Land of Karchan

Isle of Coldridge 2023 - Phantasmagoria - Eidolon

Ruairi watches Sinclair while holding his breath, upon watching the door swing open, he lets it out. "Well done, Sinclair! I think I still have a couple of potions from earlier to help with your pain." As they emerge into the arena, he digs out the two potion bottles, "Red or Green?" He offers to the other.

Naessa congratulates all those who figured out which sigils were right, once in the new place. Studying it, there's a sinking feeling, which is in part to this being an arena. The rest of it is the sensation that there's gonna be an involuntary shift back to human form at any time, thus depriving her of the canine state for the rest of the 'adventure'.

Asher follows Sinclair up the stairs, intent on keeping him safe should anything come up - that is just what Tritons do, they protect the ones they are bonded to. "Good job, Everyone. That was quite the puzzle." He smiles some to Ruairi and thanks him for offering the potions, then looks around at his companions before his surroundings. "The Gyllene Arena?" One brow raises, "Though, not quite." Maybe it was just the rush of fresh air after being so close to magma, but the Triton couldn't put his finger on what felt off.

Thaeloc breathes in the fresh air and enjoying the feel of sun on his skin. Looking around he is clear to see what this place is used for. "Nice work you guys if it was just me i would stiol be down there. So does anyone know what this place is used for? I got an idea just want to make sure." Sinclair 's eyes are yellow, and he slinks in toward Asher's body once they're out of the dungeon area. He loops an arm around his waist and rests his head on his shoulder. "This isn't the Gyllene Arena. This is some bastardization of it. I've never seen the Gyllene Arena red like this." When Ruairi offers him a potion, he shakes his head. "We'll wait until we know for sure we're in the clear. It might be better to hold onto those in case it's a life or death thing coming up, but I appreciate your kindness." Thaeloc's comment about how he'd still be down there if not for them makes him smile a little. Maybe the Eorl wasn't so bad after all. He changed a bit through this, and Sinclair decides to file that away for later. "Well you helped get the Count across the magma, something none of us would have been able to do. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, it seems..."

As the adventurers rise into the sandy confines of the fake Gyllene Arena, sand whips around, stinging anything with flesh. A fog rolls out, cloaking the blood-soaked sands in a gray mist that turns red with the rising of a crimson sun. Once everyone is gathered, the door leading down disappears, leaving the group stranded.

Someone in the group takes on a haunting teal glow however, and it soon becomes obvious that Ruairi's visage is a blur of movement in his now-visible aura. The arena shakes, and from his injured shoulder, a powerful entity escapes - Eidolon, the entire reason the group was captured in the first place. He is released with a hiss as the Count is freed from his grasp, and two poltergeists suddenly flank him. He tilts his gaze downward as he rises higher in the air, his voice booming, "I see my traps were not enough to contain you, my pets, but you will not leave Coldridge on my watch. You are my chosen few, hand selected, and once I drain your power, I will make my escape. Count, thank you for lending me your body, struggle as you have. It was a perfect vessel to carry me here. I was left here to rot, and so will you be. You should be honored. My will exacted means no more suffering for you, and my release into the land of the living, made whole and new again. Bow before me, my darlings...I have arrived..."

Ruairi collapses to one knee, clutching his shoulder after Eidolon emerges from his body. He looks from the phantoms to the group, "A vessel? How?how long have you been possessing me?" He struggles for a moment before standing, "No one, man or phantom, will take Gyllene from the family Lennox."

Sinclair watches in horror as the being Eidolon exits Ruairi's body, completely blindsided by it. At first he's angry, and the scarlet of his eyes deepens to a fiery crimson, but then Eidolon gives his speech and Sinclair can no longer be mad. It wasn't his fault. He was used. The speech that Eidolon gives makes him shiver a little. He doesn't want to have his life absorbed. He's been fighting so hard for so long to just exist. Dying here isn't optional, and the professor dying? That's just not going to happen on Sinclair's watch. He watches the two poltergeists flanking Eidolon and wonders how strong they are, and if they do anything in particular. Finally, unable to keep the adrenaline from coursing through his veins, his fangs slowly grow out followed by wickedly curved claws. Finally, horns curl out of his hair, swept back as if coifed, and he darts forward, slashing at poltergeist one with the salt of his sweat from shifting on his claws.

