Land of Karchan


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Rakah, The Universe, The Creator

I think it would be very fitting to summarize the importance of Rakah here using Karchan's history. Is someone willing to write an eloquent summary of Chapters 1-4 of Karchan's history? Mya? Eilan?

Karn - Good <--How does Karn not have a page? Mya/Eilan up for a write up based on Chronicles?

Chapter 4-5 summary? Someone willing to tackle? Mya? Eilan?

Divine Beings

Other Beings Of Note

Karchan's Law and God Alts

The rules that apply to god alts are basically the same that apply to regular alts, but because of the importance of these particular alts and their role within Karchan's lore, it is important to reiterate 3 of Karchan's Laws.

  1. Thou art responsible for the actions of thyne character at all times! A god character is a special privilege! It means that we the deputies and Karn have chosen you -- and trust you -- to contribute in a truly special way to the lore of Karchan. This is an important job, and we know you'll take it seriously.
  2. Thou shalt treat what deputies tell thee as being law! Please keep us in the loop with your god-related RPs, as we are the 'keepers of the lore'. While of course we expect that you will chart your own course in terms of what you RP, please know that we may, from time to time, approach you with our own ideas. If, in the unlikely event we think you are veering off course for what is appropriate for a god character, we will let you know. Communication between everyone is key; we welcome your creativity and want to help in any way we can.
  3. Thou Shalt Treat Others With Respect! A god has great power, but playing a god comes with great responsibility. We trust and hope that you will use your god alt collaboratively, to build up others' RP, not as a trump card or way to put others down. A god shouldn't be used to block an RP from happening but should rather be used to help it go an interesting way. Remember that a god may have a bigger target on his/her head than an ordinary character. It goes without saying that your god can be killed in death duels, or via complex RP arcs. Though we do not recommend dueling and large scale fights with divine characters, should they occur both deputy and player played deity alts are expected to conduct themselves accordingly and if anyone has concerns about an incidents, reach out to one of the deputies. It is best practice to only engage in RPs that you intend to follow through on, and of course remember that there is no "godmodding", even for gods!