Land of Karchan

Isle of Coldridge 2023 - Phantasmagoria - The Pit

A long hallway stretches far to the east, with curious holes in the floor in neat rows of squares. It's hard to see from a distance, but beneath these holes are deadly spikes that shoot up completely at random. They are made to harm those who travel the tunnel, and a message scratched into the wall says, I should have never come to Coldridge.

Asher squeezes into the tunnel door, taking up a bit of space in his very square sandwich suit complete with pickle spear. He keeps moving so as to let others in, then looks around the room with a sense of dread. "I should never have come to Coldridge..." he reads from the wall, frowning deeply. "Well, we are where you said we are, Sir..." This is directed at Thaeloc. Though the moment he takes his eyes from Sinclair, the demon is spiking tambourines and jumping gaps with trigger traps. "Sinclair!" Asher yells, feeling his heart jump clear into his throat. What in the world was he thinking? The Sandwich man looks back at the others, then to his Person with a hard swallow. "Fine." He runs, jumping the gap awkwardly, as his legs are a slightly subdued by the costume.

Naessa doesn't allow her guard to drop despite the lack of threat posed in this room, since lax attitudes typically result in everything going wrong all at once. When Sinclair decides to test the metal grating, a soft swear word is let loose and followed with, "Nothing to do but make the jump," while backing up enough to get a good running start. Unlike the others, there's no direct leap across the spike trap made and the Haunt aims instead for the wall gaps, intending to rest for just a moment then fling herself at the safe space thereafter, only after ensuring there was nobody in her way.

Thaeloc watches the others before him traverse the spikes in the floor trying not to be impelled by them. Seeing the malfunction to the needles on the wall, Thaeloc tip toes following the path he memorized from the others in the party that safely got through.

Ruairi sucks in a large breath and studies the ground ahead for his next landing. ?We could always check those bottles of things we pulled from the tub.? After choosing a location a safe distance from those already in front of him, he makes his jump across the next set of spikes.

Thaeloc even though he studied the path some how ends up sticking his one good foot on a spike. Cursing as he hops one legged trying to get past the obstacles without taking more damage. keeping up with the rest of the party to get past this tunnel.

Sinclair winces when he's scraped by the spikes, ripping through his tights and leaving a thin trail of blood where he was grazed. He breaks a sweat, but is otherwise fine, more concerned about the others than himself. When he sees Asher get stabbed in the heel, he gently pulls him against the demon's body and out of the way of any other spikes. "That looks like it hurt,' he says, looking over at Thaeloc. "That looks like it hurt worse." He's thankful that the count makes it across, and winces again when he sees Naessa take damage. He looks over his shoulder then. "Looks like there's three more sets of spikes. So here I go." He pecks Asher on the cheek before bolting across the third set of spikes, his pale tights blooming with blood from his wound as he makes a mad dash for the next safe spot.

Asher cries out when his heel gets impaled by a spike, "My heel...This dungeon has a sense of humor..." He pants, sitting against Sinclair with teeth gritted. "Stabbing the sandwich in the heel..." This was not a time to make jokes. The Triton tries out his voice and directs it at Thaeloc's foot first, just to see how well it will work on healing him - a beautiful and melodious tune rises from his throat, bringing calming and therapeutic energies. The Degn needed his foot to jump, after all. He would get Sinclair when he caught up, then assess the others as well. "Well..." Asher pushes up, hobbles on to one foot and takes a deep breath. He would follow Sinclair anywhere to keep him safe, so traversing this dungeon would be a test in endurance. He wishes luck to the others, then jumps.

Ruairi exhales the breath he had been holding upon his landing, and upon listening to Asher?s song, ?Good to know. Anyone else have any talents we might be able to use should it come to it? Don?t feel pressured, just trying to see if there are any tactics we could come up with if another fight breaks out.? He braces himself and leaps to the next landing.

Naessa winces as her foot is punctured by a spike, the damage of which is lessened thanks to the footwear worn at present. Even so, she's mindful to take careful steps until the ache turns to a dull throbbing, while Ruairi's question is answered with a negative response. All too soon, it's then her turn again and so there's a deep breath to block out the sting that persists, before once again a running start is made and she tries to clear the next set of spikes without injury.

Asher feels his entire being swell with the want to explode when he sees Sinclair in danger, really when he has seen anyone get injured. The Demon's newest attempts have him holding his breath, but the idea seems to work. How Asher is going to execute it is beyond him, this square outfit doing a roll across the bricks is sure to look comical at best. He tucks himself in, does a roll, and flops on to his back on the other side...he hopes without further injury. "Hold still..." The Triton pants at Sinclair, "I'm going to sing. My healing abilities seem to be working." If Sinclair will hold still, the Triton attempts to at least send out a healing energy to those close enough to benefit. The others in the party were in need as well.

Ruairi watches Sinclair?s rolling attempt and subsequent success, ?Don?t discount yourself. I feel as though anything that could be used to our advantage, is just that. An advantage.? He winces at the Sandwich?s roll, but will follow form tucking and rolling as to not set off the trap.

Sinclair stays still when Asher asks him to, wondering if it's a bit much for the triton to handle. He places a hand on his shoulder and looks into his eyes. "I have a body made for pain, professor. Don't worry so much about me. I've sustained worse. Sure, I'm not having a great time, but I'm not as fragile as I look. Try not to worry so much. Focus on the others. I'll be just fine." He stares across the tunnel, so close to the next door, suddenly feeling the warmth of Asher's healing spell move through him and repair some of his wounds. It's a strange, but welcomed, sensation. He even makes a small noise of relief afterward, clinging to the professor momentarily to comfort himself. "Thank you...but worry about everyone else now. I'll be fine. I promise." He dons a weak smile for Asher's sake, steadying his nerves before launching into another roll across the spikes, finally hoping to reach the end of the tunnel.

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