Naessa lets out a growl that conveys her feelings, upon seeing Eidolon vacate Ruairi and announce his intentions for the group at large. This is followed with, "Gonna have to show you just how wrong you are," while she notes Sinclair transforming and then rushing toward the Phantasm. Following the demon's lead, Naessa now sprints ahead, paw tracks left in the sand while circling around due to the frontal attack already in progress. Toward Eidolon's back the Haunt then leaps, intending to get those claws of hers into him while she can.

Asher is filled with dread at the fact that this not the Gyllene arena he knows, meaning that Coldridge has managed to replicate a place within his memory as well as any others who have ventured into those walls. When Eidolon burst forth from Ruairi, the professor is left surprised and speechless for a time. The gravity of their situation settling fully when Eidolon announces his plans, likely not for just him, but for also the poltergeists flanking his sides. When Sinclair darts away from him, the professor reaches just a fraction too late and only manages to brush up against the demon's emerging claws as he slides away and toward the enemy. "Sinclair!" Asher looks around and thinks of what he can do to help. Feeling the itch of his wings again, they burst forth in a glory of browns and teal, before sending him into the air high above the coming fray. Taking a deep breath, the Triton summons a song he knows all too well - the song of one of his blessed Triton abilities, Wards. He sings for a time, the sound spiraling downward and taking on a steady glow. It moves in and out of his allies like a swift and coursing river, enveloping them in protection that hopefully keeps them from too much harm.

Eidolon watches in silence as his first poltergeist is attacked, nestled behind them with a chuckle. "Fight all you like, my darlings. The day is young." His hand moves forward then, skeletal and spindly, and a rush of spiritual energy blasts toward the middle of the crowd, aiming to harm the entire group in one go. To Ruairi, he adds with the closest thing to a smile that he can muster, "Gyllene will be only the beginning..."

Poltergeist one shrieks when damaged, moving forward to strike at Sinclair with a telekinetic accuracy. Poltergeist two begins throwing loose bricks from the damaged arena walls at Naessa and Ruairi with the same precision as it's twin. When the first poltergeist ceases it's attack and realizes Eidolon has been damaged, it moves around him and begins healing him.

Naessa ceases her attack on Eidolon the moment damage has been inflicted, all the better to avoid the retaliation toward the group as a large. This wariness allows for the poltergeist's actions to be noticed as well, most important of which is the mending of the claw marks and slashes that had been inflicted. Determined to keep that from happening again, the specter closest to Eidolon is now targeted, a carefully-timed leap bringing her toward the healer of sorts. Provided contact is made, there'd then be no time wasted in going for the throat as it were, all the better to ensure no more help was given to the Phantasm.

Eidolon hisses as he is harmed, the claws deep in his ribcage, poking through his tattered robes. He thrashes in an endeavor to throw Naessa off of him, curling up in the fetal position and using a powerful blast of spiritual energy to hopefully toss her into the nearest arena wall when she lets go of him. He's satisfied when one of his poltergeists heals him, floating higher in the air so that he's hopefully harder to hit next time.

Ruairi has a look of fury on his face as he pulls the paintbrush and palette from his costume and begins to mix up the black gall ink. "Professor!" He calls out once the Triton has finished singing, "I think it's time your spear got a new coat." He looks around at the others, "Anything you want covered, bring it here!" He finished making the inky compound and looks for any weapons in the arena that could be used against their enemies but in his distraction gets caught by the energy blast knocking him back into the dirt. He grunts as he stands, although he took some scrapes he was able to protect his palette from damage. "Gyllene will be your end." He growls. He pulls a brick from a nearby pile and presses it against the the palette before launching it into the air at the first poltergeist.

Poltergeist Two watches, moving in and out of visibility as the group continues it's attack. With a wavering telekinetic ability that looks like heat rising from a blacktop, the poltergeist attempts to drive the group back and away from Eidolon, and if they get hurt in the process, that's just bonus points.

Asher watches the fray from his loft in the air, wings beating up and down in a rhythmic motion that sends gusts of wind downward. The ward appears to be holding strong enough, or at least keeping them from too much harm. Although, the professor looks at Sinclair just in time to see the Poltergeist hit him...so now it's game on. Ruairi's call is met with a glide downward to receive the battle paint to his spear, then it's up into the air again. He angles himself downward, using momentum toward the first Poltergeist with spear at the ready. Falling quickly, he means to swoop at the last and drive his spear hard into the chest of the spirit.

