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Isle of Coldridge 2023 - Phantasmagoria - The Tunnel

Sinclair enters the next room cautiously, and though it appears to be empty, an uncomfortable feeling settles in his stomach. His gaze sweeps over every bit of the tunnel that his gaze can reach, taking note of the holes in the floor at different intervals. He rummages around in his pockets and finds a tambourine of all things, so he chucks it onto the squares. Immediately, the tambourine is piked by several spikes that come up from the floor, and the frown on his face deepens. "Thought so," he mumbles. Despite being sore, he stretches a little, eyeing the door at the very end of the tunnel. "Here goes nothing," he says, bolting from his current position to the next safe space in-between the rows of spikes.

Ruairi enters just behind the Bard and Sandwich, eyeing the tunnel with trepidation. As he watches the Sinclair and Asher begin their passage, he rubs his leg where the Drider injured him. ?This looks? interesting.? He tucks his paintbrush and palette away as he steps back to make his leap to the safety of the next gap.

Sinclair sticks close to Asher for a moment, not in motion just yet. He makes a mental note of everyone's path to where he is, including the malfunctioning spikes in the walls. He lets out a low whistle and nods a few times, soaking up this information. Once he's got it all in his head, he pumps himself up to dash across the spikes a second time, to the next safe spot. He's small and quick, but his heart is pounding in his chest as he hopes to escape being stabbed.

Asher is still reeling a bit at the fact one of the spikes stole part of his costume, the lettuce scrap still sticks to the offending spike. Everyone seems to be making it across okay, then there is Thaeloc. "Oh dear! Are you okay?" He calls to the Degn, "I'll do my best to heal when we are clear of danger..." If his voice would work properly and allow for such a thing to happen. Sinclair does not seem so lucky the second attempt, which fills him with even more dread. Would they make it out of this alive? "Sinclair, are you okay?" The art Professor takes his footing very carefully, glancing down to his little boots that resemble the little daubs of mustard smeared on lettuce...interesting choice. But he didn't choose it! Asher runs as well as he can and takes another awkward and timed leap.

Naessa freezes for a moment after landing thanks to the sound of metal objects colliding, ensuring a glance at the needles follows. "Well... that's lovely, guess it's the hard way," is spoken under the Haunt's breath while her attention returns to the path ahead. After a very limited stretch, then comes jump number two, as well as a silent wish that her luck with the traps holds out.

Sinclair cannot catch a break, and he is harmed again. He kneels in place when he finally makes it across, the ache in his thigh pulsating as it bleeds. He wishes he had his bag so he could go ahead and stitch himself up, but since he doesn't, the demon sighs instead. It looked like there were two more sets of spikes to pass. He pauses to catch his breath, and looks back at the group. "I have some abilities, but I doubt they'd help, really. They're not healing abilities, just...stuff." Sinclair rises then, studying the path before him. It clicks in his head how the spikes are triggered then, and he comments aloud, "Those last rows of bricks. They're always level, right? I think that's what is triggering them." He wets his bottom lip and summons up some extra courage. "I'm going to try something." With a deep inhalation to steel himself, he launches himself into a roll across the spikes, internally praying that he doesn't get impaled for his efforts.

Naessa observes what Sinclair is doing, having heard what was noticed by the Cinnidu Tulyn. While the tactic has been only successful once, the idea is worth the danger more or less, and so the Haunt is giving it a chance. Like previously, there's time taken to build momentum, and once at the edge between safety and peril, Naessa now tumbles forward while tucking her head carefully, relying on the speed gained to carry herself across without activating the spikes.

Asher pouts at Sinclair's words, "I will worry about everyone. But you are a major concern for me as well, your safety is my concern. Once my magic gains a bit more, I will try to heal everyone else." Unfortunately, the ceiling seems too low for flying, so that isn't much of an option at the moment. Not that his wings were willing to cooperate before. "I really thought this was going to be a nice and fun party...no offense, count. This isn't your fault." The sandwich hobbles toward the next trap, dusting himself off a bit. "Well, as for introductions...may as well. My name is Asher Burns, I'm the Art Professor at Gyllene University." and he was currently craving a nice sit by the fire in his Lake house, which seems like a faraway dream at this moment. But he hops again, foot still bleeding a bit and aching, along with the rest of the less severe puncture wounds, counting the Drider hit.

Ruairi's foot squarely lands on the brick mechanism, setting off the trap. The metal spike shoots out impaling him squarely in the shoulder. Ruairi?s momentum pulls his body to the next open space, where he collapses clutching his wound. ?That?s going to leave a mark,? he hisses through gritted teeth. He pushes himself upward, the effort making the crimson mark on his shoulder widen. At Asher?s introduction he responds, ?Ah, well met Professor, I?d hope to make your acquaintance in a less auspicious occasion. Please, feel free to call me Ruairi. No reason to be so formal at this point.? Despite the wound to his shoulder, he collects himself and makes one last rolling attempt to clear the final set of spikes.

Naessa hisses in pain thanks to a spike that gouges through her shoulder instead of just embedding, though there's relief it isn't worse. To answer the introduction first, "Caroline," is spoken without so much as a hint that she's using a false name. One deep sigh and some prep later, off the Haunt goes, hopeful that the next roll goes better than the one previous, all while trying to block out the steady pain from the freshest wound.

Sinclair lies on his back for awhile to collect his breath and his nerves, soaking everything in as he aches. Eventually he sits up to watch the rest of the party come his way, but it's clear that his gaze follows Asher more than everyone else. When Ruiari takes such a brutal blow to the shoulder, Sinclair gasps, easing him away from the spikes and further to the door to ensure he doesn't somehow get piked again. He also tries to help Naessa across at the appropriate time. "Professor, do you have it in you to heal them any? I still have a potion from the tub, if not..."

Asher lies flat for a while as well, not looking like the tasty snack he started out as, but more of a discount sandwich poked and torn a bit. He adjusts the pickle hat and considers throwing it in the spikes, but keeps it for now. Might come in handy later. Eventually, the sandwich sits up and nods to Sinclair. "My voice is still ready...so I'll see what I can do." The Professor frowns at their injuries and tests his voice, then sings a few healing notes to the others in hopes that their wounds will mend at least a bit. "It's nice to meet everyone. Even if the circumstances are not great. We did make it this far." Though what is in the next room remains to be seen.

Ruairi lands and collapses once more, a weak smile of thanks to Sinclair for his aid to clear the traps. ?Much appreciated.? He winces with any pressure applied to his shoulder, so he waits for some time before moving to a sitting position.

Sinclair watches Thaeloc as he makes his way across the spikes, playing catch up where others were way ahead of him. When he lands on the other side, looking at his injuries, Sinclair frowns. "You got a healing potion on you, buddy? Might need it to fix yourself up. I mean, we're all a little worse for wear, but the spikes did a number on you." He looks to Ruairi too, realizing how bad he is injured. With great care, he slips the count's arm around his shoulders, helps hoist him up, then looks to the east where the next door is. When it opens, he follows through, taking Ruairi with him.

A door to the east creaks open, revealing a room glittering with treasure?

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