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Isle of Coldridge 2023 - Phantasmagoria - The Treasure Room

This room is filled to the brim with all kinds of treasure, from gems to gold and silver coins. There's enough light that everything twinkles and shines, and a giant chest sits on an elevated platform above everything else. There's a pull to it that is indescribable, as if every monetary issue you've ever had could be resolved by opening it. It's very alluring, and the ornate make of it is very telling?

Thaeloc leaving bloody footprints behind him limps up close to the chest as he looks at all the gold and jewels in the room. Eyeing the chest with great suspension he shakes his no. "This is way, way too easy. Sandwich guy maybe you should give this chest a spear. I bet you will get a surprise from it." Thaeloc after many years of adventures and dealing with all kind of monsters is use to this type of trap and set up.

Asher limps into the treasure room after Sinclair and Ruairi, wincing at the pain in his foot after taking a spike to the heel. He takes out a potion and uncorks it, downing the contents with a wrinkle of the nose. Thaeloc's comment on the chest causes him to raise a brow, "It does seem easy...but we did just cross an ocean of traps to get here." With a shrug, he takes the pickle spear and pokes the chest. Although he feels a pull to the treasure, there is also the part of him that is perfectly happy where he is as far as things go. He isn't a greedy sort, but the treasure is somewhat appealing. The only thing that would make things better, is having Sinclair move in - that was a whole other story though.

The Mimic slumbers, still looking wildly appealing. It is an ordinary, though beautiful, chest to whoever looks upon it. There must be something really wonderful inside of it for it to be so large and on display. The creature does not move when poked with the pickle spear, surprisingly. It's as if it is waiting for the right time to reveal it's true nature...

Sinclair eases Ruairi down in a pile of treasure, his eyes lighting up with a green coloration. He's in awe of all of the treasure, and his own personal suffering is in the back of his mind. There's enough jewels and gold to keep him off the streets for a long time, wherever he has to go. The allure of a warm bed every night, soft and layered with coverlets and baths and a number of other rare pleasures make him tremble, and he begins stuffing his pockets and tucked in shirt with coins faster than he can consider the danger it may put him in. Thaeloc is drowned out, since he didn't even acknowledge his concerns, he figures he will just continue to be rude, so his warnings go unheard. His eyes finally land on the chest in the middle of the room, and his mouth falls partially open as he approaches it. The few stairs leading up to it are scaled, and as soon as he touches the latch, the lid pops open, a long tongue slips out, and fangs emerge, the entire chest tipping toward Sinclair in an endeavor to bite his head off. The mimic is surprisingly quick and unnervingly nimble, launching itself off of its pedestal on a warpath for the group.

Naessa moves less stiffly thanks to the healing and no steady stinging shooting through, with every movement of her arms. The sight of so much treasure catches the Haunt off guard, and listening to what everyone says, there's a second look around the room. "So what you're saying is," serves as the start of Naessa's thought, only for the Mimic to try for a quick and easy meal. Since teamwork was the key to getting through whatever they were facing, there's not a moment's hesitation from the Haunt to assist. This is achieved by taking a defensive stance, the brick taken from their Drider encounter now readied while she takes aim. Even so, there is no launching of the weapon yet, due to the closeness of Sinclair to the new threat revealed.

Thaeloc laughs as the mimic comes to life and goes on attack. With his last brick from the spider woman room he throws it at the mimic to try and draw its attention to him so the others can flank and attack.

Naessa hesitates with the clay object a moment further before swearing softly to herself and moving to circle around where Sinclair is, to minimize the threat to him. Now facing the Mimic's side, there's a single breath while lining up a shot again. While the tongue is a tempting target, the odds of hitting a moving target aren't ideal to the Haunt and thus it's the body that's aimed for. Whether this succeeds though is entirely dependent on luck, as with most things today it seemed.

The Mimic doesn't look Thaeloc's way, but the brick sailing past is duly noted, the creature deciding comeuppance will be swift and merciless when the time comes. The creature shoots its tongue out at Sinclair to try and stick to him, hoping to pull him forward and into its mouth for dinnertime, even as he tries to backpedal away. Naessa distracts it, however, and it changes it's trajectory from Sinclair to Naessa, looking to bite down on whatever part of her it can reach first...

