Land of Karchan

Models In Use

Six Month Trial Beginning: June 1st.

The importance of this notation is that we, the admin team, hope to revisit the issue of our models in use page in about six months.

There are two lists presented on this page. The first list is the 'Protected List'. On this list players can put up to six character names and their models with the understanding that they really do not want to share these models with players. Deputies feel the honor system will work just fine but understand that the list will be periodically reviewed to help facilitate the number of six protected names per player on this list. Please remember you can not protect a model that is already in use by other people.

The reference list is meant to be exactly that. It is an area for players to host the names of the models they use for their characters. These models are shareable so feel free to use them if noted on this list, add your character name next to the model if already on here, if not listed then please add your model if you wish to.