Land of Karchan



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It is important to note that unless your character was present for any particular event, it is poor form to take any knowledge of what is written here back into game. Please keep the information that you read separate from the things that your characters learn.



Active Arcs

Arcs listed out here are active arcs that anyone in the general public is able to participate in, in some fashion.

  1. The Isle of Coldridge - Updated 10/23/20
  2. That Girl is Poison - Updated 10/16/19
  3. The Klyavrite Pendant - Updated 11/12/19
  4. The Quest for Cor - Updated 3/7/19
  5. The Smiling Man - Updated 10/1/10

Arc Archives

Here are some past arcs.

  1. Devil I Am Forsaken of Light - Updated 7/26
  2. Flight of the Harem Girl - Updated 7/12

Roleplay Archives

  1. 2018
  2. 2017
  3. 2016


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