Land of Karchan



Kúri/Kuri - The World

Karchan - The Mainland

Everything that falls under this placement is subject to the rule and laws of The Knights of Karchan.

  • The Road - tag: geography - road
    • The Road lies south of the Dwarven Village and is the main hangout place for most of Karchan's inhabitants due to the placement of the public board. A lot of RP occurs here, both good and bad, and you can actually be jailed by The Knights of Karchan for fighting here. Dueling at the road is very much frowned upon and should be taken elsewhere, in The Enchanted Forest for example, which is just west of the road.
      • The Public Board: The Public Board resides at the road, and it is where people leave messages for others to read. It clears once a week, every Saturday.
  • The Enchanted Forest - tag: geography - enchanted forest
    • This is the most well-known forest in Karchan and lies just west of the road. Many a roleplay has transpired in these leafy clearings throughout the years. Other places of note within the Enchanted Forest include the Grove of Nature, and Milady's Dungeon.
      • The Hut: The location of the 'roleplay board'. Any posts that are made here are out-of-character by default and usually deal with ideas for new roleplay, rants about roleplay or advertisements for alts that need someone to play them.
  • The White Castle - tag: geography - white castle
    • The White Castle, located north west of the road -- across the Snake River, was the ancestral home of the Triste Witches. When it was built remains a mystery, and it seemed to have fallen into disuse.The exterior structure appears to have eight equidistant towers, forming a perfect octagon with two towers each facing the geographical compass points of North, South, East, and West. For many years, only the southern facing side of the castle could be seen from the area around the grave yard. More recently, however, a newly constructed bridge has allowed access to the northern part of the castle and the surrounding grounds. There are no obvious entrances, and any attempt to beat down the barred doors is met with strong magical resistance.
  • Snake River - tag: geography - snake river
    • Snake River is the river that begins in the northern mountains and winds all the way down through Karchan's valley, feeding two waterfalls, only to retreat underground near the gates of Tiassale village. It's most commonly known in game as the five rooms that lie south west of the main road, begun by Snake River Falls and crossed by a bridge that leads to the Western Woods. The HQ for The Rangers of Karchan is hidden with the southern waterfall.
  • Western Woods - tag: geography - western woods
    • This is the forest that can be found by traveling west across Snake River bridge. There are many places of note to be found in this heavily wooded area that include but are not limited to the hot springs, the Haunted Castle, Korinase's Hut, the Drow Caves, the Blue Mountain, a cabin shelter belonging to The Rangers of Karchan and the swamps that lead to Crocodile Cove. The sea can also be reached by heading west towards the harbor.
  • The Dark Forest - tag: geography - dark forest
    • This is the forest that can be found by traveling east across Karchan. It is located south of Ammer and north of Calenwood. Little is known of this area, aside from it's horrible gloominess. Places of note there include a few small shops, one of which specializes in children's stuffed-animal toys.
  • Calenwood Forest - tag: geography - calenwood forest
    • Calenwood forest is a massive maze of a forest that makes up post of the eastern part of Karchan. A long road stretches east and west through the center of the forest running from Pendulis to Dunholm. Built alongside the main road, before Calenwood Forest actually begins, is the bazaar that is run by Sham El Naseeen Kabile and a bar known as The Wild Elf that is run by Jolie. The forest itself is inhabited by a the Calenwood Pack, a rather territorial werewolf back. It calls the southern half of the forest home. There is a pair of outposts that belong to The Rangers of Karchan built deep within the forest, one of them near a massive lake that is in the northeastern corner of the forest.

Major Cities

  • Khneo tag: geography - khneo
    • (Pronounced Kih-Nay-O) Located south of the harbor by the lighthouse. It is ran by the six Witches of Khneo, daughters of the Goddess Baymeth. It is a magical area with both a mountain and a long beach.
  • Pendulis


  • Tiassale
  • Sjolen
    • Sjolen is a small county on a large mountain. The town of Lochstad hugs Lake Sadira on its side, while the forests of Sjolen are located on the other side of the lake. Rumor has it that Tumma Kyusia has territory out there, but due to hunters, their locations are not given out.
  • Frosthaven
    • Frosthaven is a town mired in perpetual winter. Its patron deity is the divine polar bear, Bjorn, who resides over all things cold in nature. The town has a forest surrounding it called The Westersnow Wilds, and because of its frosty climate, tourism here is minimal.


  • Solol - tag: geography - solol
    • Located to the south of Tiassale, what once was a quaint village is now a cursed land with creatures of the dark roaming the cobbles.
  • Dunholm - tag: geography - dunholm
    • Located at the southeast of Calenwood, Dunholm was once the picture of liveliness and commerce. Aside from the werewolves, the town of Dunholm is generally regarded as the responsibility of the Rangers of Karchan. They are the guardians of travelers, after all, and Dunholm forms the current eastern boundary of the land.
  • Gimmerton - tag: geography - gimmerton
    • Though the some village of Gimmerton practically borders the independent City-State of Ammerville that is just north of it, this quaint little town does not fall within Ammerville's jurisdiction.
      • One of the fastest ways to get to Gimmerton is to go directly east from the road into the cave where you can pull chain and jump in lake. This town is just a bit north-east from there.

Separate Governments

  • Ammerville - tag: geography - ammerville
  • Crocodile Cove - tag: geography - crocodile cove
    • A port town that lays past the swamps that are located in the south-west corner of the western woods. It is rumored to be heavily influenced by a gang known as the Red Rogues though there is no confirmation of that. At one point the area did fall under the jurisdiction of The Knights of Karchan but it has since achieved independence.
  • Haavi - tag: geography - haavi
    • The Sultanate of Haavi is a desertous region comprised of its capital city, Feryyoth Oasis, and the broad expanse of the harsh Galila Dunes. It is ran by the Sultana, and the locals have adopted Cinsh as a patron in addition to the spirits Kashti and Sarva.
  • Rajan
    • The Empire of Rajan is an Asianic type country centered around the worship of dragons. Four towns serve as compass points along the island, with a forest and mountain separating all four towns. You can easily get from one area to the next by using the local rickshaws in each town, however. It is ruled by the Emperor Tsubasa.
  • Saparta

The Islands of La Mer

  • Blackmyre
    • The Island of Blackmyre is one ran by a Coven of Good-Aligned Vampires called The Sanctum of Sanguine. They are known to take in orphans and raise them, and they live in harmony with willing blood donors that they are very protective of.
  • Gyllene
    • Gyllene is an island that is autumnal entirely. It is ran mostly by the count, but falls within the Knight's jurisdiction. There are many sights to see and the weather is perfect for treks through the forest and hiking all year around.
  • The Isle of Mahtohs
    • Mahtohs is referred to as the Isle of Lust as the locals there follow the deity Almahvius.
  • Mythopolis
  • Sharana'ar
    • The Island of Sharana'ar is where the kelpie race was born, and it is where the temple to Shara resides. The women there are usually kelpies, and they can be either too nice to the menfolk that travel there or may try to eat them fresh off the boat. As such, anyone dealing with trade there should be female for safety reasons.

Other Realms

  • The Dreamworld
  • Elusen (?) - or should this be listed under town/village?