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The Hellcats originate from the Land of Haavi, living out in the unforgiving heat of the Galila Dunes. They were originally a large clan with their own village, but most of the remaining hellcats have scattered since their village was destroyed by a large band of Tirosite hunters looking to use them as fighters in their shifter-focused gladiator-type games. Some were taken, others fled, and many were slaughtered, turning the sands red.

Their queen was killed in battle, leaving her daughter the rightful heir. Anamarija now serves as Queen of the Hellcats, but is a mostly empty title given their scarcity.

Hellcat society is matriarchal.


Hellcats in cat form are towering beasts rivaling the size of baby elephants. They are pitch black like panthers with more bulk, and the females are larger than the males. Their eyes seem to have fire in them in this form, though their human forms often sport variations of red and orange rather than one specific shade of either. Tariq and Anamarija have the more common burgundy, though Bahar's eyes are a vivid orange that almost glows. The only known hellcat that differs from these is Moreth, Son of Osnodon and Elsie, who has green eyes for some reason.


Hellcats look for strength more than looks and personality while choosing mates. They seek a partner that is as strong or stronger than they are. Of course, there are those who mate for love or looks, but this is typically frowned upon. Strong mated couples are viewed positively, and if they love each other, that is just icing on the cake. When hellcats mate, they bite each other, leaving a mark behind. It is meant to scar. There are strange practices revolving around the mark though. These marks, though permanent signs of mating, can be challenged by males seeking a female who is already mated. It is up to the female to decide if she is willing to let the males fight for her hand. If not, she lives by her mark, and the male cannot challenge. Weak hellcats of either gender tend to be overlooked completely. They are undesirable in the eyes of stronger hellcats. If a female in the clan is badly wounded and her mate was unable to protect her, their mating is considered null and void and the witch removes both party's marks. They are unable to mate again. This is only if the mate was actually there and proved incapable of helping his lady. This also goes for women protecting their men. A strong pair should have no problem fending off predators and hunters. Here is an awkward tidbit. If a female assumes all fours for her mate in private, it means that she views him as her equal. It is a symbol of trust and submission. Males do this by willingness to show affection in public.


   Hellcats obviously have the ability to shapeshift into their cat forms.
   Hellcats can create and control fire, smoke, and ash in either form.
   They can breathe fire.
   Hellcats are swift and dexterous/nimble.


Only a hellcat can be at the head of the clan. Outsiders can be mated in, but if the Queen takes a mate that is not a hellcat, that mate does not become King. It is possible to have a King and a Queen without the two being mated, though the Queen's word is always put above the King's.


Playing a Hellcat is by invitation only. Anyone that wants to create one needs to ask VICTORIA, as they are a result of her creative brainstorming.


Anamarija - Queen of the Hellcats.
Bahar - The Clan's Witch.
Moreth - Made into a hellcat by his father, Osnodon.
Tariq - Warrior in the clan.
"Zareen" - A wonderful cat with a kind disposition.

To play a hellcat, contact Victoria or Anamarija!

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