot to process, but...it means we're compatible and can be really good friends. It also means I will help you with anything you need in the future. I've, actually, never bonded before. It just happens sometimes. I know that's a lot, but I'd rather tell you upfront than hide it, especially with your new mark." She motions to wherever the print is visible.

Jaymes held fast to Xaria?s hand as they ran from the clearing. When the Haunt explained she was bringing them to the spirit realm Jaymes doesn?t bother to ask questions, ?let?s go!? Jaymes is completely at Xaria?s mercy, but she cannot help but trust her. There is a roaring sound and soon a sense of calm. Jaymes looked around and fell to her knees trying to catch her breath. Unfortunately, with her adrenaline fading the pain was creeping in once more. ?Bonded?? she asked, turning her arm to see the pawprint on the side of her wrist.

Xaria lies on her back, still playing catch up with her lungs. "Bonded. Every bond is different. I didn't mean to, but I felt really close to you and it just...it just happened. I'll explain everything in a few days, but for now, I need you to go a direction. Down goes to Howlswealde, Up goes to The Heart of the Purple Flame, west, Lake Wheatleigh, and east a place I like to get wine from in Rajan. Go, get some rest, clean up, tell your family what happened. I still have to go back for the others." Xaria is weary and it's visible. She's also filthy. "I'll be back. Please go. I'll be able to find you wherever you are now."

Jaymes nodded slowly. It was a lot to take in?the whole time on that blasted island or whatever it was. ?Okay,? she said slowly, pushing herself to a stand with a groan. She paused as she looked at Xaria, concerned etched in her features. ?Are you going to be alright?? Assuming the Haunt assured her and encouraged her to move out of the realm, she would pause and lean down, grimacing slightly, to gently touch her arm. ?Thank you. For getting me out.? With that, Jaymes moved down to Howlswealde. She wasn?t sure how long she was gone, but she assumed she might have some worried brothers.

Xaria assures Jaymes that she'll be fine, and just smiles at the thank you. "You're welcome."

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