Land of Karchan


The Smiling Man

I'm just starting this one off...sort of. Not super involved in it so if someone has a better presentation, please feel free!

Asesino is not the real name of the character committing the murders. It is an alias. While the Arc is listed under active status, the true alias of the character will not be posted.

  1. Death of Jessamyn
  2. Sheila
  3. Merciful Kul
  4. The Murderer and Jedekk
  5. The Girl Who Lived
  6. Information Wanted
  7. Questions for Naledi
  8. The Body of Jessamyn
  9. The Blue Key
  10. Informing A Knight
  11. The Bad News
  12. The Psycho Speaks
  13. Into the Mountain and Beyond
  14. A Visit from Sheila
  15. Here Kitty Kitty
  16. A Lotte of Blood
  17. When She Roars
  18. Running Blind
  19. Suspicious Minds
  20. Looking for a job
  21. Death of an Empath
  22. Another RP!