Poltergeist One is feeling the heat. It didn't take the group long to realize that he and his twin can heal Eidolon, and thusly, they are now targets. Following in his brother's footsteps, he begins making targeted attacks, first at Asher, who is airborne, then Sinclair, then Naessa, who seems the most hellbent on the poltergeists destruction...until Asher swoops toward it and totally misses his mark. The poltergeist prepares to blast Asher into the wall following his dive, making noises of discontent.

Sinclair growls deep in the back of his throat, but seeing the professor fly overhead makes him nervous. He tries to steel his emotions and leap onto what he can grab of the first poltergeist, aiming to sink his claws deep into it's chest whenever it becomes corporeal. Whether this lands as intended or not, he'll land soon afterward, not wanting to be the phantasm's immediate path of destruction. "Professor, try and stay out of the way! I can't protect you if you're all the way up there!" It's chiding, but yelling, and also concern. He's clearly pissed about anything trying to harm the group, but especially Asher, so when Asher gets hit, Sinclair lets out the loudest, most feral growl he has ever uttered and decides that poltergeist one will pay it...dearly.

Naessa can feel the energy building in her paws, a warning that she'd end up causing an explosion in short order. To delay that, the Haunt shifts back to her bipedal state, a second taken to note the damage taken had transferred to the regal attire worn. This intriguing moment passes and it's the second poltergeist to whom Naessa's focus turns first. No time is wasted in approaching the ghostly being, all to lay on the charm while trying to persuade him to keep his brother busy by any means possible. Pending the success of this, it's then the rubble around the arena that the Haunt goes, intending to start launching bricks at Eidolon. While these are chucked, she asks, "If you're so confident about our defeat, then come on down and fight us close up, or are you simply a coward?" in the hopes arrogance would win out against caution.

Ruairi cringes as he sees his brick sail past two opponents, his shoulder aching. "Well? New plan." When Asher lands, he applies a liberal coat of ink to the pickle blade and steps back when Asher takes off again. His eyes scan the arena again, his gaze landing on a weapon rack a few paces away. He sprints towards and looks for a reasonable blade. He chooses one that appears to be in solid condition and swishes it a couple of times before running the blade through the gall black paint. "Much better!" He grins and turns back to the fray. With everyone's attention on the poltergeists he takes aim at the most unwanted tenet in Gyllene and closes in. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls half a handful of sea salt and slings it into the Eidolon's eyes following up with a swing from the ink covered blade.

Sinclair swipes continuously at Poltergeist One in attack, snarling the entire time, because how dare he hurt the professor! In his rage, his eyes turn a deep but reflective crimson, and as his ire surges, so does the power in his attacks. He decides to dip into his own unique ability to probe at the poltergeist's deeper impulses, and if he has any that Sinclair can utilize, he will force him to act on it. After searching through the spirit's will, he finally latches onto the fact that the poltergeist would rather be doing other things, like simple hauntings. So after Sinclair stops attacking the poltergeist, he focuses on inducing the sin of sloth in the poltergeist, hoping to drain it of it's will to attack for awhile.

Eidolon chuckles darkly, and he spreads his arms wide to cast a blanket of darkness over the adventurers. It's almost miasmal, making it hard to breathe and even harder to see. It's cast at a downward angle and it branches outward into a triangular shape, broadening as it creeps along. He's unconcerned with his poltergeists at the moment, even as the first one becomes corporeal. "Why come down when I can drain your life force from here? I'm not stupid..." Eidolon manages to dodge Ruairi's attack, but has floated downward over time, enough that the count is able to slice into him, and he releases a roar of anger! His skeletal hand reaches out in an attempt to choke Ruairi, and if he manages to grip him, he'll try to fling him across the arena with deafening speed.

Poltergeist One lets out a howl as Sinclair harms him, and decides that he will focus his attention specifically on him moving forward, becoming fully corporeal to exact the most damage. He's about to reach out and blast Sinclair to bits, when he feels something strange and tingly inside of him. The being's posture slouches, and he really doesn't want to be here anymore. Whatever was driving him to attack the group and heal Eidolon has temporarily dried up. Things were better when Eidolon was weaker. Why is he fighting again?

Asher sighs when Sinclair fusses at him for flying about, but what else was he supposed to do? There was a good advantage to being airborne and attacking from above, especially if they landed. However, he gets hit and is sent through the air and toward the wall with a gasp as the wind is knocked from him. Regaining his momentum, the wings are able to help him brake and get a handle on himself. He moves and comes to rest closer to Sinclair, on the ground this time. A few more hits are taken by the group, leaving the professor to frown deeply. With Naessa's tricks on the poltergeists and now something new from Sinclair, Eidolon is left vulnerable. Asher tightens his grip on the spear, charging forward with a burst of air from his wings. He lifts the weapon and means to thrust it through the main boss, along with Ruairi's paint, the triton hopes to do some damage.

