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Isle of Coldridge 2023 - Phantasmagoria - Swinging Axes

As the group enters the next room, a trip wire triggers four super heavy, swinging axes that separates one half of the tunnel from the next. It looks like a tight squeeze, and the axes move faster than their supposed age would imply. They seem freshly oiled, making their movements swift and menacing.

Sinclair appears from the west with Ruiari in tow, pondering how they're going to get him through the tunnel at this point.

Naessa stays sharp, expecting anything including and up to a room shrinking while something horrific is bearing down on them. What's seen is less worse than that, by a slight margin, and reacted to with, "Should've guessed swinging blades. Well. Does anyone care if I go first?" half sincerely and half to goad Thaeloc into waking up and trying to reassert his authority/pride by taking charge so he'll be a means with which to test the trap.

Asher tests the bandages he had tied on earlier, tying on another layer to attempt to staunch the bleeding a bit more - thankfully it was slowing up. Naessa's sentiment is followed with a nod, "It would be swinging blades. We already had spike traps and a man eating treasure chest, so why not, right?" He frowns a bit, "They do say ladies first...although I am a gentleman and wouldn't want to put you in harms way. Then again, you have proven yourself very capable." A look is cast to Sinclair. "How do we intend to get the count across as well?"

Sinclair frowns a bit. "They don't go all the way down, I don't think. So I think I'll try to drag him through, carefully. Or maybe we can tie something to him and first person on the other side can use it to pull him under? Do we have any webbing left? Or is there some rope around?" Sinclair begins to scan the room, frowning at how bare it is. "Was there anything in the room before this one we could use to tie to him?"

Naessa has a look back to the treasure room, doing her best to recall everything that had been in it aside from the Mimic itself. Several moments pass and she then exclaims, "The handles of the chests. We could use them to drag the Count along or... The shield. Saw it there but didn't think it useful, but maybe we could use it as a sled of sorts?" just to come up with some ideas that didn't involve the spike trap room again.

Sinclair says [to Naessa] : That's brilliant.

Asher nods to Naessa and Sinclair's ideas, "Those are very good ideas. He should be able to slide under the blades, like you said. It's just a matter of timing them and getting across safely." Asher dips back into the treasure room for the mentioned supplies and returns safely, since the threat was taken out earlier. "Here we go." is said, "Get the Count on board and we will slide him across as we go."

Sinclair helps get the count on the shield, then inhales deeply, and looks at Naessa. "If you want to go first, you can, but don't feel obligated. I can go first if need be. I'm not afraid. I'm good at dodging things that wanna kill me, for the most part." He briefly ruminates on Asher's words to him earlier and softens. "And you," he says to Asher. "Focus on getting yourself to safety and worry less about me. I got this. I will never go out without a fight, okay?" He dons a charming smile for the professor before looking to Naessa. "How are we attaching these handles?"

Naessa goes to assist with ensuring their host is properly secured and safe from harm, before anything else is done. Only after that most important of tasks does the Haunt then turn to study the movements of the blades, so that a pattern could be worked out. While doing this, it's the floor especially that's observed, with, "Maybe someone goes first, they get the rope once it's safe, and then tugs the shield toward them in the brief safe time given?" to help with ideas.

Naessa also answers the question, gesturing to the straps that are inside the protective item so it could be worn on an arm. "Maybe tie it to those, perhaps?" is the response, while she tries not to sound like it's all being made up on the fly.

Asher observes the floor as well, "The floor looks rather slick, so the shield might not have trouble. But we certainly might. There is always crawling under the blades, unless they seem to drop lower.." He makes a hmming sound, trying to rule out possibilities. The Professor studies the blades as well, "I can go first, if that's easier." Even with his arm hurt, he could still pull the count along.

Sinclair listens to Naessa and bobs his head in agreement. "That sounds like a good idea. Someone strong should go first then. I'm fast, but I'm not really built for strength. I don't know that I could get him across safely on my own, so it might be better if I am second or third or last to cross. Maybe whoever is at the end can give him an extra nudge if possible." Then he takes into account what Asher says and hmms to himself. "I can crawl under to test if the blade sweep down lower. I'm fast and might be the best to test out that particular thing. What do all of you think?"

The axes sway back and forth in different rhythms, no two alike in their pattern. The sound is metallic and hard to listen to, the grating of their cogs chill-inducing.

Asher appears a bit horrified at the prospect of Sinclair going under those blades first, especially if they do happen to drop down lower on someone crossing beneath. He tests the padding of his sandwich suit and compares it to the costumes of his adventuring cohorts, then shakes his head. "No, I'll go first. It only seems logical, given my outfit. I'll have something to keep me shielded, if they do drop." Not even waiting to give Sinclair or the others a chance to react to this, the sandwich clad Triton runs forward and dips down below one of the blades, crawling on his belly as quickly as he is able.

The axes swing down like pendulums in various cadences. It seems that crawling must be done rather quickly and may even be less safe than other ways to cross.

Naessa remains focused upon the blades so every pertinent detail can be observed, most important of which is the patterns with which they each swing. After Asher tries his hand at getting through them, there's a quite concerned look for the Triton, not that anything can be done until this trap is done. "I'll go next, just to be on the other side and provide help," is offered after a moment of uncertainty, and in preparation, she stretches to get nice and limber again. Instead of crawling, she instead is timing it so one of the pendulums is against the left wall while she sprints close. The intention is to roll forward just as it begins swinging left, all the better to try clearing the gap without harm.

Naessa doesn't dare breathe until after the initial hurdle has been cleared, whereupon she retorts, "One down just... a lot left," to herself. To Asher, "I've got a potion for after we get past this," is offered. Right after this, the most important task at present is focused on, her assistance with getting Ruairi across offered since more people pulling would lessen the risk immensely, in theory at least.

