Land of Karchan

Coldridge 2022 - The Din of Chaos 2

Nerene has no time to enjoy having drawn first blood against her lycanthropic for, as even now the pair are both regrouping for the next attack. As she isn't in danger, the Dark Angel is able to consider a haphazard plan, emphasis on the 'hazard' part, and on purpose goes for the wolf that's currently using Thaeloc as a chew-toy. Counting on the distraction presented by the facial surgery, the Dark Angel leaps for the beast's back, intent on wrapping her arms around its midsection. If successful, her wings will then be unfurled, ensuring both she and the werewolf rise above until a suitably perilous height is reached. Only then would she then soar downward at a diagonal angle, meaning to slam her target into the ground hard enough to break bones if she's lucky. If she gets thwarted and attacked as is the expectation there'll at least be a swing with her left arm, meaning to have her nails connect with eyes and thus ensure sight is removed from the sense list. She's not a fool, really, and knows that every battle is really a game of chance and letting one's guard down for even a moment could lead to losing everything.

Thaeloc kicks the dead wolf in frustration

Burnside twitches, a single spark spits from his neck.

Nerene stands up, wings pulled in close once again while she beams happily at the werewolf that just breathed its last. Onto the other one then the Paladin goes, her broken bottle retrieved from where it had been dropped in the previous attack. With ths, she says, "Here, doggy!" and chucks the jagged object at the werewolf's skull, intending to draw its ire and ensure the others going after it would be able to take advantage of the distraction post. In keeping with this plan, her body tenses, hands drawn into sleeves to ensure the metal-weave clothing would lessen any damage done.

Xaria realizes that she is useless in a fight, but all of the damage that her current allies is taking? That's something she may be able to fix. Thaeloc seems to be more worse for wear, so when Nerene steals the wolf and proceeds to fly away with it, the healer warms her hands up to bring out the magic within them. "I don't know if this is going to work," she says, a misty glow bouncing between her cupped palms, but as the glow intensifies, she attempts to place her healing hands on the Degn to heal the damage done to his face.

Cahya emits another aggravated growl, lips pulling back to reveal the smalle teeth just behind his large saber-fangs. He Mrrowls in frustration when the blow misses, lifting his back legs to attempt to sink them back onto the the wolf, a large paw tries to grapple his opponent. If successful, he will do his best to bury those large front teeth into the wolf's neck with all intention to rip meat free.

Burnside quickly swings his head around scanning the environment, seeing things have taken a change for the worse as people are dragged off or stunned by fungal fiends. His voice booms authoritatively from beneath his chest pieces as his mouth pointlessly hangs open. "Halt! This is a violation of statute zzztt ERROR! You both are now being detained and are to be returned to your cells!" Sparks spit from his neck, "Dire wolves. zzzzt." His green glass 'eyes' click loudly as he sweeps the treeline one last time. "We're being attacked by confused -zzzt- by confused wildlife." He states flatly to his companions .

Burnside grabs up a cobblestone from the front of the shop and whips it underhanded like a stone on water but towards the remaining wolf.

Pinned by Burnside, the first wolf snarls and thrashes, trying its best to regain freedom so it can rampage and inflict it's wrath upon the group. It's jaws snap and the creature's mouth weeps foam like a rabid animal, the noises of anger unceasing, and it is during this thrashing that it manages to avoid Thaeloc's intended blow. It is so blinded by fury tht it doesn't see Nerene's approach, stolen away from where it was held down and taken airborne. It didn't expect this, but as it travels down toward the earth at top speed, it's landing ultimately brings the tortured beast to it's end. It tumbles a few paces, dead on impact, tongue lolling out of it's mouth. The second wolf shakes in place, lip curling back when Cahya strikes at it. The beast takes the blow, but not in the intended area. Given it's size and the thickness of it's pelt, the nail file doesn't seem to do much more than incense the creature. It lunges upward in an attempt to maul Cahya's head, fur bristling and encouraged by the taste of blood in it's violent mouth, seemingly spurred on by the fact that Cahya just tried to rip into it. The bottle that Nerene throws does not hit, and other than a slight tickle of the fur as it flies past, the wolf is none the wiser. It is a second lunge at Cahya that causes Burnside's thrown cobblestone to miss.

Thaeloc growls a deep growl in his chest out of frustration. Giving the dead wolf a swift and solid kick to it's head with his metal leg. Turning his gaze to the lone wolf still standing. Seeing it lundge and take a chop out of Cahya the fighter runs towards the action once again looking to hit the weak spot in the throat to hopefully put this creature down.

Marceline takes a minute to calm her child. Further inspection of her baby would reveal that this isn?t an infant, but closer to a toddler. So the little one is squirming a lot, and it takes the mother a minute to get her under control. Once she does that, she picks up the nail file she?d thrown before off the ground and walks right over to the remain wolf and aims a stab at it.

Xaria races over to Cahya the moment she gets a chance, but the wolf's close proximity has her concerned. The glow in her hands is still rampant and frosty in coloration, and though she cannot place her hands on the anthro, she can still make her attempt to heal from afar. Her body sways, and her hands move in peculiar, fluid gestures before she suddenly guides that healing magic toward Cahya. The white glow glistens and twinkles as it seeks out his blood, and she tries to deepen its caress and treat his wounds from the inside out.

Cahya yowls in pain when the wolf's jaws snap around his head, landing scraping fangs against the fur of his face. The beast had tasted his blood and become further crazed with the lust for more, causing the anthro more pain than he'd bargained for. He silently hoped this creature didn't have rabies, because he may need a trip to the vet after such a bite. Unsheathing his claws, Cahya attempts to jab them into the ribs of the wolf and scratch for all he's worth. Xaria's magic is felt as a tickle along his fur, some of the damage righting itself with the magic this cursed island allows her.

The remaining wolf pulls away from Cahya when Thaeloc attempts to throat punch it, managing to step out of the way in a manner that causes the Degn's intended blow to miss. Frothing at the mouth, the creature prowls forward a few paces, barely acknowledging the crowd around it. When it stops, it's gaze is leveled on Marceline, blood from Cahya mingling with long strings of drool as it's hackles rise. It initially wants to charge her, but Cahya's attack is sudden and fatal. As the feline's claws shred the beast's sides, it cannot get away, eventually so bloodied that it falls over, takes a final breath, and dies.

Overhead, a storm brews, a brief crackle of lightning preceding a thunderous boom that heralds a sudden downpour. Rain saturates the space in minutes, cold and unforgiving, and the path soon becomes muddy. Jaymes seems to be missing completely, and the rain washes away the spores that petrified Yamminuel, freeing him. Given the nearby chanting, it's possible that the eastern direction has some trouble ahead.

