Land of Karchan

Wiki Ettquette and How To

Etiquette and Manners

This wiki is supposed to be a creative process put together by all the players of the land of Karchan. Regardless, the admin of the game do have final say over the content that is posted. That being said, there is a ways we can ensure that content is more likely to remain up and viewable by the fine players of our game.

  1. Do not post content that could be considered offensive. Things that may be considered offensive:
    1. Insulting, disparaging, or untrue comments about another player/character (that are not considered IC -- admin will have final say).
    2. Content that is considered obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit. If it does not meet the PG-13 standard, please do not share it on our wiki.
    3. While we are not imposing any rules of swearing in your roleplay, we do ask that you censor any overly foul language with some ***. Essentially, if we would not allow it on the public board, just go ahead and censor your ****. It will happen either way, so please do it for us admin!
    4. Any information that may identify another player (including your own information -- if you are liberal with sharing information it may give the impression to others that it is okay for them to share your information).
  2. It is considered best practice to ask any RP partner if it is okay to post an RP. If someone requests that an RP be removed, remove it.
  3. Writing shared should be directly related to Karchan and take place within the game. If it is not related to Karchan, it does not belong.
    1. Solo-RPs may be removed at admin discretion. We are supposed to be writing with eachother!
  4. No images.

Creating Pages

There are two types of pages that can be created on this wiki and two different ways to create them.

  1. Pages: These are essentially main pages. Most pages that are created should not be 'main pages' they should be 'children pages'. However, to create a 'page', in the gray navigational menu locate where it says All Pages. Click on it. Locate button that says Add Page.
  2. Children Pages: These are essentially subpages. Any roleplays shared are very likely part of a children page. To create a 'child page' find the appropriate page, toward the bottom of the page -- above the comments section -- there is a link that reads Add Child Page. Click that.

Rather than trying to write a long winded example of when to use what, please feel free to reach out to an admin for assistance. Or, if no one is available or they are not certain, then create the page. The information can be moved appropriately at a later date without issue.

Now, regardless of if you have created a page vs a child page, there are formats for this page. Creole is meant to be more of a type and see formatting style. You click the bold button to type in bold. It's nice for a quick paste job for roleplay, but the general opinion is that it is more limiting than the MediaWiki format. The MediaWiki format is the format that we would ideally like to use -- it seems more versatile. It does use a special language outside of HTML. See [1] for help.

Tagging Standards

Pages without tags should be a rarity. Just about every page needs at least one tag, most pages need multiple tags.

Did you post a roleplay or a duel? Well every participant should be tagged in that page with the tag of character - name.

Additional Existing Tags
WIP -- as in not even close to being all inclusive. Feel free to add.

deity family guild group geography
  • deity - almahvius
  • deity - atalaya
  • deity - baymeth
  • deity - bjorn
  • deity - bytor
  • deity - caelwyn
  • deity - cedri
  • deity - cinash
  • deity - cyrion
  • deity - dagorii
  • deity - erasmus
  • deity - furchin
  • deity - gvaudoin
  • deity - havara
  • deity - hestia
  • deity - isodien
  • deity - karn
  • deity - kel
  • deity - krisidion
  • deity - kulanin
  • deity - manatoba
  • deity - marawen
  • deity - meadel
  • deity - mielikki
  • deity - mordygan
  • deity - neith
  • deity - nightshade
  • deity - obsidian
  • deity - osnodon
  • deity - pirate
  • deity - qonna
  • deity - rhianneth
  • deity - riwen
  • deity - silvaras
  • deity - tyvarliek
  • deity - verity
  • deity - victoria
  • deity - viola
  • deity - yasec
  • deity - zhanos
  • family - altayih
  • family - calenwood pack
  • family - foxx
  • family - kabile
  • family - myrtle
  • family - tumma kyusia
  • guild - bkic
  • guild - corruption
  • guild - knights
  • guild - magii
  • guild - rogues
  • group - cult of solol
  • geography - crocodile cove
  • geography - enchanted forest
  • geography - haavi
  • geography - solol
  • geography - the road

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