Land of Karchan

Poisonous Perfume

DATE: 9/17/18.
PLACE: Solol.
SUMMARY: Lucia is looking for her missing best friend. A poisonous paladin may have seen her.

Lucia is settled at a table in the library, working on more missing posters for Naledi. The shapeshifter looks a mess, as can be expected when she hasn't been doing much to take care of herself these days - spending all her time looking for her best friend. Her hair is mussed and falls free around her shoulders in a cascade of dark locks, instead of it's usual vibrant display. Likewise, her eyes are dark, and her skin has a grayish tint. Just now she's putting the finishing touches on the last of her posters, her paints spread across a table. She growls cantankerously at anyone that dares to happen by and comment on her mess, or her appearance, or really anything other than helpful advice on where she might find the elf.

Khryse clicks her way out of an aisle, holding in her hands an old tome whose titled cannot be easily seen, worn as it is from years of overuse. Khryse happens to walk past Lucia, but she does peep over the woman's shoulder fleetingly. Ah, she's looking for that elven girl. Khryse cannot resist the urge to talk to her now. "Is your friend or family member missing? She looks vaguely familiar." Her voice has the faintest hint of an accent, barely there unless you were really focusing on each syllable. "Mind if I have a better look?"

Lucia raises her dark gaze to Khryse's face when she addresses her, and it takes a moment for her words to register. When they do, the vampiric gargoyle gives a short, sharp nod of her head. "Yes," is what she says in regards to both questions. Pushing one of the posters more in Khyre's direction, she offers her a better view of the excellent replication of Naledi's face.

Khryse has a seat beside Lucia, gazing thoughtfully at the missing person's poster. Her perfume is mild but pleasant, like lotus blossoms and forest petrichor. There may even be a hint of mint in there. As she studies the portrait, she does what she does best - tries to poison the girl sitting next to her. A scentless, invisible poison seeps out of her pores and billows around her. Though undetectable to the nose and eye, with it comes a certain heaviness that can be uncomfortable. "You're very talented," Khryse says. "I do think I've seen her before, but I'm not sure where. I've seen a woman that looks similar to her as well, but I'm trying to remember where..." Her voice trails off and she takes great efforts to look thoughtful. If Lucia lingers long enough, she'll first get lightheaded, then have extreme difficulty breathing, then begin seizing until she ultimately dies. Given her constitution, she may survive the poison, but it's up to fate as Khryse releases more toxic fumes. Her perfumed scent remains mild and pleasing.

Lucia peers at Khryse with a frown when the other woman has a seat beside her. Normally a friendly person, the shapeshifter has been having none of the socializing lately, so it's no wonder when she just scowls at the prettier, more put together person beside her. But....she mentions possibly having seen Naledi, and honestly that's just the string that she needs to dangle to get Lucia to linger nearby, waiting with bated breath to see if she recalls where she saw her, when she saw her. It's a longshot - she could have seen her ages ago and remember her face. Or it could have been more recently and there could be a lead on where to start looking. "Was it recently, do you remember?" Despite telling herself not to get too hopeful, there is a hint of something in her voice that speaks to hope and possibility. She cannot smell or see the poison that leaks from Khryse's pores, but she absolutely feels that heaviness that settles around her. Her mind triggers that something is wrong - which is a damned good thing, because given her distraction regarding Naledi she might not have noticed at all. Immediately, her chair scoots back and she stands quickly - her skin turning dark gray like stone in the process. If someone were to reach out and touch her, in fact, they would find that she is stone. "Do you feel that?" She poses the question at Khryse, as if to ask the other if she is also affected by whatever that .... uncomfortable heaviness is. Not immediately blaming the other woman, of course. She starts to move away from where she was seated, as if testing of the feeling radiates from a specific area, or is in the entire library itself. Already, though, she is starting to get a little lightheaded.

