Land of Karchan



The Cyndyrwisp

Spiritual Shifter - Divinely Connected - Masters of Qi

Cyndyrwisps are beings made of pure energy. They are deeply connected to the magical energies of the world, and as such, can harbor a mastery of various magicks on an epic scale when trained correctly.

Most have a natural affinity for spells related to binding, anti-magic, and containment are common. Illusions are rarer but possible.

As a race, they are impervious to elemental attacks but weaker against psychic attacks. Magic comes naturally, but never elemental magic or psychic ability.

While some Cyndyrwisps are strong, most are built more for speed and agility than brawn. Cyndyrwisps who are stronger physically tend to be less adept at magic, which is what the race favors more as a whole.

Their Birth

Cyndyrwisps are born into an animal form. They enter the world as a random animal that their mother gives birth to, and they remain in that form until they are thirteen, when their more human appearance is revealed to them and others.

They can summon their animal form and be in two places at once, half of their soul one place and half another. They are also capable of a hybridized anthro form that is a mashup of their birth animal and their human form.

Their Aesthetic

Cyndyrwisps are unique in that they are usually more vibrantly or uniquely colored than other races. Their skin can literally be any color, from red, to blue, to green, to other colors of the rainbow. That, however, is only when they are not moving. Cyndyrwisps in motion have a natural invisibility more akin in appearance to heat rising from asphalt. They can be seen if they want to be, but most don’t care about being invisible to others. This invisibility can also be limited to just an arm or leg in motion, or strands of hair depending. The whole body does not need to be in motion as minor spikes of invisibility are possible. It is because of these wisp-like movements that they got their name.

Divine Connections

They are deeply spiritual as a people, and they chose a deity to serve when they hear the calling at age twenty-three. Whatever their spirit is naturally, so will the deity they serve be. For instance, a good-aligned Cyndyrwisp will follow a good deity, an evil-aligned Cyndyrwisp will follow an evil deity. If at some point, a deity more accurately reflects their personal beliefs, they may switch their worship and connection to that deity, but it is a rare occurrence for a Cyndyrwisp to abandon their first chosen deity. They are highly selective when it comes to aligning themselves with a God or Goddess, and it isn’t a decision that they take lightly.

Some Cyndyrwisps wait longer than others to choose a deity, but all choose no later than age twenty-five. They will shop around until a certain god or goddess feels “right” to them, and then they pledge themselves completely.

If a Cyndyrwisp’s chosen deity ever cuts ties with them, it can lead to a psychotic break on the Cyndyrwisp’s part or severe depression. In some, it can even cause them to cease to exist.

Known Cyndyrwisps

Aliette - A charming crimson cyndyrwisp attached to the God of Love, Erasmus.
Elodie - A kind green cyndyrwisp attached to The Goddess of Nature, Marawen.
Gheith - A normal looking cyndyrwisp attached to the Goddess of Time, Qonna.
Karora - A quirky blue cyndyrwisp attached to the Goddess of Fury, Victoria.
Laurent - A cheeky purple cyndyrwisp attached to x.

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