Land of Karchan

Death of an Empath

Date- 10/1/2018
Place- Tiassale
Summary - Asesino ends Lynnea's life in Tiassale, despite so many onlookers.

Lynnea is moving along slowly, sort of out of it as she travels in the direction of .... where the temple once was? The poor empath seems a mite confused and out of sorts, her blonde hair a mess around her face. She seems to be having a little difficulty moving, and avoids touching anyone that passes by. Though anyone watching her for any amount of time will see the way she flinches when she touches them, or when people walk by at all. Someone is asking Lynnea to join the roleplay. That someone is Arintha.

Asesino has for lack of a better term, been in hibernation. His killing spree had gone to sleep for some time, leaving people to wonder what became of Smiley. Now is the time he has chosen to come out of hiding. He is clothed in the usual hooded garment that magically conceals his body and face, as well as his scent. Although, added to the face of it, is a lit up red smiley face that against all logic does not cast light upon his face - those shadows still swirl dangerously within his hood. Asesino has embraced the Nickname placed upon his person. He has spotted Lynnea walking amongst the crowd, picking her out as she seems to be the one hardly paying attention to her surroundings. Many people have cleared out, leaving her vulnerable to strike. The killer draws out his Garrote wire, keeping it close to his person and in the shadows. Obscured by a tree and completely out of sight.

Tae is busy shoving a pastry in her mouth, chewing away her disappointments and occasionally drowning in her plans. Plans that are scribbled across a book that's in her freehand. Of course, she brought enough sweets for herself and her wife... but she has a ways to go before she gets home and savors her treats without rush. The mess of a woman trying to avoid people catches her eye, but she doesn't approach her. There's a rainbow's worth strangers and crazies in Karchan. Maybe she was one of those escaped asylum patients.....

Tae stares her down a little more closely, now...

Lynnea presses her hand against the outside of a building as she sort of stumbles when someone brushes against her. She shrinks back against the building and for a minute she just stands there as if she's trying to remember where she was headed. Then, she starts to move again. Shuffle-slide goes one foot, shuffle-slide goes the next. One of her hands flutters to rest across a stomach that is not entirely flat and a heartbreaking expression crosses her face. She does not notice Asesino. Or Tae. Or anybody, really, as she dips her head and lets blonde hair curtain over her face. Arintha is walking up the road at a brisk pace, blue robes sweeping around her thin body. She is clutching a basket in both hands. The priestess's blue-violet eyes sweep the area, and she maintains the pace despite the crowd. Anxiety claws at her. Maybe it was those women at the hospital, but the priestess has not been able to shake a terrible sense of foreboding.

Asesino watches more people pass Lynnea by, her descent to the ground while holding her belly in an agonized manner. He quirks his brow beneath those shadows, noting Tae stepping around while eating, and now Arintha walking. The killer is not deterred by their presence, as he has grown more bold in his endeavors. If nothing else, he could probably drag Lynnea off with the strength he possesses - only if necessary. Asesino moves like a black blur to Lynnea's side, touching her shoulder as if to ask about her well-being. Although, instead of simply speaking to her, the psycho moves to possibly wrap that wire around her throat and pull as hard as he can toward himself. In his mind, he is just putting her out of her misery.

Tae is curiously staring down that potentially crazy woman when a blur of a person appears beside her. Another crazy? She is so caught up in the matters of the slightly deranged that she misses the presence of the priestess. The petite is already in the process of side-stepping her way over in a comedic manner, a little playful, dancing shrug of her shoulders to the beat of her steps. "Hey there, are you okay?" Her hands are a bit full at the moment to wave so Tae stumbles over herself metaphorically trying to get the cloaked person and crazy person's attention.

Lynnea has just a split second when Asesino touches her to realize that something it terribly, drastically, horribly wrong. Something beyond just the miscarriage she's suffered. Something beyond just her stumble when someone touched her when they moved past. No, this is much, much worse. The empath can feel Smiley's emotions as surely as she can feel her own. She feels them radiating off of him like heat waves, and when he touches her they magnify a thousand fold until it's all she feels. Not her own. Not anyone around them. Just him, just his emotions. The maliciousness behind his intentions, and even the tinge of sympathy as if he's putting her out of her misery. As his wire wraps around her neck, she is not quick enough to get her fingers between it and herself, and probably wouldn't know what to do even if she did. The Veterinarian flashes briefly on the face of a chestnut-haired boy with blue eyes and as the wire tightens and she's yanked against Asesino's body she feels her breath leave her in a sharp, sudden gasp. Immediately she's trying to claw at the wire, and then the hands holding it, though she is ineffective. Blue eyes widen until they start to fill with tears as she realizes that no matter how hard she tries - she simply cannot find a way to draw breath as the wire makes it impossible.