Asher is focused on the chest and if it will indeed move upon poking it, though he is relieved when nothing happens. However, Sinclair soon steps up and goes for the gold (hehe), "Sinclair, wait!" Anxious over the Degn's observation, he soon goes into full panic mode when the chest indeed comes to life and goes for the demon's head. Thankful for the help from his fellow comrades, the sandwich takes a few steps toward the Mimic and takes a swing for the tongue of the beast - was he less of a threat with no tongue? Could this pickle spear cut through the meat? They were going to find out. With the change of targets, he needed to keep Naessa safe from harm. "Sinclair, are you okay?" He understood the demon's reasons for wanting to take the treasure, but he also needed to keep him safe.

Sinclair fumbles backwards, eyes wide as the mimic springs to life. He gasps at how fast it is, scrambling backwards while trying to stay out of its way. The panic is real, and all of that green that had dominated his eyes before is now a pale shade of yellow as he tries to reverse his position as far away from the mimic as possible. He reaches for Asher in his panic, hoping that where he's falling backward, the professor will help him up to his feet. If he does, he'll quickly move to stand in front of Ruairi to protect him in his vulnerable state, looking at the group with fear in his eyes. "I'm good!" He finally yells back to Asher, his voice high-pitched and full of fear. "Be careful, Professor!"

Naessa scowls at the miss, not that there's time to dwell on it thanks to the faux treasure chest careening toward where she was standing. One hasty roll to the side later, and she's out of danger for the moment, not there's any time devoted to recovering or letting her heartbeat slow down. The brick is located instead, grasped again in very quick order before it's back on the mimic the Haunt's attention returns. Before attacking, she makes sure to say, "I'll be alright. Haunts are sturdy. Please keep yourself and the Professor safe," just to ensure nobody got hurt assisting her. Only after that is there a leap toward the mobile mimic, intending to land upon its lid and perhaps put a dent in that shiny exterior.

The Mimic is not happy about missing it's opportunity to chomp down on Naessa, but isn't distracted by it's displeasure for long. When she nails it with the brick, it shudders and chomps at her, but the hit itself is overshadowed by Asher managing to harm it with his pickle spear directly after Naessa has damaged it. The creature hisses and retreats a few paces to ready itself for an attack on the professor, even with Naessa on top of it. It launches toward Asher maw wide open, ready to bite down on the pickle-wielding hand and hopefully harm the professor in the worst way.

Thaeloc eyes light up as he spots a fairly rusty sword laying on the floor. Licking his lips in joy as an itch he has been feeling has finally been scratched. "I am whole once more" he shouts running at the mimic hoping to strike it with the sword.

Asher feels a sense of pride as he hits the Mimic and successfully protects those around him, though the tables soon turn and the chest is soon biting down on his arm like a wild beast. The professor cries out in pain, blood dribbling into the maw of the creature. With Naessa still battling upon it and Thaeloc's hits failing, the Professor does what he can and aims a punch at the chest in an effort to gain freedom. Thankfully, the damage isn't too awful, though his left arm is missing a good chunk of meat as it bleeds to the floor below.

Thaeloc for some reason not being seen or targeted by the mimic pulls a piece of spiders thread still attached to him and makes a quick trip line trap in front of the mimic and placing several of the old swords upright on the other side of the trip line. Using his skills as the baby to set a trap that will hopefully work out.

Naessa does her best to keep atop the Mimic, treating it like a bucking horse that is especially annoyed by having someone on its back. This can only be kept up so long though, and in very short order the Haunt goes tumbling off, intending to regain the weapon. After this is done, thanks to noting the uselessness of the already present weapons, another throw of the object is done. Not much is expected because of the very durable outside, but trying is better than doing nothing.

The Mimic growls from deep within itself, thrashing wildly in an endeavor to buck Naessa off of it in addition to trying to remove the salt from the pickle spear from it's body. The brick sizzles with contact, and the creature audibly yelps. If successful, it will turn to her and try to smack her in the face with it's sticky tongue, attaching to her and hoping to draw her head directly into it's mouth with a disgusting slurp of drool.

Asher is very surprised at Sinclair's reaction to the Mimic, and perhaps a little moved - he would swoon if he weren't hurting so badly. Instead, he reacts as quickly as he can, scooping up his spear and Sinclair with the good arm and toting him out of harms way. Tearing off pieces of fabric from the lettuce of his costume, the Professor rigs up a bandage of sorts for his bleeding arm, pulling it taut with his teeth. This thing needed to go down and soon. With his spear reclaimed, he darts forward and takes a jab at the Mimic once more, doing his best to help keep Naessa from being nommed on. Though she looks to be rather agile.