Xaria looks around, the rain soaking her through and through. Her blue hair flattens against her head and she tries to sweep it away from her face. "The werewolf lady is missing," she calls over the rush of water. "She was probably taken by the cult. We need to keep an eye out for her as we travel toward the village." The haunt points her finger toward the east. "This way a bit, then toward the south, and we'll come upon the village. Keep your eyes open and listen carefully. If they catch us, they'll try to sacrifice us. I've already nearly been sacrificed once. It is ugly business." She approaches Cahya then, handing him a jug of glowing water. "This is spirit water. It comes directly from the spirit realm. It will heal you completely since I failed you in battle." After that, she prepares to move east unless the group has a reason to stay.

Burnside scans Cahya, "Subject naturally weaponized." He then scans Yamminuel and Nerene. His eyes and general 'head area' clicking and ticking loudly like some sort of abacus attempts to crunch numbers deep inside.

Burnside scans Marceline and then makes some awkward, almost confused twitches and finally he scans Thaeloc up and down, analyzing the way he moves, his body shape, and his demeanor. Burnside's eyes click rapidly and then stop. "You have been trained in bipedal combat techniques." It is a statement, but it has a slight curve like a question.

Thaeloc hearing that one of the party is missing and thinking how he missed it in the confusion of the fight. He turns to Cahya. ?Think you could see if there are any tracks that can be followed to see where they took her??

Yamminuel stretches as his limbs slowly begin to work again, dust and dirt falling from his shirtless form and cascading to the ground around him. Serpentlike eyes of vertically-slanted pupils twist to view the wolf and then the rest of the gathered in entirety. The wolf falls and the Poisoned Undead rumbles deep in his throat at the annoyance of having missed the fight. Briefly, he scrutinizes Thaeloc, as if deciding if it might worth pursuing further fight. But the notion is dispelled by the memory of being in this place, to which another groan of irritation emits. Xaria's movements have him following after, "Why bother finding them?" He remarks cruelly.

Thaeloc says [to Burnside] : If you mean trained with a sword, yes since i was a toddler.

Xaria says [to Yamminuel] : If Cohas receives enough sacrifices, he will ascend, and we will be locked here. Every potential sacrifice we save keeps him from his goal. If you won't do it for her, do it for yourself.

Nerene loses interest in the remaining wolf now that the group has everything well in hand, and has killed it. Relaxing some, she moseys over to where the sceptre had been placed before, reclaiming the staff weapon and promising she won't abandon it again. Over to the lycanthrope she'd finished off and then the Paladin crouches, intending to try and tear free some fangs to claim as a trophy for later. Whether she succeeds or not, the effort is abandoned after a couple minutes and the others are rejoined, her mood still an elated one from the fighting that had occurred.

Burnside offers his slingshot to Nerene and the sword he doesn't understand the scope of to Thaeloc. He calculates he should keep the boomerang for himself.

Burnside says : Perhaps we have a higher chance of success if we work together.

Marceline frowns a little and, although she doesn?t want to draw attention to herself, she also doesn?t want to be left behind. ?Wait!? She exclaims. ?I need this fur.? She sets her kid

Cahya accepts the water from Xaria with a faint smile and a nod, "Thank you, friend. You did not fail me, you simply did your best with what you had." With the bottle uncorked, he takes a swig to heal himself. Mention of Jaymes missing causes a frown, but Thaeloc's talk of searching for tracks calls for action. The Anthro crouches low to the ground and searches, sniffing here and there. The rain washes away many of the smells, making his nose crinkle in frustration. "I cannot pinpoint....the rain is washing so much away. Perhaps in the village as Haunt Zoe said..."

Thaeloc takes the sword from Burnside give it a few swings to check the balance and then taps the blade frowning at the dull sound. It has seen much better days. ?Thanks Iron giant.? He thanks him before putting it in one of the empty scabbard on his hip. Xaria frowns as she scans her mostly obscured surroundings. Realizing that there isn't much to be done until the rain clears up, she tries to wave the party over toward the shelter of the nearby abandoned shop. Once up the steps, she shoulders the door open and disappears inside, hoping everyone will follow. Assuming they do, she sits on the floor nearby, resting her bones for a few before speaking. "I'm sure that some of you may have questions, or don't understand exactly what is going on. While we wait for the rain to subside, I'll answer any questions that you have. At least, questions that I know the answers to." Her shortish blue hair is slicked back partially, and her eyes continue to glow an eerie blue as the storm moves all around them.

Yamminuel glances at Thaeloc with a certain mistrust and definite danger to his glinting gaze. "So, do any deaths count as sacrifices to these gods?"

Nerene has no questions personally, but she is listening. While the group asks anything they're curious about, there's a quick cursory search for any sort of container in which to keep her battle trophies.

Cahya files in after the others, watching his back as he does so. Thaeloc further armed could be an asset to their team, yet the sword he carries appears decrepit and as if it might break with one good swipe. He sees the potions on the table and resists his feline urge to smack them off, though smacks his lips with small chirping noises. To temper himself, the cat jumps and perches on the nearby counter, peering out the window with a flicking tail. "How long have you been here, Haunt Zoe?" he asks, licking at some of the blood matted fur on one large paw. "What other dangers shall we expect from this cursed place?" Eyes flick to Marceline and her toddler, finding it odd that there is now a child where a plush once was. Then to Nerene and her fangs, Yamminuel, to Burnside the sparking metallic man. What an odd group.

Yamminuel doesn't find an answer so far, but it doesn't seem to bother him. Instead, the undead moves further into the shop, past the dusty animal hide and the fireplace to the work space near the coin-box. It is the coin box that earns the Immwolkn's curiosity and, lazily, he pushes it from the work space bench and to the floor with carelessness. "To keep you all alive is an irony I dislike."

Burnside says : In the event of a breakout attempt or riot one should check for every possible resource to weather the insurrection. All attempts to keep the event isolated within the designated zone should be encouraged by the coordinated facility team. zzzztt I think we should check everything and be curious in nature.

Burnside awkwardly thumbs through the objects in the room.

Thaeloc notices the stink eye look from Yamminuel. Turning to face him hand on the old almost broken sword. ?You willing to test that theory you fork tongue demon."

Cahya says [to Thaeloc] : Fighting amongst ourselves is pointless.

