Land of Karchan

Sanctum of Sanguine


What is the Sanctum of Sanguine?

The Sanctum of Sanguine is a good-aligned vampire coven that only drinks from willing donors. They live on the island of Blackmyre. Most vampires on the island are not daywalkers, so they retreat into the underground portion of the city in the catacombs and tunnels where they reside when dawn comes.

The Council

The council currently consists of Atticus, Ciara, Dov'Goroth, Everleigh, Greta, and Hawthorne.
The head of the Coven is Gaderic, but he defers to the decisions of the council unless the situation is dire. He is a silent leader that leaves decisions in the hands of his appointed officials.


Donors on the island are pampered. They are not only a food source for the locals of vampiric nature, but they can also be seen as companions or in some cases, they can have a more sensual (sometimes temporary) relationship. Some donors prefer to dance at The Vault to show that they are up for a romp and to be a snack, while others are more reserved and help with local businesses as employees, managers, and rarely, owners. Being cruel or rough with a donor uninvited can lead to expulsion from the island, and in some instances, death by sunlight. At the age of eighteen, the kids at the orphanage are of age to be drank from. They can either become a blood donor for eight years and receive the dark gift if they like, or they can be given coin to forge their path off of Blackmyre. Wherever The Dark Kiss is scheduled to go next at that point in time is where the kid will be taken. This doesn't mean that the locals cannot adopt them. Any orphan that is adopted will be allowed to stay without donating blood without question.

OOC Donor Rules

All Donors have rules they must abide by to be on the island. Below is the list.

1. All donors are either brought to the island, or grew up in the orphanage on Blackmyre.
Orphans can be fed from when they turn 18. If they do not wish to be a donor, they have to leave the island and will be given 1000 gold and free passage to the country of their choosing.

2. Any donor that does not service a specific vampire is expected to let any vampire on the island feed from them.
If your character is a donor without a specific assignment, then it is assumed that all vampires on the island feed from your character at will. The only exception is they are not forced to feed a vampire or two if that vampire makes them uncomfortable. This does not mean that you can turn away every vampire on those terms. If your character is so uncomfortable around vampires, then he/she will be sent away from the island.

3. All donors on the island must at least serve 8 years as a donor to be considered for permanent residency.
If your character has served 8 years or more, they can be brought up for vote by the council for permanent residency. If the vote is negative, you can either continue as a blood donor and be brought up again for vote in 4 years, or you can leave the island.
Donors that are voted in as permanent residents will not have to serve as donors any longer, though they may continue at their discretion.

4. Any donor offering their veins to an outsider can be banished from Blackmyre at discretion of the council.
Vampires that have not been voted into the coven are not allowed to drink from our donors. They must drink at The Vault (free of charge until the decision is made).

5. Donors can sometimes be given the dark gift.
If a donor wishes to later become a vampire, they must request the change by the council. They must have served at least ten years as a donor, and even then, it is rarely granted except in cases of extreme sickness or marriage to a vampire.

OOC Citizen Rules

Mortal inhabitants of the island have usually served the vampire population well, gaining their trust so much so that they are given permanent residency on Blackmyre. They are still pampered because they are considered friends, and they can opt out of giving blood if they so desire. They hold regular jobs and can come and go from Blackmyre as they see fit. Any mortal on the island must serve as a blood donor for at least eight years before they can be brought up to vote for permanent residency. If the council turns down their request to become a vampire or permanent resident, they may continue to serve as a blood donor to remain on the island and may not opt out of that duty. If they wish to leave, they will be given coin and free passage to their country of choice. Donors being turned are at the discretion of the council. It must be voted on in a majority ruling. It is also extremely rare for donors to be offered the dark gift. Marriage to a vampire or sickness are two reasons the council might consider turning a donor.

All Citizens have rules they must abide by to be on the island. Below is the list.

1. All would-be citizens must serve 8 years as donors to be given permanent residence by the council.
Donors have to prove that they wish to stay on the island by offering blood as needed to the population. Therefore, to gain permanent citizenship, they must serve 8 years as a donor before they can be considered.
If their request is turned down, they can remain as a donor and be brought back up for vote in 4 years. If they do not wish to do that, they will be given 1000 gold coins and free passage to the country of their choosing.

2. Mortal Citizens can sometimes be given the dark gift.
Those who have been given permanent residency can sometimes receive the dark gift at the council's discretion. They must have served at least 10 years as a donor unless severely ill or are engaged to be married to a vampiric citizen.

3. Any citizen (vampiric or donor) that tries to kill anyone on the island without good cause will be put to death.
Good causes include protecting a citizen of the island (whether vampire or donor) or self-defense. If your reason does not fall into either of those categories, then it must be brought to trial to determine punishment or lack thereof.

The vampires of Blackmyre are neutral leaning toward good-aligned, and the sole purpose of the island's set up was so that vampires worthy of a safe haven would have a place they could one day become a part of. Donors are willing and an important part of the island's appeal. Vampires do not forcibly feed on Blackmyre, and they endeavor to live peacefully amongst the donors. They often teach various skills and talents to the orphans of the island, and most are generally well liked by the populace.

OOC Vampire Rules

All vampires have rules they must abide by to be on the island. Below is the list.

1.Vampires are not to mistreat any donors on the island. Physical abuse of any kind can be grounds for death or banishment, depending on severity. It is up to the council to decide what is worthy of punishment and what can be overlooked. if the offense is small or the donor does not wish to press charges, then sometimes no punishment is needed. Repeat offenders will be punished, however, regardless of the donor's feelings on the matter.

2.Vampires are not to turn any donors into vampires without clearance from the council. Donors must serve a certain amount of time to receive the dark gift. If a donor has been engaged to a vampire for a year or more, the council may give clearance for the change before all eight years are served. Turning a donor into a vampire is strictly forbidden without permission from the council, and it will lead to the banishment of the sire and the death of the fledgling.

3. All vampires must adhere to the rulings of the council. If the council rules on something, it becomes law and will be added below. Failure to obey the rules of the council will lead to banishment at the very least. Gaderic may overrule the council if they make a decision he feels is not in the best interest of the island, but he rarely weighs in on council matters.

Though visitors to the island are sometimes allowed, it is generally frowned upon unless given clearance by the council. Visitors not brought to the island by Lillian are regarded with suspicion, as Blackmyre is a bit of a secret place and the coven is extremely protective of their donors.

OOC Visitor Rules

All Blackmyre visitors have rules they must abide by to be on the island. Below is the list.

1. Visitors of a vampiric nature may not feed from the blood donors on the island.
If vampires need to feed and are just visiting, they are to go to The Vault for their meals. Feeding from a donor as a visitor can get you and the donor both banished.

2. Visitors to the island that wish to become donors must first be given an examination by the island physician, Dr. Cynfael Molovran.
Visitors need to be checked out to ensure they do not make other donors sick and that they can freely give blood. They must also be examined to ensure they have no medical conditions that would make them unsuitable as a donor.

3. Visitors not seeking to join the coven are limited to a week's stay.
The island has limited resources and is not a vacation spot. If a visitor does not wish to become a donor (aka, join the coven), then they must depart after seven days.

4. Visitors wishing to become donors may be allowed to join the coven after two weeks if given clearance by the physician.
See rule #2.

5. Visitors do not need to be voted in, but they can be banished from the island if they fail to follow the donor rules.
When visitors become donors, they must follow the rules for donors in order to be allowed to stay.