Poltergeist Two falls under Naessa's charms and immediately goes over to Poltergeist One in an attempt to distract his brother. The two move back and forth for awhile before Poltergeist One becomes listless, causing Poltergeist Two to become rather curious. He doesn't know why, but he just cannot stop bothering his brother. With both poltergeists distracted and under control, Eidolon is now left wide open for attack...without his healers. For the moment, anyway.

Ruairi is captured by the spindly fingers of Eidolon and actually grins. As Eidolon brings him back to throw him across the arena, Ruairi slaps him across the face with the paint palette. "I hope you choke on it!" He yells as Eidolon releases him into the air. He slams into the nearby wall and slides down it. He coughs, the air knocked from his lungs and moves to his feet once more. It's not often that Ruari gets to let out this side, being the cool, collected, refined count, and he was going to enjoy this. He drinks the sunlight potion and sprints back to face Eidolon, aiming another attack from his ink stained blade.

Poltergeist Two continues following his brother around. It's all he wants to do. He's mindless in his pursuit of keeping the other poltergeist out of trouble, whatever trouble it may be. He's so consumed with this that he's forgotten all about Eidolon for the moment.

Sinclair watches as Asher stabs Eidolon, impressed with the surprising accuracy. However, it now means that Asher is in harm's way when the phantasm recovers from the pain. Sinclair darts forward and attempts to pry Asher free of Eidolon, hoping he's not stuck. "What did I f-----g say?!" He yells over the din of Eidolon's roaring following Asher's hit. He turns if he manages to successfully pull Asher free of the spirit, attempting to angle his fingers into the phantasm's ribcage and pull it apart with his claws. If he manages to pull it off, a sickening crack will resound all through the arena, followed by a roar of pain.

Eidolon gasps and cries out when Sinclair cracks his ribcage open, exposing the throbbing heart in his chest, somehow beating in and out in an off-kilter cadence. His eyes light up with a passionate crimson and he endeavors to throw Sinclair away from him, exhaling more miasma from his mouth this time, toward the demon. Asher is not forgotten, but instead, he calls out to his minions. "Snap out of it and return to me! I am in need of aid!" Eidolon begins floating upward again, ribs dangling precariously from their former perches, one falling into the bloody sand on the arena floor.

Naessa can't help but smile at the pain that's been inflicted upon Eidolon, mainly due to it causing his confidence to waiver and demand assistance from the poltergeists. Anticipating that them returning to the fray will undo all the work done, there's now a rush toward the weapon racks, a javelin spied and seized for future usage. The growing surge of energy in her hands is noticed as well, leading the Haunt to rush at the siblings, the wooden weapon aimed toward the first poltergeist in a thrust. Alas, the toxic mist she'd been lucky enough to avoid until now has caught up with the Haunt, leading to stumbling and struggling to focus against the corrosive nature of it, leaving her at a drastic disadvantage currently. Despite the pain however, Naessa persists, trying to recover despite the effects and make contact with the ghost she'd previously sweet-talked. If successful, there'll be one less hand with which Eidolon could be aided.

Poltergeist One manages to outmaneuver Naessa, but just barely, staring at her blankly for a moment before drifting further away, almost as if on a breeze. Whatever Sinclair did to it seems to be fairly lasting, as the spirit just does not care.

Sinclair lands in the nearby sand when thrown away from Eidolon, a grunt of impact escaping him as he curls up for a moment to hopefully dull the pain. The miasma rolls over him, but seems to have no effect, and he is thankful for that as he draws himself up to his feet. He looks out over the group, concerned for all of them, but of course, the main source of his worries are all tied up in Asher's proximity to harm. He darts forward, his body lit up with pain, hoping to get Asher away from Eidolon. When Asher lights him up with that pickle spear, Sinclair is again, impressed. His worry doesn't dwindle however. The demon races forward and grabs one of the painted bricks, carves his arm through the air backward, then uses his forward momentum to try and bash Eidolon's skull to bits once he's close enough.

Poltergeist One continues not to care. Actually, he's actively ignoring Eidolon now.

Zaria says : He's had a taste of freedom and is like 'Nah, bruh."