Sinclair watches the chaos, pissed that he barely seemed to do any damage, that is, until the salt from the stolen pickle spear seems to damage the creature more than anything. He's processing this when Asher suddenly takes the spear from him, hefting the demon over his shoulder and carting him away from harm. "Professor! Put me down!" He commands, trying not to thrash so as not to hurt him worse. "I can handle myself, babe! I'm good in a scrap." Once off of the professor's shoulder, Sinclair asks the room, "Does anyone have any salt? It didn't like the salt!" He checks his pockets, finding potion bottles and other kinds of bottles, but no salt, and he is so mad he didn't pick any up when he had the chance.

Thaeloc just seems to be completely out of sorts with tbe mimic. so much so that it might be best to just lay down and take a nap. hopefully nothing wakes him up. As he lays down on a golden pillow of coins after a big yawn.

Naessa keeps steady, evading the Mimic with less difficulty now that she's gotten used to the creature's movements. The closeness of the evasion isn't given thought yet since there'll be time later, and more importantly, another weapon needs to be found. When Sinclair makes the request, there's a shake of her head and she's backing away toward a wall, gathering up coins while doing so. Upon ensuring there's room to roll away, each of the dozen or so objects held is flung at the chest, intent only on annoying it into rampaging and... if the timing is right... having it slam right into the stone before it can cease moving.

The Mimic shrieks when Asher's attack lands, loosing a whimper and drawing back. It actually looks kind of sad in the way it's mouth droops at the edges, but the creature suddenly decides that Naessa and Asher are too much to handle, but spies the resting Ruairi in the corner. Is he dead? No. He's not, but he could be, it decides. Slamming face first into a wall causes coins to fall all around the creature, and it's fury is unmatched, going on a rampage Ruiari's direction and attempting to bulldoze Thaeloc in the process, who he suddenly decides he hates. It wants to get as far away from Asher and his pickle spear as possible, in addition to Naessa in general, for effectively harming it so much as well. Main goal at the moment: murder Thaeloc, by any means possible. C'mere.

Asher spots the sleeping Thaeloc and rolls his eyes, he was really committing to this baby thing, right? Even going so far as to nap on the battlefield. This place is odd though and he did gain powers with his sandwich suit after all, so perhaps this is a ploy? Never the less, Asher takes a look around the room, winces at the chest going face first into the wall - good one, Naessa! then plans his next move as it goes after Thaeloc. Running on coins is not a graceful feat, but he manages to get there soon enough and aims his spear toward the open maw of the beast again. He doesn't like the salt, so he would try to give him more of it. "It doesn't seem to like the pickle," is said to Sinclair's mention of salt.

Sinclair watches as Thaeloc is hit by the mimic and gasps, racing that direction and grabbing the nearest weapon close to Ruairi - a wooden spear that has seen better days. He moves to protect the count, coins seeming to go every which way when Naessa tosses some at the mimic and the mimic even spits some out. While it's mouth is open, Sinclair watches Asher go after the creature in an attempt to stab it directly. "Then give him the pickle!" He yells, not realizing exactly what he's implied. "I'll protect the count! Try to put that thing down in the meantime!" When Asher does just that, Sinclair's heart skips a beat. The professor was so awesome during this whole thing. The demon didn't know he could fight like that, but look at him go.

The Mimic screams and hisses and bubbles up with sizzling blood as Asher finishes it off with the pickle spear, eventually melting into a giant puddle of ectoplasm that seeps into the cracks of the stone flooring and eventually disappears.

Sinclair says [to Asher] : *while catching his breath* What got into you?

Asher says [to Sinclair] : Uhm...Protecting you, I guess. And everyone else too. That thing was not going to eat anyone while I can do something. Sinclair says [to you] : Don't worry about me, though I have to admit, I'm never gonna look at a sandwich the same way again. It's gonna invoke memories of you going around killing monsters and being all hot and stuff. Gonna have to switch to wraps, I guess.

Asher laughs sheepishly at Sinclair, then looks himself over - a mess sandwich. "Everyone okay?"

Naessa is relieved the whole thing is over now, and while there's a tempted glance toward the gold coins, she ultimately passes on trying to collect them. "They'll just weigh me down and I'll probably lose them anyway," is the comment, before she now traverses the room to check on the others and properly thank them for the assists and concern.

A door to the east creaks open, revealing a perilous, narrowing tunnel...

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