Xaria looks at Yamminuel when he speaks. "He isn't a god...yet. He's more of a Spirit or Embodiment of Chaos. The cult that has formed around him here, in Coldridge, have been sacrificing non-believers in his name. It makes him stronger. His goal is to break free of whatever holds him to this place so that he can overtake other places and quell opposing gods, regardless of alignment. Defeating him is likely our only way out of Coldridge." Xaria wets her black-stained bottom lip and shivers from the cold of being soaked to the bone. "He's especially interested in newer gods, to my understanding. Deities that he believes he can easily defeat and overpower due to their newfound godhead. So likely deities like Rhianneth, Bytor, or Obsidian's Maleficus." When Cahya poses his question, she trails her line of sight toward him, every blink extinguishing the glow of her eyes briefly. "I'm not entirely sure. Maybe a week or so? I've heard that time moves differently here, so what may have been a week to me may have been less or more in other places and realms. I wish I had a more solid answer for you." Burnside's speech has her glancing his way, still wondering exactly what he might be. "Hey buddy, are you okay?" Her tone is soft and surprisingly nurturing despite being completely confused by Burnside as a person? Construct? She wasn't sure, but she wanted to be kind.

Nerene had also accepted the slingshot, for which Burnside was thanked even if she had no plans to use that. Leaning over the counter, a bottle is spied and into it the fangs go, before it and the weapon are shoved into one of the two pockets her leggings have. ensuring she only needs to hold onto the sceptre. While Xaria continues her explanation, it's Thaeloc and Yamminuel she watches, hoping there'll be a fight.. at least until the mention of deities is heard. At this her attention snaps to the Haunt and there's a look of delight at the idea of slaying an undeserving would-be god daring to challenge those she was loyal to.

Yamminuel idly steps on a few spiders cruelly.

Lightning flashes, but the thunder is distant. It seems as though the rain is letting up, gradually ceasing to fall...

Cahya's eyes dart around the trees outside, searching the branches for any birds or wildlife. He mewls under his breath, then goes back to cleaning his paws, lifting a clean one to swipe at his forehead and ears. "So this soon to be deity could snuff out newer gods? That is troublesome..." How were they going to defeat someone who is almost a god? Especially when more of them seem content to fight amongst one another. The cat leaps nimbly from the ruined counter, landing deftly on his feet and rising to his full height. "I suggest we work together, if we plan to leave here alive." The anthro then begins searching for anything useful.

Xaria says [to Cahya] : That's what I feel we need to do as well.

Zaria says [to Cahya] : You find 2 meters of usable rope. The rest is rotten and falls apart in mush clumps once touched

Cahya plays with the rope, pupils widening with delight as he bats it to and fro.

Xaria rises from her seated position rather suddenly, stretching briefly before peeking out of the window. "The rain has stopped. Let's head toward the village. I know the way. Follow me." The blue-haired haunt guides the party out of the abandoned shop and into the forest. She takes them east until there seems to be a distinct turn in the path, obviously a road well-traveled, and then she follows it's length all the way to the south. She pauses soon, her nose sniffing at the air, brow furrowed in deep concentration. "Do you smell that?" She whispers. "Smoke?" She sniffs at the air a little more. "No. Incense. Oh no." She turns the corner to find a dark figure clad in a dark robe holding a censer filled with some fashion of magical incense within it. Smoke wafts from it, and when the haunt steps forward, she steps on a twig that snaps audibly. The villager that the priest is trying to possess twitches, but is completely within the priest's thrall. "No one shall escape him," the priest rasps, and with a low whistle, a dire were-bear bursts through the trees and roars powerfully, its maw still damp with the blood of it's last victim. The creature rises to its full height, its shadow eclipsing Xaria completely as she turns to run.

Yamminuel now cocks the corner of his lips upward exposing one of his venomous eyeteeth at Thaeloc, "If the Azure Knight could not defeat me alone, what makes you think you can with a mere broken sword, Thaeloc of Drel?" He asks, mockingly, amused, but that taunting and ego fades when Xaria more clearly explains the creature that they are against. "The Maleficus? Then I must destroy him for Lord Tyvarliek, and Lady Gvaudoin and Lady Havara will surely favor me as well," he asserts confidently, "I am the strongest of the Immwolkn, I shall prove it to the Maleficus by doing so. And... tolerate... our temporary alliance to achieve our ends. I also get to see the skill of the Shield of Vanity myself." A glance is sent to the automaton, face crossing confusion, "And whatever you are." But now they are out in the forest, a few moments or minutes having passed since then, and he walks calmly amidst the misty-tinged haze that occupies the tree-formed path. His nostrils flare as he smells the damp blood, the smoke, the priest, the bear.

Nerene follows Xaria out of the building, and toward the end of the road, perpetually silent and studious to remember every detail. With the priest's proclamation and arrival of a dire bear, she wisely picks up the pace, for dealing with the substantially bigger beast in such a disadvantageous spot would be foolhard.

Nerene also beams at being mentioned, and makes an unspoken vow to ensure everything done from here on is impressive and worthy of praise and recognition.

Burnside thumbs the twisted horseshoe in what MIGHT be thought? Burnside thanks Xaria, it is surprisingly 'organic' when he does. "Thank you, I am currently efficient." He follows the others quietly for the time.

Cahya listens to Yamminuel's yammering with a growing ire, whiskers twitching as his lips lift and fall. He too would tolerate the Immwolkn, as he was pushing for this union in order to escape. He had to prove himself to the book peddler, for this was a test, right? The rope is pocketed and Xaria followed toward the woods. Blood and incense are both smelled, causing his frown to deepen at the thought of the missing Jaymes. Had she fallen victim to the dire bear or the cultists? On his guard, the cat crouches and readies himself for more battle.

Burnside would raise an eyebrow if he could, he tilts his head to the side like a puffudled dog instead.

Marceline mostly kept to herself while in the shop, because she was putting her entire effort and concentration into crafting a little jumper for her naked toddler out of the dead wolf?s pelt. By the end, she has it set up so that there are straps on the back that she can use to carry her child around on her back or on her front, no hands required. When the group gets up to leave, she hoists Mera to her back and follows along, being sure to keep a few people between her and the other Haunt as they go. When the group inevitably runs into the priest and the bear and? good grief, she feels about ready to have a melt down. But she remembers that she is the mama now, and she can?t throw a tantrum in front of the little one.

Thaeloc having left the falling down shop with the others is more determined hearing the name of his god and mentor could be in danger. Yamm banter draws his attention for a brief moment. ?World would be better with your whole lot having to be reset. I know your lord bunny, he woul just pop out newer scum to infect the realm. And as for the Azul knight i respect him greatly but one thing he doesn't do is research and learn the weaknesses of his enemy. ? Turning his back on the poisoned one and the dark angle he marches forward till the dark look priest and bear emerge. Maybe feeling some what inadequate from the last encounter here Thaeloc steps to the front looking to deal with the bear alone.

Zaria says : Now allowing banter with the bear before we roll for initiative.

Marceline offers the Bear a nice, huckleberry ice cream cone.

Cahya files at his claws with the file, ensuring they are as sharp as can be.