Ruairi snarls as his blade misses but seems pleased with the application of the wide swatch of paint across Eidolon's face. His attention is drawn to the arhythmically beating heart. "Interesting," he muses for a moment but then snaps his focus to the mist he's inhaled and he coughs a few hard times. He doubles over for a moment as the attack takes hold, but recovers and wipes his mouth. He makes another attack on Eidolon, thrusting his sword upwards through the exposed ribs towards the heart.

Naessa does her best to remain standing even with the miasma that imperiled the entire group, as well as having blurry vision at the moment. Since the poltergeists seem to have completely checked out of everything battle related, they're now left alone and she even apologizes, 'cause better not to leave things in a bad place. Once all the disorientation is done, there is a focused effort to move around and face Eidolon's right side, giving a good target while the javelin is readied again. This time, after adopting an adequate stance, the spear-like object is thrown up at the primary threat, intending to be a metaphorical thorn in his side. The moment it sets said, Naessa then holds her breath, hoping to get at least one good hit despite the lack of formal combat experience.

Eidolon roars with fury when Sinclair bashes him in the head, but it isn't enough to crack it, even in the slightest. Ruiari's attempt to pierce his heart is noted, and even though he does some damage, the spirit's oddly beating heart remains intact. He sweeps around to the other side of the arena then, trying to get out of the way and calling out to his poltergeists, "I said come to me! I am in need of aid you useless creatures!" Naessa's hit causes him to stumble for a moment in the air, and he crashes into the sand, kicking up dust from his collision with the arena floor. It pains him, and he is quick to take flight again, his heart covered in a thin layer of sand and the earlier thrown salt that didn't hit him. He charges up his arms after that, launching several needles at each member of the party made from ectoplasm. It's deadly and sharp and their movement through the air is swift.

Poltergeist Two looks Eidolon's way when he tries to command him to come to him, but he's still under Naessa's sway, so instead, he continues to follow his brother wherever he goes. He's doing little dances, trying to distract him, but his brother doesn't seem fazed. Distraction means nothing to him.

Zaria says : Nihilist Poltergeist doesn't see the point in haunting you.

Asher is amazed that the poltergeists have completely stopped responding to Eidolon, or even disrupting the party at all. This gives them a good heads up on the fight. Asher watches what is happening around him with a frown of dismay, he honestly just wants this battle to end and for those on his side to be okay - that will take plenty of work, however. Wielding his pickle spear, Asher flies directly in front of Sinclair, after the brick is thrown of course. Thankfully Eidolon's aim with the spikes sucks, meaning the group is unfazed. Kicking off of the sand, the professor lifts his spear and attempts to make a jab toward the gritty heart of their foe once again.

Poltergeist One wakes up suddenly from Sinclair's influence, looking around and seeing his boss in such disarray and pain. The sound it makes is sorrowful. He was supposed to be useful, but he can't understand why he gave up so quickly. The spirit shimmers a bit, trying to get around his brother, who is all over him, and casting a healing spell on Eidolon from afar.

Naessa is already on the way back to the weaponry area while the weapon finds it's mark, good thing too considering the first poltergeist has come to his senses. A replacement spear is fetched and broken into two, a deep breath taken while she finishes shaking off the miasma that had so plagued her. Back to the ghostly healer she then rushes, holding the two halves at her sides until the target is reached. Only then is there a leap, intent on driving the weapon deep into the chest of Eidolon's medic. The entire thing is really a bit of desperation, mind, lest any of the progress made be undone.

Poltergeist Two does his best to distract his brother, suddenly feeling super helpful to Naessa in his endeavors to do so. She was so polite, after all.

Sinclair hisses when Asher moves in front of him to try and take the hit intended for the group, thankful when Eidolon misses. "Are you deaf? You know what! Come here!" He pulls down on a piece of lettuce from Asher's sandwich costume and tries to drag him off to the side a bit, the wind in the arena suddenly hot and biting. "You are absolutely not allowed to try to take a hit for me! I will not stand for it! Focus on protecting yourself and let me handle myself!" He tries to search Asher out, find something in him to influence, but the triton's resolve to protect Sinclair is too strong for him to possibly find an in. He steps away, frustrated, and he darts toward Eidolon suddenly, moving surprisingly fast, as he once more leaps on top of him, hand moving in to give the heart in Eidolon's shattered ribcage a squeeze.

Asher frowns deeply when he sees that the first Poltergeist is starting to wake up from the trance, though the second seems intent on keeping him distracted. Before he can formulate on what to do about it, he is pulled backward by a very fired up Sinclair. "I need to keep you safe, okay?" is said to the demon, feeling that pull to keep his person safe even at the cost of his own safety. When Sinclair becomes frustrated and darts off, the Triton is left pouting a little. With the healer awake now, he would need to reinforce the group. The professor clears his throat of the miasma, summoning forth another warding spell as best as he is able.