Arintha notices Lynnea as the woman starts to fall forward. The priestess starts to approach, but a passing merchant momentarily blocks her view of the empath. She elbows him out of the way, and he mutters something rude. "Excuse me, ma'am, do you need help? I'm a…" The words dry up in her throat as she comes closer. The girl is there, and so is the wire around her throat and the black shadow in its voluminous robes. She's turning blue. The priestess's eyes go wide. The basket falls to the ground, and she backpedals with a scream, one hand covering her mouth and knocking another passerby out of the way. All thoughts of intervention are lost in that sudden wave of terror.

Canthorn appears.

Asesino keeps his garrote on Lynnea's neck, turning his shrouded face to Tae and Arintha, the lit smiley face completely contradicting the situation. Strangely, that smiley casts no light upon his face and shadows still swirl within the hood. Arintha's reaction to the situation is just what he needs, and not some hero trying to save the day. With handles of his weapon, he pulls the strings ever tighter, attempting to bite the wire into Lynnea's neck and ultimately end her suffering. She doesn't appear to be fighting him as badly as his past victims, making this one of the easiest kills yet. Truly, Lynnea was not in the mood for fighting, not with all it appears she has endured. He was doing her a great service in his twisted mind.

Canthorn takes a drag from his cigarette, nods in approval, and goes to get something to eat. Canthorn leaves south.

Tae licks her fingers to free the sugar and pastry crust from them, and then that's when she hears it. That scream of horror. The petite's thoughts of having discovered a few more hospice escapees has her perking up more, but then... she realizes the crazy woman wasn't one of them at all. Maybe she was just irreversibly sleep deprived but.. much to everyone else's dismay the figure in black was helping her with that. "Uhm, Sir! That's not how you put on a necklace!" Despite how eager she felt to try to stop him, the hedgemage knew anything that caused the shadowy person to pull would kill the sleepless lady. Leaving her there would bring death to. Throwing weapons and magics at such a close range would make her a meat shield. This isn't looking good. Tae chuckles nervously, "Hi, can you uh.. let the nice lady go?" She doesn't expect anything from this. That woman is a goner.

Lynnea opens and closes her mouth in a sort of fish out of water gesture, trying to draw breath as she claws at the gloved hands that wrap that wire around her neck. With each second that ticks by, though, she loses fight and eventually starts to go limp as her whole face turns an ugly purplish-blue. Arintha and her scream are seen and heard, Tae and her concern are seen and heard buuuuut the blonde cannot seem to manage a greeting or a reassurance as she's too busy being strangled and all. The empath, indeed, is not putting up much of a fight, and perhaps the Smiley Face Killer is in fact putting her out of her misery. One last image of that chestnut-haired boy fills her mind and then the life seems to go out of her blue eyes as all the fight goes out of her body. S.M.K.'s wire bites into her neck and as blood starts to trickle down her skin she goes completely limp and heavy like dead weight in his arms. The poor dear. Miscarriage and untimely death all in the same day. Talk about historically crappy luck.

Arintha 's world shrinks down to three people. Tae, Lynnea, and Smiley Face. She might have run, had the hedgemage's voice not cracked through her panic. "Oh no," she breathes. "Oh my Karn." Her face has lost all of its color now, and she reaches forward. Her hands glow with bright, holy energy--but it's useless. You can't heal dead people.

Asesino just looks at Tae with the stare of a killer with no emotion, though she wouldn't be able to tell due to the concealment of his face. Instead, the hood smiles back at her in a deranged fashion, completely reveling in all that is taking place. When Lynnea's body goes limp and the life leaves her body, he does as Tae requests and loosens the Garrote to let her fall with a thud. While true it is not in his nature to kill in the open for risk of exposure, this was the perfect comeback. Now people would talk of Smiley again. Although, with asylum escapees on the loose, who's to say all of the killings will be his fault? Asesino takes a cloth from his pocket and wipes the weapon with care, tucking it back into the shadows. He then walks away, as he's not the sort to chat.

Tae sucks her teeth and sighs, watching the woman's body crumple to the ground after being strangled to death. Her metallic gaze rises to the glowing smile of the murderer hidden behind it, then swings to Arintha, "Do you mind taking her body somewhere more respectful? And.. be careful, ma'am," she warns, before immediately trying to follow the dangerous man that strangles people with wires, not waiting for an answer.

Arintha reaches out to catch Lynnea's body, which kinda works. The blood from the wound sprays out across the priestess's blue robes, hands, basket. The light fades. "Oh no," she stammers. "Oh no no no no..." She doesn't even seem to hear Tae; she sinks to the ground, the dead woman's head in her lap. "Oh no." And then she starts crying.