Zaria says : The bear snarls and whuffs at the ice cream cone. Perhaps it's lactose intolerant.

Cahya mewls at the bear, attempting to make friends.

Nerene brushes the bear's fur with a comb so they look their best before fighting.

Nerene tries to, at least.

Zaria says : Cahya gets low bear chuffing and burbling in response; it seems the bear is amiable to kitty talk.

Zaria says : But the bear takes the comb as a threat. He's got too many mats for that to feel good.

Xaria tries to exude a calming, healing aura, hoping that it will somehow soothe the bear's anger.

Nerene sulks.

Cahya purrs at the bear, prancing about with a calming stance and a mewling.

When our heroes last adventured, a dark priest was currently in the process of trying to possess a villager, and from the looks of things, is succeeding. The priest then summoned a massive dire were-bear, who is completely within the priest's control. It is murderous and ready to protect the priest at all costs. It looks forward to tearing the group apart with vicious claws and strong jaws filled with sizable teeth. While everyone is distracted, a dark priestess comes out of nowhere and kidnaps Jaymes! The priest's staff lets off a billowing cloud of green that instantly petrifies Yamminuel. Burnside is inflicted with temporary rust that keeps him from moving. The cloud also makes it impossible for him to see. The bear slumbers. You can try to sneak past, or you can attack it while its sleeping.

Thaeloc seeing the sleeping large dire bear gets a smirk on his face. Moving past the rest of the group creeping closer to the large deadly creature hoping not to wake it till it is hurt by the Thanes attack. Holding his breath and making sure he isn't going to step on any twigs that might snap and give away someone is then. Thaeloc makes a go to stab Qog in the eye hoping to blind one side of the creature.

Xaria flinches when the bear seems to be provoked by her calming aura, taking a step back. However, when the bear falls asleep, she looks over at Marceline. "I'm not good at fighting. Are you?" She remains very still, "I was thinking if you wanted to fight, I could care for the little one. I would keep her safe." That said, when Thaeloc sinks his blade into the bear's eye, her eyes widen, expanding their glow further down her face in a pale blue. When it comes to life again, she watches as it raises to its full height in complete horror, and she tries to stay out of the beast's way. Cahya 's lips pull back in a snarl at the dark priest, yowling and snapping his jaws in the figure's direction. He was certainly upset by the petrification of Yamminuel and Burnside, and it seems Jaymes has disappeared yet again...or at least he isn't aware of her location, perhaps she is hiding in the trees. The Cat was completely fine with sneaking past the bear as it seemed the most logical move, though it appears as if Thaeloc is a blood thirsty heathen with a deathwish. Cahya rolls his eyes and twitches his ears, digging into his pocket for that file once more. First he attempts to cat talk the bear again with mewls, yet it may not be as receptive given the blinding of his eye. If he is unable to talk to the bear, the cat will jump upon its back and dig those claws in, slashing at what he can reach.

Marceline looks at Xaria as if the woman has grown three heads! The suggestion of someone else minding her child, and this particular someone specifically, has her reeling back in fear and horror. ?No!? she screams, loudly enough to wake the dead. Her small one is still being carried on her back, so her hands are free to dig her mist bottle out of her pocket and cork it open. Her plan is to hide in the mist - but from the Bear or from the other Haunt is the real question.

Nerene slows once it becomes clear the priest and were-bear are too fast to properly flee from, and they'll both need to be dealt with. Eyes wide at the sheer size of the ursine being, she promptly turns and begins running the opposite way while everyone else is dealing with the threat in their own way. While it seems this is a fleeing moment, her wings snap open and the Paladin takes to the air, grasping the sceptre tight still as altitude is gained. Finally a suitable distance above the path, there's a nod and the feathered appendages are drawn close for a moment, allowing a diagonal tilt downward to occur. Toward the bear Nerene now plummets, speed building until she's just above the treeline. When that's reached, again she stretches her wings out, a swing of the club-like weapon aimed at the bear's skull while she soars past. As she does, the magic imbued within activates, causing flame to burst forth, travelling out in a circle around the banshee as she blinks in surprise then grins widely. Whether either physical or magic did damage though, remains to be seen, while Nerene lands on her feet following the dive-bombing and prepares for whatever is next.

The bear roars angrily with it's eye gone and it's back slashed, and it thrashes mightily in an endeavor to shake Cahya from its back. The beast begins slamming it's back against the nearest tree large enough to support the weight, while also attempting to slash it's murderous claws at Thaeloc for half-blinding it. The bash in the head from Nerene on top of the fire it emits makes the beast wicked angry,and it shakes it's head a few times to clear up the confusion and pain. A mist begins to coil around the beast in a cloud of white, and the priest drags the villager he is trying to possess further into the forest. The mist is cold and will hurt if it touches anyone, and it suddenly arcs toward the group, razor sharp as it solidifies, the bear then deciding to charge Thaeloc, attempting to bite into his thigh for vengeance.

Qog feels victorious, save for the loss of being unable to sink it's teeth into Thaeloc's leg. That doesn't stop the possessed creature from trying again, aiming for the thigh closest to it's face. It's face hurts. It's back hurts. And now, it seems that it may not have many chances to save itself, but anger makes short work of self-preservation. After an attempt on Thaeloc, it will push past him and charge Nerene, snapping at her midsection with abandon. When Qog walks charges past, he will attempt to kick Thaeloc with it's back paw and the way out of his range.

Thaeloc taunts the bear even as he is burned by the fire cast by the Banshee. As Qog charges at him the skilled fighter early strategy to blind one eye pays off. Allowing him to dive roll to the blind side and avoid the bite. Also rolling on the ground to put out the bit of flame on his body. Getting back up and quickly dodging another attack from the raging bear. The rear paw coming inches from his face. But still unharmed by the beast. With the Bear pass him and his backside exposed focusing on Nerene as it's new prey, Thaeloc leaps into the air gripping his broken bottle with both hands to bury it in it's hind quarters hoping to do damage to the muscles in the hind leg.

Nerene dares not give the sceptre any test swings, lest that be the thing which makes the fire rush out, even as the Qog gets ready for round two. Instead of being scared, the Paladin grins and leaps back as the were seeks to turn her into a chew toy. Unfortunately for Qog, the jaws snap shut on air, an enthusiastic grin adorning Nerene's as she tries to avoid the mist. Once it makes contact with skin, the joy changes to pain and anger at the Priest. There'll be time enough to deal with him later though, since the shifter is a more pressing threat. With that in mind, using Thaeloc's attack as a distraction, she now circles around, making sure her angling is just right before the staff is swung a second time. This time, a forepaw is the target, a vertical arc of flame conjured with the intention of reducing Qog's mobility by a quarter.