Eidolon gasps and sputters, his heart barely able to take the added damage. He's furious as he keeps getting piled on, while his minions do nothing. He tries his hand a second time with shooting ectoplasm needles toward each member of the party, trying to keep space between himself and the others while calling out in desperation to his poltergeists. "Please...I'll give you anything you want in my new world...just come to me, my pets..." He feels triumphant when his first poltergeist wakes up, watching him try to heal him from afar with satisfaction thrumming through his bones. With Sinclair's hand around his heart, he chokes somehow, the healing received from his poltergeist undone in an instant. Fuming, he grabs Sinclair by the neck, raising him high up in the sky until everything below is just a blur. Just as suddenly as Sinclair was grabbed, he is released, left to plummet down toward the arena floor from up high while Eidolon moves to influence his other poltergeist to wake up as well.

Ruairi prepares for another attack, all his energies focused on the poltergeist attempting to heal Eidolon. He runs his blade back though the ink of the palette, placing nearly two-thirds of the paint on his blade. The paint slides down the blade some from the weight but clings to it. A scrambled climb up the stands He drinks sunlight potion and makes for the attack, this time swinging the blade broadside to smack the specter across in the chest.

Naessa bites her tongue upon failing to damage the poltergeist and keep him from aiding Eidolon's recovery. Upon hearing the slam of a body against earth, there's only a cursory glimpse toward the sound's origin, in time to note Ruairi absolutely devastates the phantasm. While there's the urge to join in and help stop the primary threat once and for good, there were three others capable of doing that all on their own, and more importantly the helpers had to be dealt with. Bearing that in mind, it's back to Poltergeist one the Haunt's attention goes, this time trying to jam the javelin halves into his neck and thus deprive Eidolon of his medic...

Asher feels his stomach drop when Sinclair is taken and then dropped toward the arena floor, like some manner of Ragdoll that Eidolon was tired of. Not on his watch. The Triton swoops into action, wings beating as fast as they will carry him toward the plummeting demon. He wraps his arms around his beloved, bringing him back down to the ground safely. "Do I have to give you the same spiel you gave me?" is said to the Cinnidu Tulyn, his eyes wet with unshed tears. He is loathe to release Sinclair, but he has to before the other man tries to keep him there. A kiss is pressed to the lips of his person, forcing him back into action soon afterward. True that swooping about like a sandwich was comical, though he had to admit that the foamy bread slices helped with needed compression on his wounds - even if the outfit was worse for wear. Gripping the spear, Asher flies toward Eidolon with all the fury he can muster behind the attack, aiming that pointed end at his still beating heart.

Sinclair gasps when Asher catches him, clinging to him, his eyes yellow and piercing. He wants to argue. He wants to yell at him, but that kiss temporarily silences him and he can't bring himself to argue anymore at all. Instead, he falls in behind Asher, and when Asher drives that spear into Eidolon's heart, Sinclair reaches up and clutches the spirit by the muscle, intent on ripping it out and ending this mess for good.

Eidolon howls in fury as he is attacked, feeling his spirit weaken more and more. When Asher has him on the cusp of true death, Sinclair follows up and grabs him by the heart, ripping it out of his chest completely with a surprisingly bloody spray of black. He flickers in and out of sight, the arena rumbling as his true death begins. "No! This can't be! I was so close..." The stands begin to quiver as if in an earthquake, and with a final burst of power, Eidolon explodes like a piece of glass, entirely defeated with no hope of return.

The Poltergeists look confused, but with Eidolon gone, they are quick to disperse, ready to cause mischief, and not harm, elsewhere.

With Eidolon defeated, the crimson haze surrounding the arena shimmers and the heat lessens. The beings crying out for blood slowly disappear, much to their confusion, emptying the stands. A tall, wolven beast appears from nowhere, looking confused, and it appears to be the Gyllene Arena Bouncer, Fenrir. His appearance causes what was left of Eidolon's phantasmic hold to shatter, revealing the true arena in all of it's soft, pale glory. Fenrir tilts his head to the side while sniffing everyone, eventually nudging them toward the part of the arena meant to tend wounds. Where did these people come from, he wonders, but eventually goes back to doing his job, wagging his tail and keeping a watchful eye on both the crowd and combatants.


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