Thaeloc having made it just pass the first blade he waits at the next one making sure the count he had established before making the jump and attempting to get pass each axe.

Sinclair chomps down on his bottom lip when the axe cuts him, feeling it dig into his arm and pitch him against the wall. When it swings the opposite direction, he places a hand to the bloodied appendage and scowls. He's made it past the first axe though, and that is what is important. His eyes try to study the movement of the next axe, hoping to time his next bolt just right. "You should have never went first, Professor," he suddenly says, eyes swirling with yellow. "You getting hurt was all I thought about when I passed by the axe. I need you to be more careful going forward, okay?" He pulls his hand away from his arm and frowns at all of the blood, but for now, he has nothing to bind it with, so he just keeps holding onto it in an endeavor to staunch the flow. Now sharing the same space as the professor and the others, he watches as Asher attempts to stop the first axe long enough to get Ruairi under. When it slows the axe slows down, he grabs the rope, waits for the others, and begins to pull Ruairi through on the giant shield that Sinclair fastened him to. Only once Ruairi is across, will Sinclair study the next blade, take a deep breath, and make a run for it. He uses the same technique as last time, close to the left wall when the blade is on the right wall, hoping that he doesn't get murdered for his efforts.

Asher is relieved when Ruairi sails past the axe, his magic wasn't quite strong enough to stop the movement, but he did help a little. The Professor would chalk part of that up to his side getting cut, as taking in and expelling air was a bit of a chore. Naessa's words are given a nod and a small smile of thanks. "I'll be more careful," he says to Sinclair. "Warrior I am not. I am an Art Professor, I don't think I am made for adventuring." Although he did do a bang up job of fighting earlier, given not a lot of prior experience in handling weapons. "You be careful as well. You aren't invincible, none of us are." Asher steels himself, crouches a little and attempts to make it past the next blade with timing and hope.

Naessa once again holds her breath until ensuring the Count was also safely on the other side of the first trap, and thus the next step could be focused on. Before trying to move forward, words are said to Thaeloc in the form of, "Maybe you should help us as well, instead of caring about your own skin? You said you've been to this place before but you're acting like a coward," harshly. With that rebuking, and seeing Asher and Sinclair both get past safely, there's a nod and she now attempts to step across the blade's path as it heads to the right and ensures a window of seconds.

Thaeloc hearing Naessa words to him he takes hold of the rope along with the others in getting the shield sled across. "I am not a coward" Waits for the moment that it is clear to cross using the same method he has used for the last two without getting hurt and hoping his luck can continue for him.

Sinclair is happy that Ruairi is getting across just fine, but Naessa's words to Thaeloc sting, even to him. He doesn't disagree with Naessa's assessment of the Degn, but he opts to be quiet...until Asher speaks. "You've been playing the part of warrior just fine this time, Professor, but definitely chalk that up to luck. Luck is a wheel. Sometimes you're on the upswing, and sometimes on the downswing..." Sinclair knows this better than anyone. Trying to time the next axe proves difficult for him. His arm is hurting and still weeping blood, but with a deep breath, he steels his nerves and attempts to dart beyond the next axe, hoping he makes it through.

Asher frowns to Naessa's words to Thaeloc, though he doesn't disagree either. Perhaps someone had to say it. The professor presse his side, trying to use the padding of his sandwich suit to staunch any blood flow of his own. The Triton draws in a deep breath and places his trust in his voice and summoning something to slow the axes as he had before. A wall of protection is cast in a line through the swinging blades, his voice melancholy but also beautiful and even a bit haunting. After casting this, he tests his luck and tries to cross.

Naessa makes no hint of feeling sorry for snapping at Thaeloc, even if she does frown when he's been injured again. As before, there is no effort from the Haunt to continue on until Ruairi is safe and the others have made it to the third section safely. For a moment she considers trying to grab the pole the axe is attached to, only to dismiss it thanks to remembering the wall trap from earlier. The delay that such pondering caused proves to be quite beneficial, as Asher launches into a mournful melody that proves successful in halting the blade before her. With the lack of danger presented, she instead just saunters on by, only after Sinclair has gotten Ruairi to safety and they can continue on to whatever this place wants to throw at the group again.

Thaeloc still with a gand on the rope feels the feeling he has felt often in his life as the cold sting of steel slicing his back. The blade cutting across the large scar of a bear claw from his childhood. Maybe it was the added time of pulling the rope or the stinging words that distracted him and messing with his timing. Turns to Sinclair. "Are those the red herbal ones if so i don't have one and it definitely feels like i could use one thank you." Seeing as the final axe has stopped thanks to Asher, the Degn stands back up holding out his hand ro get the potion before walking out the tunnel

Sinclair watches as Asher stops the final axe, taking the rope in hand and moving as quickly as possible to the other side while dragging Ruairi on his shield. It's not easy, as the demon isn't particularly strong, but he makes up for that in determination. Once he's completely safe, he puts more effort into dragging Ruairi the rest of the way, grunting as his arm burns from it's wound. When Thaeloc thanks him and seems appreciative, he nods, fishing around for his potion as he hands it over to Thaeloc. "Not a problem. I still have one more that I can save if I have an emergency. Sharing isn't a problem." He smiles a little as he hands the potion over, and Thaeloc would sense absolutely no malice from the demon. If anything, the degn would be able to sense that Sinclair actually is a peaceful sort. There's no evil in him really. "Alright, after you drink that, let's see what comes next. Hopefully we can sail through the next area and get out of here."

A door to the east creaks open, and the heat that whooshes through is intensely uncomfortable?

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