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What is a Triton?

A triton is similar to a traditional siren, only they are always male. Where some sirens are easy to spot, tritons are more difficult to identify, as they are lesser known. Their wings are often mistook for those of a regular avian, though always tinted a pastel color and always with feathers. They also have the ability to shift away their wings to appear more human. They can be malevolent or benevolent, but must seem to be charming, quick-witted, and easy-going.

Where Do They Come From?

Tritons as a race date back a thousand years or so, and they originated in a magical land called Liristalia. No one really knows if they were created or if the magic of the land and sea comprising Liristalia brought them into existence, so various rumors and creation myths exist. It's said that a rare few know the truth, but it is a secret they seem to be keeping.

What Powers do they Have?

Tritons, being similar to sirens, have great musical talent and the ability to weave spells with their voice. Sometimes spells are subtle, like a lilt in their voice or a playful chiding, while other times, they belt out a song more openly to perform their magic. How different tritons perform their siren song is up to each individual triton, but their vocal talents can really pack a punch. Tritons usually have one other ability that accompanies their siren song, but it is usually something peculiar instead of a more well-defined magic. It's almost as if their second ability is a concept rather than a traditional kind of spellwork.

Do They Have Royalty or Alphas?

Tritons are actually solitary creatures most of the time. They have no ranks to speak of, and they all view each other neutrally. They see themselves like normal people, where jobs or titles can separate them from other tritons, but there is no ruler or go-to for all things triton-related. They are free-spirited, pretty much doing what they want and serving people only if they want to. The oldest living triton is Mikon though, who is only a little over a century old. He's seen as an elder, much to his chagrin.

Can They Be Turned into Vampires or Shifters?

Tritons cannot be turned into vampires or shifters, though the reason for this is unknown. They are also the only race known to be immune to a Haunt's bite. They still get sick, but they do not die or become haunts. Scientists of various kinds have tried to find what makes them immune to lycanthropy and vampirism, but it isn't something they have discovered yet. Some speculate that it is because of their magical roots, while others seek a more scientific explanation.


Tritons are unique in the way that they can also carry children, almost like seahorses do. They can go the traditional route where the woman carries or choose to carry themselves. This also means that they are capable of reproducing with males as well, as they have all of the reproductive organs and magic to do so. Any male child born from a triton parent will be a triton. If the child is a girl, the child will be whatever the mother/other father is. Tritons often have twins as well. They seem to be a common occurrence, but the twins are usually fraternal instead of identical. Two male tritons can never have a child together.


Tritons are easily bonded to, and they sometimes imprint upon people worthy of their trust. Tritons usually can only bond with three people ever in their lifetime. These can occur at separate intervals or in the same time period. Tritons leave behind a small mark on those they imprint upon, and it is usually something symbolizing their very specific power. It shows up like a tattoo somewhere on their body, and usually has a shimmering watercolor effect in pale blue or green. On darker skin, the mark looks like it was painted on with shimmering paint in purples and pinks. People bonded with a triton can sometimes feel how they feel, and tritons fiercely protect those they imprint upon. It can be anyone, good or bad, and it has to be a mutual decision by both parties. Once bonded, the only thing that can break a bond is death of the bonded or death of the triton. This makes things particularly frustrating if they become at odds with their bonded. WIP. Will update as things evolve.

How Do I Get One?

Speak to Victoria or Mikon! Also direct questions that way. Keep in mind that this is a closed race. In order to obtain a triton, you must speak to Victoria, as tritons are her creation.

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