Cahya hangs on for dear life with those claws of his, riding Qog like a massive angry Bronco. Nerene's fire waging a war on the Were-Bear and him as a result. His fur burns with the nauseating scent of singed hair, so he is faced with the choice of putting out the fire or not being thrown. He is slammed against the tree when no choice is immediately made, wind knocked free of him with a gasp. Cahya hits the ground with a thud, attempting to fight the bout of unconciousness coming over him. The Anthro loses in the end and tumbles, some of the flames being put out as a result. He lies there, fur smoking, body limp and mouth open ever so slightly.

Burnside twitches. Sparks spray out from Burnside's throat and he shakes back to life. He looks at the chaos ensuing around him and lets out a booming steam horn sound. He grabs his boomerang, crunches the numbers in his head like a tin abacus, and finally whips the boomerang with one long arc of a shaky metal arm. In addition a single stray bolt pops out and soars into the distance from his elbow.

Burnside catches the returning boomerang with his other outstretched hand. More gears grind and this time, you can really hear the numbers crunching. It's annoying even. The steam whistles coughs a cloud of sad smoke this time, barely any sound escapes this time. He then attempts again to whip the boomerang into the bear!

Xaria frowns when Marceline gives her potion to Cahya, because she could have healed him and the other haunt could have kept the potion for her and her child. Still, a healed ally is good, and she approaches Marceline in the mist, delving into her bag. "I have a jug of spirit water," the water from the spirit realm that can heal and revive. "I was going to hold onto the extra one for an emergency, but I don't like the thought of you not having something for you or your little one if something happens, so you can have it." She pulls the jug free and hands it over to Marceline with a wilted smile. She's so weary. "From one haunt to another. I insist." She keeps an eye on the bear that Nerene and Thaeloc seem adamant on fighting, realizing shortly after that Burnside is up and moving about again. No one seems to require healing, so she reserves her energy for the next time that they do.

Fire damage to Qog causes him to roar in pain, confusion intensifying. It's almost as if some of the possession is wearing off, but the rage remains. When none of it's attacks land, it pauses momentarily, assessing the situation with surprisingly clarity. The almost poisonous possession takes hold again and the bear charges Thaeloc, aiming to tear into his shoulder or face, whichever is more easily accessed. The damage to it's hind leg slows him down, however, as well as only being able to seek out the Degn with it's one remaining eye, but it is its movement toward Thaeloc that helps it narrowly escape Nerene's intended attack. Whether the bear manages to deal with Thaeloc or not, it is soon roaring and charging Nerene again, desperate to harm those who have harmed it. It hears the boomerang, but somehow manages to avoid it as well, temporarily gazing with it's single eye at Burnside before attempting to damage Nerene's sword wielding arm. It is Burnside's second throw that manages to hit, and the bear shakes it's head while making noises of pure hatred.

While Yamminuel is petrified, a villager appears and drags him off like he weighs nothing, disappearing into the forest.

Thaeloc is a bit off guard as a boomerang goes flying by his head twice. Turning his head to see Burnside active again. While his head is turned he doesn't see Qog come back till he feels the teeth of the giant bear sink into his shoulder crunching the metal in its mouth. The Degn grabbing onto the bears ear lifts his arm to stab at the last good eye the bear has. Hoping to fully blind the beast before it lets go and going back towards Nerene.

Cahya shakes his singed head in an attempt to drive away the fog taking over his mind, eyes bleary as he comes back to the land of those who are awake. Patting at his burned ears the cat lets out a yowl of displeasure and pain. Marceline's mist settles over him in a flash, causing his eyes to widen when she is near him. "Ah...thank you, kind Haunt." He says, accepting the potion from her. He shows a charming smile to the tot as well if she is watching, then downs the potion. Xaria joins the mist and causes him to show another smile. "Haunts are very kind creatures, are they not? I appreciate all you have done for me." The Anthro pushes to his feet, settling into a crouch and then taking on his towering height. "I feel rejuvinated." The fray with the bear is spotted and he frowns, ready to spring into action if need be. Thaeloc lands the killing blow with a smooth warrior's ease, although his armor is worse for the wear and perhaps some skin below. "You are crazy!" Is shouted at the Degn, "We could have sneaked past with ease, but you insisted on fighting the bear. You could have gotten us killed!" He sighs and dusts himself off, frowning at the singed patches of fur about his body. Though the potion healed him, he may have to wait for that to grow back in.

Marceline shrieks when Xaria comes near her, but then takes a moment to catch her breath. She offers a tight smile to the other Haunt as she reaches her gloved hand out to take the jug. ?Thank you,? she says, ?I?m a bit overwhelmed. I don?t know what I was thinking.? With all the wear and tear they have been suffering, some of the tips of her gloves are wearing out on the fingertips, showing a hand that night, maybe, have grayish nails. It?s so hard to tell with all the added grime and the lingering wisps of fog as they clear away. She shows the night and then lowers her child off of her back. This little one is clearly too big for the wolf skin carrier. In fact, she appears to be about five or six years old, and she is bursting out of the seams. The Haunt takes a moment to look her daughter over and make some adjustments to fashion the skin into a loincloth. The ropes from the pack are turned into a child leash.

Nerene gets distracted for but a moment by Yamminuel being taken away, long enough to ensure Qog's latest counter is an unavoidable one. While a genuine attempt to evade is made, the were-bear succeeds in clamping jaws around her right arm and drawing blood once the metal-weave clothing is bitten through. Stunned by the pain, all she can do is cry out, preparing to go for Qog's other eye when the bear slumps down and her arm is freed without warning. As the pain dulls to a steady ache and the bleeding is acknowledged, there's a sigh of frustration and she then says, "For that I'm taking your teeth as well, to go with my necklace." Once she then has a go at the fangs, intent on claiming as many as possible and storing them in the jar she'd taken previously. Only after that would a sincere apology be offered to Cahya for the literal unintended friendly fire, all while anything said by Thaeloc is purposely ignored and the urge to give the anthro head scratches is resisted.

