Land of Karchan



Please note: Kuri is a place of great diversity! Many of its inhabitants contain several of the below characteristics (i.e., an orc may also be a werewolf or part demon). One never knows. Additionally, the traits of each race may show strongly or hardly at all in an individual character. This should be more like a guideline than a set of solid rules.

Additionally, there are very little to no limits to the race or being that you are permitted to play. Just because it is not listed below, does not mean that it is an off-limits creation! Additions to the below list are always welcome.

Very few faces are considered 'closed' races and they are limited to original works of players (i.e., a general wikipedia search will yield no results). Permission may be required, roleplays might need to happen. They are:

Because Karchan does seek to give writer's within it's game so many liberties, the goal is to avoid speaking in terms of average age, weight, class, alignment, intelligence, or aggression levels. These are all characteristics that are up to the character's creator but they are all great questions to consider and answer during creation.

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