Khryse rises when Lucia does, placing a hand over her heart. "I do. I thought I was just being paranoid. It's kind of like...I don't know, the place needs to be aired out? I wonder when the last time they just opened a window and let the space breath was. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Makes me feel like less of a basket case." Khryse continues to wield the flier, chewing a little on her bottom lip. "I want to say I saw her recently, maybe sometime in the last week? I can't quite pinpoint where though." The toxin is bluffing of course, but she plays her part so well. "What's your name and how can I get in touch with you if I see her again? I want to say she's changed her appearance, but I'm not one hundred percent positive on that."

Lucia watches Khryse with a wariness her brother would be proud of, and perhaps it's because she has a brother who is a doctor that she starts to recognize some of the signs of things that are beginning to go wrong with her. The lightheadedness, the shallow breathing, the way that her heart seems to start stuttering every other beat like it's having difficulty finding a steady cadence. She tries to focus her thoughts because panicking right now would just lead to worse symptoms, she's sure - another tidbit of advice floating around in her head from a more sensibly headed Dhampir she's lucky to call her sibling. "My name is on the poster," she says slowly, feeling out every word to make sure she properly enunciates them. Sure enough, the bottom of the poster reads: 'Contact Lucia with any information regarding the whereabouts of Naledi. No information is too small.' It would not surprise Lucia to find that Naledi has changed her appearance - in fact she came to that assumption already when she'd found her hair-changing potions missing from Naledi's bathroom after the attack. The toxin is feeding the shapeshifter hope, though. A dangerous thing, given that she doesn't even know if Naledi is alive at this point. Which is all she really wants to know - that her best friend is alive. Karn knows she's dealt with enough loss at this point to begin with. Slowly, she starts to gather her supplies, leaning her weight against the table with one hand to steady herself. The table groans beneath the weight of her now being stone, and she starts to slide all of her posters except for the one that Khryse holds together, gathering them up so that she can shove them into her bag. This keeps her in close proximity to Khryse, who she is starting to suspect is to blame for the way that she's feeling - but she can't determine how.

Khryse hands the poster back to Lucia, noticing her sway and the delay in her movements. The toxin places a hand on her shoulder and dons her best worried expression, speaking softly, "Honey, are you okay? Maybe we should get you some air. I'll complain to the librarian on your behalf." If Lucia allows her to, she'll take her outside of the library, but if Lucia insists on going on her own, she'll leave some of the toxin on the fabric adorning Lucia's shoulder so that she carries it with her - still odorless and invisible. "Or maybe you should sit down? Should I fetch a doctor? You look ill, honey. Let me help, just tell me what you need..."

Lucia takes the poster back from Khryse, meaning to snatch it but instead just delicately sliding it from the toxin's hand because her muscles are starting to betray her. She does manage to scowl at the other woman - because the fact that she seems unaffected by whatever is invisible in the air around them is a sure sign that she is the source of what is happening to the shapeshifter. At the offer to get her outside, she immediately shakes her head adamantly. "I'm fine," she says, though she is anything but fine. Full of bravado and sass, even in the midst of whatver is going on, she shrugs Khryse's hand off her shoulder, unaware of the toxin that's left behind in her clothing in the wake of the other woman's touch. She needs a doctor, she can feel that she does, but she wouldn't give this woman her brother's name if it was the last damned thing that she did. In no way would she place him in that kind of danger. She starts to try and memorize Khryse's face, though, committing her features to her mind though the way that she's staring to feel tells her she might not get a chance to tell anyone. Posters slide into the bag, and then paints behind them and then she manages to somehow get the bag over her shoulder. The table is left with a pretty sizeable dent from her weight, and she turns slowly to start trying to move out of the library and away from Khryse. Little does she know she carries the toxin with her, wherever she goes. Damn it. Interestingly enough, as she starts to move toward the exit, leaning heavily on everything she passes, her shapeshifting abilities seem to go haywire. Her hair starts flickering different colors, her skin starts to shift from stone to skin to scales to feathers and back again with no rhyme or reason to it. She's close to the entrance when she leans too heavily on a table and it groans under her weight before collapsing altogether. It splinters and as it falls, so too does she, tumbling into a mess of broken and splintered wood.

Khryse walks casually out of the library. When Cernobog returns from his stint in the back room, he'll likely find Lucia...but not Khryse. She steps over the gargoyle's body on her way out of the door.