Qog makes a last cry of pain before falling down, pawing desperately at it's face before it finally gives a final huff of breath and dies at Nerene's feet. The were-bear's body twitches and shakes, the fur receding, the size dwindling, and the animal features disappearing as it assumes it's human form in death. Whatever fangs was taken from it's mouth turn into human teeth despite being disconnected from the body. Qog is battered, bruised, and looks to have been tortured before he shifted last, a brand over the poor man's heart showing what kept it fastened to madness for so long. He was controlled by the cult and a victim of circumstance due to his ability to shape change, though it's also clear that he's also been dead for quite some time. The stench of decay rolls off of the were-bear that was hidden deep behind his fur before, and the body shrivels some, rigor mortis settling in at record speed. The dark priest in the distance realizes that without his bear, he has no protection, so he drops the villager in his thrall and makes his escape deep into the woods, never to be seen again. The villager coughs, sputters, and slowly drags his way out of the trees. He's definitely seen better days, but he'll manage to survive. "Thank you," he rasps as Xaria helps him to his feet. "I thought I was done for. He was going to mind control me, the way the cult does everyone with any strength or opposing views. Most of the village has fallen to the cult's sway. You all seem to have a lot of strength between you. Please help. I have to get away from here, but I'll tell you something before I go." He coughs, and Xaria digs around in her bag and pulls out a flask of normal water for him to drink. He takes a few sips before passing it back. "Who killed Qog?" The villager looks at the body and frowns. "If you killed someone possessed here, you can summon them later. Qog's spirit, as a bear, is now available to be summoned, but not for long. You have control of what is left of him now. You should probably wait to utilize his power until you are in a large battle. You will inevitably be involved in a large battle at this rate. Use what is left of Qog's power and spirit for that specific time, when you know the time is right." He pauses then, looking thoughtful. "Do your best to not be captured by the Sheriff or his lackeys. If they capture you, they will put you in the prison and save you for a future sacrifice. They go through so many in a day. If someone gets captured, however, the key is always left at the smithy to the southwest. It's close by, but something bad is rumored to hang out there. And if you see a little magic shop in town, not far from the entrance? Go there. Sometimes you may get lucky and receive a spell bottle for free. Some things never change. May the gods bless you and save you. Goodbye." The villager leaves, but not the direction of the village. He instead seems to be headed back toward the beach despite there being no ships there to sail him elsewhere.After his absence, Xaria looks to the group. "Follow me, we're not far from the village," she says, but as she starts to the east, the air ripples and Qog strolls up in a spiritual form by Thaeloc's side. He had the killing blow, so he now has the ability to summon Qog once in a future battle. Thaeloc would feel this temporary bond, as well as the creature's forgiveness. It seems as though he freed Qog from his oppressor's grasp.

Burnside wanders off for a moment to recover his bolt and pops it back into place. He swats away some of the rust on his chassis with long fingernails-on-chalkboard-like strokes. He then looks up, a bit puzzled, at the others. His head whirls around when Marceline shrieks, his mouth falls open like an old mailbox.

Cahya shudders at the chalkboard sound, hissing.

Nerene tenses up at the sound.

Xaria creeps to the edge of the village and looks past the fence at everything beyond. The haunt chews on her bottom lip thoughtfully, giving consideration to the villager's words after the group saved him. "He said just past the entrance, there is a magic shop with free spell bottles. I want us to go there and see what we can get. He made it sound like the shop isn't hostile, and is maybe accustomed to helping those in need. Call it a hunch, but I think that would be the best place to hit next. Any help we can get is appreciated." The glow of her eyes dims a little, and she finally creeps past the fence and enters the village to the south, eventually leading the group toward the east.

Cahya crouches near the village entrance, his tail swishing to and fro in the dirt beneath, creating a sweeping pattern about his person. Ears flick in each direction in an effort to pinpoint any voices or noise within the village, though all seems silent as far as he can tell. His whiskers move about as the anthro purses his lips in concentration, loosing a hmm sound. Xaria's words receive a slow nod, "I don't hear a lot of movement around us. Perhaps the villagers are busy elsewhere, so I think our path to the shop should be unhindered." When she moves to enter the village, Cahya creeps stealthily behind, creeping on four paws at first and then two in a hunched position.

Nerene looks both relieved and annoyed by the bear being dead, due to no more threat for now, and her clothing being damaged. While the teeth are stashed away for slingshot ammo and the shop approached, a mental note is made to repair the garments when there is a safe moment to do so. Thaeloc is approached after this, getting close enough to touch him if so desired. Smiling widely, the Paladin says, "Oh, thank you so much my big strong savior. If it hadn't been for you valiantly stabbing the bear from behind when it couldn't see you and was distracted by biting my arm. If you hadn't intervened, I would've had to keep setting it on fire until death claimed the poor creature." With that all said, there's a mocking smile and wink of her right eye, at which time the winged woman turns and moves toward Cahya, meaning to ask him something now going by her mood turning serious. Nerene also nods to Xaria, prepared to do whatever is needed, in order to ensure success.

Thaeloc resist striking Nerene in the face when she got close to him. Not in the mood for her mocking tone. Keeping his voice low to not draw attention from the locals. ?That bear was a risk. Yes maybe we could have snuck past it, or maybe one of us steps on a twig and wakes it. It also could have caught or scent and got us from behind. I collected the risk and i took the chance. You didn't have to around throwing a fireball. There is a woman amd child here you could have harmed. If you would even care about harming an innocent. ? Swallowing the rest of his anger and rant. He walks past Nerene into the village towards the friendly shop.

Marceline follows along behind the group, her hand held tightly to her daughter?s as she whispers back and forth with the child. She cannot help but comment, ?Well of course the shopkeeper will help us. Think how bad it would be for business if they sacrifice all the tourists?? She does her best to keep the child maneuvered behind or beside her, hiding her as they sneak along with the rest of the group. When the discussion starts to grow heated, she says, ?Look, the bear is dead now. That?s what matters.?

Xaria enters the shop eventually, her want of something they could possibly use driving her to push past the door and look around. The heat inside is almost oppressive, and she gazes around while trying not to draw too much attention to herself. She spies the bottles then, the shopkeeper speaking from behind the counter."Yes, the bear is gone. It is no longer a threat, but Thaeloc does have a point about being careful around the little one. For now, it's our responsibility to ensure she doesn't get harmed either. Hauntlings can sometimes be weakened by bad energy, and this place is brimming with it." Her eyes glance over the bottles again before she turns to Nerene, curious about her intentions as she approaches Cahya. "Each bottle is free, but I don't guarantee that they all work properly. See, I'm learning how to bottle these spells, so anyone who takes one is...well, a guinea pig. Some are powerful, some wound up empty. It's luck of the draw, but at least you have something. Even some of the bottles that seem empty might do something, depending on what you need. I was just desperate for practice. Go ahead and try your luck though." Xaria approaches the cart and reaches out to take one, a bit of nervousness flowing like fire and ice in her veins.

Xaria approaches the cart and receives a bottle with a spell that undoes damage to an adventurer of choice. This is now a usable spell good for (1) use. It can be given to someone else.

Marceline approaches the cart and receives a bottle with an ice spell that does 25hp of damage. This is now a usable spell good for (1) use. It can be given to someone else.

