Land of Karchan

Isle of Coldridge 2023 - Phantasmagoria - Thaeloc

A pair of poltergeist are the only beings left in the arena, the rest of the group having gone on. The poltergeist look lost. The first wanders in circles, his comrade chasing him while blurting out inane questions and random trivia - which may or may not be entirely accurate.

Thaeloc due to the strong presence of the spirits knocked him out leaving him on the ground. Getting up to his feet he sees that he is the only one left along with two ghost that seem lost.

Poltergeist 2 Gets the drop on everyone, and as the influence of the Princess Naessa's charm wears off, it turns seething red eyes toward the rising Thaeloc. The ghost raises its arms. The weapon racks around the arena beginning to shake and tremble. A pair of war hammers rise from one of the racks and tumble end over end toward Thaeloc's newly lifted cranium.

Poltergeist 1 slowly slips out of its meandering state and into one of panic. As it's twin begins to launch weapons at the last remaining mortal, the poltergeist instinctively looks around. In a fit of anxiety, it also raises both of it's arms, lifting a cloud of dirt from the arena floor and flinging at Thaeloc with the hopes of blinding the man.

Thaeloc seeing the weapons rack rattle he smiles as he missed it before he blacked out. As the two warhammers come towards his head he ducks and rolls towards the direction of the rack in order to get closer to it. As his attention is at the moment more focused on one of the objects of his obsession some might say his eyes are filled with the rough grit from the arena floor, but being blind and in a fight was something that he was trained for. So he still attempts to make his way towards the the rack using his memory of where it was to find a sword.

Poltergeist 2 really has its dander up now, and also has to problem with striking an opponent in the back. While Thaeloc runs blind to the weapon rack and gropes around for a sword, the ghost thrusts both of its hands forward, fingers curling inward to form fists before jerking both hands up. It's used its powers to grab weapons from the rack in front of Thaeloc and (hopefully lethally) pull them toward the blinded degn.

Thaeloc feels the other weapons near his hand rattling again and knowing from before attempts to get away but isn't fast enough as he is struck in the head by a shield and the gut slashing his midsection without his ever present armor making him start to bleed. Rapidly blicking his eyes they clear slowly looking down in his hand to see that he is holding a sword that this time isn't all rusty. With a grin that is boarding on wicked he turns to his foes, before reaching into the diaper and pulling out a glowing bottle of light. Biting and pulling off the cork he downs the contents before making a charge toward pol2 hoping to slash him across his chest starting at his shoulder and ending at his waist.

Poltergeists seem to be teaming up now. In a motion that looks remarkably like something out of an puppet show (or animated series that's over 9,000), the two ghostly entities lean into one another, merging hands, arms, heads, all the way down until the are one double-the-size poltergeist.

Thaeloc was hopeful that they did enemies have been to overconfident in thinking they could win no matter what, plus with the help of the sunlight bottle he had hoped it would have done something but seeing it just through he does panic a bit. Quickly scrolling through his mental monster manual guide in his head. Looking around he does spot some railing along the top of the wall separating the arena and the stands. He throws the short sword at the chest of the now combined ghost in hopes as some sort of distraction as he makes a mad dash towards the wall. His bare feet digging and gripping into the loose gritty sand. Near the wall he leaps using all the strength in his legs to reach the top and try to pull a good size piece off.

Thaeloc grunting and straining does snap a section of the railing off. Tapping it and giving it a lick he knows he has a piece of iron aboutb3 foot long in this hand. Turning back towards ghost auras. He leaps from the wall towards it, the Degn aiming to strike the ghost in the head right between the eyes. If successful when he hits the ground he will side roll to move away from being directly in front of it.

The Big Poltergeist howls in pain and frustration. It wheels around to where the still-present Thaeloc has landed. The ghost seems perplexed; it surely thought the degn was running away. The previously throw sword was brushed aside, though now the telekinetic spirit calls the short blade to its aid, and takes a swipe at Thaeloc!

The Big Poltergeist realizes that the faux world is going to begin to fall apart soon, with Eidolon being dispatched and nothing holding the conjured realm together any longer. It is becoming more desperate as time ticks on. Already, streaks of color rise from the top of the arena into the sky, as if being pulled in by the stars. The massive ghost flexes its fingers, turning one arm corporeal before taking a clawed slash at Thaeloc.

Thaeloc with the epic dodge of the thrown short sword catches it by the hilt with his free hand. "Never throw a sword at a blademaster" the Degn boast. Before he tucks a good portion of the iron rod under his arm to hold it. As he runs away from the clawed slash. With his hand holding the rod free by being under his arm he switches hands of the sword. As much as it pains him to dull a blade as Thaeloc appears to be running away he is scraping the rusty iron flakes of the rod into his bare hand. Getting as much as he can from the portion of the rod he turns back to the ghost dropping the short sword and letting the rod slide back down into his hand. Bending down as he runs towards to spirt he scoops up some sand mixing it with the iron flakes. "How you like it when you get sand in your eyes." The Degn tosses the mix and sand and iron towards the ghost's eyes. Then comes in low with the rod to strike at the knees.

The Big Poltergeist is frenzied, being blind and now with its functional knees knocked out. It pops the other arm into corporeal existence, and takes two slash swipes around itself, desperately hoping it makes contact with the perpetrator of its pain. The streaks of slowly striating color have reached the first layer of windows in the arena, pulling the covered boxes and their iron railings into red and black stripes upward, into the sky.

Thaeloc now snagged by the now corporeal hand struggles to get free as crystal seems to fall from the sky. One hitting Thaeloc in his open mouth and tasting salt. Seems there is a god looking out for him could it be Bytor or one of the other good gods rewarding him for his years of combating evil in the land. Reaching out with his foot he tips it closer and closer till he can kick it up into his hand. Catching the crystal rock salt he spreads it over the iron rod and swings with his might at the wrist holding him hoping to break it.

The Big Poltergeist looses an ear-shattering shriek. It pushes both arms behind itself as it does so, the cry of pain soon turning into a cry of psionic attack. The scream echoes through the arena, encompassing the area and reverberating off of the walls. It seems to be saying, "Dodge this, you diaper-wearing dweeb!"

Thaeloc ears now bleeding as his ear drums are busted and probably part of his brain but most likly the part he never uses. He stumbles back in pain and confusion tripping over a bottle. Seeing it he picks it up un corks it and drinks. Also laying next to his diapered ass is the now duller short sword he had. Taking two more rock salts he overs the rod again and this time the sword. Staggering to his feet he walks towards the wounded and hurting ghost looking a bit drunk as he walks trying to shake the cobwebs lose as he strikes with both weapons at once since his opponent has bith arms behind its back.

Thaeloc seeing that the ghost is stunned and wounded points to to stands of the arena calling his shot as he grips the rod with both hands and takes a home run swing square into the temple of the ghost looking to knock his head into the stands for any sick kid in a hospital.

The Poltergeist lets out a shriek that slowly crescendos into a howl. Once Thaeloc's iron rod has passed through its head, a trail of teal blue swirls upward toward the sky. The poltergeist becomes lifeless, collapsing onto itself in a heap before the force that is already tearing apart the fascimilied arena begin to pull it skyward, too.

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