Cahya licks one paw and swipes at his charred ear, though the skin is healed for the most part, there is still dry patches and singed hair to be dealt with - oh the itchies around his noggin. He follows Xaria into the shop, completely on guard in case of an ambush once they are inside. Thaeloc and Nerene are heard, causing him to frown. "True, the bear is gone. We must'nt fight amongst ourselves, as we need to be on guard for whatever could happen next." A kitty smile is extended to Marceline and her little one, his attempt to appear welcoming despite such large fangs. The shopkeep given a nod as a bottle is taken and looked over, held firmly within his paw. However, Nerene's approach has him curious, so a turn to her is made. "Hello, Angelic one."

Cahya approaches the cart and receive a bottle with absolutely nothing in it. This is now a usable spell good for (1) use. It can be given to someone else.

Nerene delights in the reaction that she'd illicited from Thaeloc, and considering the subject dropped, speaks now to the anthro feline. "May I scratch your head later as an apology for the accidental fire? If I'd known it could do that, I'd have only targeted the grumpy tin can who provoked the bear to begin with," without looking at the Blademaster, to show she did care about harming others if she didn't need to. Awaiting an answer, it's the shopkeeper she now approaches, to reach out and grab a bottle at random. Prize in hand, the winged woman then steps aside to allow the others their chance, while softly humming a soothing tune and looking happy at the complimentary term used.

Nerene approaches the cart and receives a bottle with a rejuvenation spell. This is now a usable spell good for (1) use. It can be given to someone else.

Thaeloc entering the shop starts to sweat almost instantly. Looking around at the bits and bobbles in the shop. Stepping closer to the counter he stops at Cahya. ?I am sorry that you took the brunt of the injuries and i do feel bad about that. I had a feeling you were a strong fighter and I was right.? With a brief nod Thaeloc turns heading to the counter.

Thaeloc approaches the cart and receives a bottle that shields the party for (1) round. This is now a usable spell good for (1) use. It can be given to someone else.

Marceline looks around the shop as they enter, fascinated by everything. She doesn?t like the heat at all, but it seems that her little girl is fine. The child is basically clad in nothing but a wolfskin loincloth at this point, after all. As the two approach the cart, she lets Mera select the bottle and says, ?Okay, Sweetie. You hold onto that, but be careful with it. Hmm?? She leans down to listen to her daughter whisper something in her ear. ?Oh, no, Honey. I don?t think there is a curse in there. We will find you something to eat soon, I promise.? She hopes.

Cahya mewls.

Xaria watches as everyone selects their bottles, though Marceline's words to her daughter seem to catch the blue-haired haunt's attention. She pats her pockets, looking for anything that may be able to be eaten, but realizes she has none of her usual snacks on her person. She slips her bottle into a loop on her belt, realizing Cahya's bottle might be empty. The haunt approaches Nerene and Cahya then, motioning to the latter's bottle. "The clerk said that even empty looking bottles might do something, so maybe we should keep that bottle as a just in case type thing. Do you have a way to carry it?" Her own belt has numerous places to hold things, usually filled with medicinal herbs, the haunt typically a walking first aid kit. The shopkeeper listens to everyone carefully, silent for a bit as he rings people up and lets them pay for their wares, eventually commenting, "I haven't seen haunts out this way in some time, and now there are two of you. What brings you to Coldridge Isle?" The shopkeeper begins wiping down the counter where some have had small spills of potions they've purchased or herbal satchets have left behind various odds and ends. Xaria watches the shopkeeper warily, and though his posture is relaxed, she isn't able to put down her guard just yet. "Heard it was cursed," she says. "Haunts eat curses. Seemed like an interesting way to possibly help the locals." It's a lie, but saying she's come here involuntarily seems like a bad idea. "My companions came to see the forest and beaches, hearing they were quite lovely. None of us have been disappointed thus far."

Cahya's whiskers fan out as his nose twitches, one claw lifting to scratch at a mild itch settled on the bridge of his nose. Nerene's words cause a small mewl to escape before he is able to quell it, thoughts of scratches and pets seeming to give him a small thrill. "Yes, of course you may. I do not begrudge you the fire. Fire can be quite a difficult thing to control, it is a wild and untamed element. Though I'm certain aiming it at armor would be most painful...imagine boiling inside of your armor." That thought sends a shiver up his spine, tail straightening in response - his tail puffing up at the end. Thaeloc's words are taken into account, a nod given. "I was only relieved I was able to aid in keeping others safe, especially the small one." His head is bowed toward Marceline's young child. Xaria also gains a nod, "I do, yes." The bottle is tucked into a pocket within his weapons belt. "It could come in handy yet." The heat of the shop causes him to pant, that fur becoming more insulating as time goes on.

Nerene all but bounces at the idea of being allowed to give the feline head scritches, and to the question from Xaria, there's a thoughtful pondering, before again she approaches Cahya. The bottle received is offered to him, with, "Just in case you need it. I can always fly up out of danger if needed, and my pockets are full as it is." Aside from this, she says nothing more, content only to resume the song hummed while awaiting whatever Xaria next has to say.

Thaeloc hearing that Marceline's young child is hungry checks one of the larger pouches on his belt. After putting the bottle he got from the cart, he pulls out something wrapped. Finding a level clear spot the Thane unwraps it. Inside is a good size hunk of bread looks like it was ripped off a bigger loaf and a sheet of paper sized dried and cured meat. ?Here it might have a bit of sand from the beach but should be enough for everyone to have some. Child first of course. ?

Marceline breathes a sigh of relief when the ugly-nosed man gets food out. She nudges Mera gently and nods at him, ?You can have some of that, Sweetheart. It?s okay, he is a good man.? Although her eyes remain fixated on her child as the little one approaches the Thane to get her share of the food. Every step taken away from her causes the haunt to flinch. Overhearing the conversation between Haunt Zoe and the shopkeeper, she nods her agreement. ?Yes,? she says, rubbing her belly. ?Yummy, yummy curses.? When her daughter comes back toward her, she reaches out and practically grabs her to pull her in close as the child eats with one hand and becomes fascinated by holding up the frozen ice bottle with her other, swirling it around and around and watching its contents.

Xaria watches the group, sweating profusely. "I need some air," she says, approaching the door. "I don't need any food. I did some hunting recently. I'm good for now. You can split the portion meant for me amongst the others." She stands in the doorway, the heat getting worse as she trembles. Her eyes cross a little, and she feels weak. The haunt moves beyond the door frame and away from the oppressive heat, along with whatever strange spell accompanied it. The clerk seems okay with just watching everyone mill around, but upon spying Xaria's response to the heat, he steps around the counter and approaches her. "Are you alright? I keep the shop warm because some of the spells reagents require heat and none of them require cold." He starts fanning her with a nearby journal meant to log spells, brow furrowed in concern. Xaria is in a strange state as she moves out of the door frame and out of the shop, her head spinning. Words escape her. Oddly enough, a few minutes out of the shop and she straightens her posture, fanning her shirt as the chilled night air begins cooling her off.

Cahya shakes his head to Thaeloc, following in Xaria's path. "It is quite hot in here," is said, his tongue lolling out. The pads of his feet and hands wet with sweat, he pads about, leaving little wet footprints in his wake. Nerene's reaction to his consent on pets causes the cat to smile, fangs gleaming. "Thank you, Angelic one." The bottle is pocketed for later use. "I do not feel very hungry either." Xaria is followed past the door frame, the antro licking his paws and slicking his fur in an attempt to cool down. A frown is afforded the overheated haunt and shopkeeper in passing, the cat moving outside to get some air.

Nerene isn't particularly hungry but does make a point of asking Thaeloc for some of the food he'd produced, knowing it he'd either have to feed an enemy or be witnessed being rude and downright uncharitable. Whatever the outcome, she soon follows Xaria and Cahya outside, an eagerness to get moving and track down Ymmanuel driving the Paladin's motivations now.

Thaeloc doesn't stop Nerene from getting any of the food he offered as he had said for everyone. He just doesn't think about who is feeding at this moment. Seeing that everyone who wants some food has eaten he takes his portion before rewrapping it up walking out to join the others.

Marceline frowns deeply as she watches the other haunt. Keeping her little one close, she follows the others outside, and she also breathes a sigh of relief to be out of that oppressive heat. Although she desperately wants to stay as far away from Xaria as she possibly can, the haunt?s sudden distress bothers her on a deep, gut level. So she sidles over toward her. As the two pass by Cahya, little Mera gives him a ninja-style head-butt. Both her hands are still full of food and the bottle, but it seems the little girl can?t resist the big kitty. ?Haunt Zoe, was it?? Marceline asks. ?Are you ill??

Xaria hears Marceline and shakes her head. "I think the heat got to me, but thank you." Xaria turns to look at the building, noticing it's curious design as well as all of the interesting protection spells hanging around the property. It might be safe, but on the inside, how does one stand the heat? The haunt still feels woozy as she meanders away from the group for a bit, on the cusp of following the westward path. As she strolls into sight, still a bit dazed from the heat, an individual wearing a star on his shirt approaches. The star exposes that he is the sheriff that the man in the woods warned the group about, and in Xaria's weakened state, he scoops her up and chucks her over his shoulder, the protective talismans and scrolls attached to the magic shop shielding the rest of the group from sight. Xaria becomes limp as the Sheriff travels west and out of the area, a glow in his hands keeping the kidnapped haunt docile as he hauls her off to the jail for later sacrificing? As Xaria is carried off and seems to disappear into the thick, rolling fog over the Sheriff's shoulder, the words of the villager the group saved might come to mind. Southeast. That's where the prison is. But what else was said? Something about a haunted smithy where the Sheriff left the key for safekeeping. A large bonfire seems to be that way, built up over time so that it is quite formidable from a distance against the darker backdrop of the village. The obvious choice seems to be leaving the shopfront to travel south, and eventually, east to fight for the key for Xaria's rescue. If not, the guide who has sought to help the group from the beginning might be sacrificed, which may lead to the ascension of the being the group needs to destroy. It's not an easy business, but necessary. Xaria's rescue is undeniably the next step.

Nerene considers attacking the Sheriff for just a moment, only to rethink things as words are recalled. No time is wasted now as the smith's shop is walked toward, intending to get the key that had been mentioned, all the better to sneak in and perhaps whittle down the cultist numbers before dealing with the law enforcement proper. That she was also being pragmatic and ensuring neither the Haunt, her comrade, or Jaymes is left unsaid, along with everything else on the trip there, other than expressing a hope that the metalcrafter will have a strap or some other holder for the sceptre. Along the way, the battle-readiness which had diminished some is restored, because not being prepared was usually when everything went south all at once.

Marceline whispers at Mera as what is left of the group makes its way south. ?Stay close, don?t get lost. I?m not losing you again, no matter what happens.? Her eyes dart back and forth as she keeps herself and the little one close to the group. Absolutely ridiculous how many people they keep losing! ?So what do you guys think?? She asks the adults. ?I have the mist bottle, but we need to see where the key is before we obscure anything.?

Cahya had followed Xaria outside, absolutely melting from the heat of the shop. He shakes off the dampness of his fur and pants a little, soon cooling in the night air. The appearance of the sheriff has him on his toes soon enough, causing a low rumble in the back of his throat. The Anthro is further set off when she is easily tossed over the man's shoulder, causing the hiss to break free from him. He follows along stealthily, clinging to the shadows and scaling trees in an effort to see where they are headed. The cat drops back down with the group so as not to be seen, sticking close to Marceline for Mera's sake. "Hopefully they will also lead us to the others," is finally said, tail flicking in irritation. "Though I carry no good feelings for this..." Marceline's words are considered, "We may need that yet."

Thaeloc having a quick look around the blacksmith shop to see if there is anything here that is better then the broken bottle he currently has. Seeing as this shop is more for farriering then crafting weapons and a horse show could be luck leaves it be as they need to follow the law man that took the Haunt and probably the others. Taking the vial he found when he first got here he looks at it seeing the strange person looking back at him from the inside. Hoping it is what he thinks it is and could aid him in sneaking around the village and not get caught he opens the vial taking a drink of it. A sudden pain shot though Thaeloc's body as he doubles over holding his stomach thinking that might not have been a good idea. Soon the pain fades as he stands back up looking like another person all together easy to be taken as a local of the village and not an outsider to be taken to be killed for this god.

Currently invisible, the Minor Spirit of Chaos that inhabits the smithy watches the group carefully, filled with a sudden, murderous, glee. The spirit bangs a few things around ominously, a reminder that the smithy is supposedly haunted. Despite being a smithy, it seems as though the villagers have raided the space for all of the weapons. Having weapons so close to the jail would prove hazardous, after all. Some chains rattle, and the fire burns brighter, and eventually, the spirit begins oozing a colorless substance that takes to the air without a scent, permeating the room with a gas that has a dizzying effect. It seems to make the room spin when one looks around, and only once that particular effect fully grabs the room's inhabitants will it make itself known. The Minor Spirit of Chaos takes on the form of a billowing golden cloud, some features noticed like a menacing face and odd claws, both speaking volumes on the damage it wishes to gift the adventuring group. "Here you are, in my home!" The Spirit speaks in a sing-song tone. "So I'm going to lay you to waste! Disturbing a spirit is unkindly!" There is a long pause before the spirit thrusts its hands forward, it's essence forming a sharp arc toward the gathered that is intended not only to cut into them painfully, but also make them so incredibly fatigued?

The Din of Chaos - Part III

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